Police Blotter 07-25-2019

Monday, July 15

911 hangup on Lincoln Street. Calling party could not speak, and was barely understandable. Male continues to ask if this is 911. When called back, elderly male stated that he needed help, then hung the phone up. Medical aid requested. Male party transported to MGH.

Two car motor vehicle accident on Golden Drive. No injuries. 92 reports very minor scratches on both vehicles. No report needed. Both parties exchanged papers.

Calling party states that all along Shirley Street where the church is, there are several cars parked illegally and it is difficult to get by. The church is having a spiritual event. 93 tagged a few vehicles in the morning.  91 having one truck moved. The event should be ending shortly.

Female party from Jefferson Street walked in to complain that her landlord continues to bother her when she tries to do stuff in the apartment. This has been an ongoing issue which is all civil in nature. Party said that she has court on Thursday and would like this matter documented. She was advised of her rights.

Party on Hillside Avenue states that while she was parked, another vehicle side swiped her and took off. 93 explained to the female exactly what has to be done. 93 will be responding to Cliff Avenue and attempt to speak to male party about the hit and run. Accident report to follow.

Social worker from MGH stated that her patient on Golden Drive has been admitted to the hospital for 10 days and his roommate has been home alone. Would like a well being check done on her. She is in her 80s and he has not spoken to her. Called the social worker back to inform her that her patient has moved. Got her voice mail. Left a message for her to call unit back. Officer spoke with female party and everything is fine.

Caller from Tafts Avenue states that there is a drone flying back and forth over his home and then over Deer Island. Officer states that caller stated that the drone was dangerously in the path of the airplanes. He also stated that it appeared to be coming from Deer Island. Officers did not observe a drone. State Police notified and also Charlie 1 will be looking for a number for the FAA to notify them of the drone siting.

Unit got flagged down by a resident at Crest Avenue Playground regarding 94C activity taking place. Units clear, nothing out of the ordinary and units clear.

Caller on Waldemar Avenue states that his girlfriend has he keys to his car and she is refusing to give it back to him. They have been fighting for a couple of weeks now and he wants his car back. Units clear, male party now has the keys and the female party was informed to go to East Boston Court to deal with the issue.

Tuesday, July 16

State Police off checking on party on federal probation on Main Street.

Report of a group of eight or nine youths on bikes in the area of Ingleside Park impeding traffic. 989 states that the youths are on Walden Street. Group was advised.

Caller on Winthrop Street states that two men are arguing. Both went into the car detailing business behind the funeral home. Unknown weapons. Unit clear, verbal argument between neighbors. All have calmed down.

Landlord/tenant dispute on Main Street. Tenant would like to speak with an officer. It was a civil matter over rent. Everyone was advised to go to court.

Female on Shirley Street called to report that she got a call from her sister and she was hysterically crying and she could hear the boyfriend in  the background screaming. Caller states that there is a 1-year-old child in the home. Units report not getting an answer at the door. Units spoke with the neighbors who states they haven’t heard anything. The sister stated she believes they are purposely not answering the door. Under the circumstances, units making entry into home to check that everything is okay. The residents both denied that anything was wrong. The conditions in the home are pretty terrible. 92 will file DSF report.

Two male parties are stumbling around on Sea View Avenue and caller is concerned for their well being. Fire requested for an evaluation. One party was cleared and one party being transported for overdose.

Wife got a call from her ex-husband on Golden Drive and she states that he was slurring his words and stating that nobody cares. Caller doe say he has a history of 94C activity. No one was home and the lights are off. No noise coming from the apartment.

Unit off with suspicious motor vehicle behind the car wash on Main Street. Party was sent on their way.

Off with a motor vehicle in the Short Beach parking lot. Parties moved along and they were advised that the parking lot was closed for the night.

Wednesday, July 17

Report that parties on a boat inside the marina are playing loud music. No one was on board of the boat. Officer unplugged the radio and unit cleared.

Female party on Jefferson Street called to say that her landlord shut the water off in retaliation and this is an ongoing issue. The caller was advised of her right and the landlord will try to fix the water tank today.

Party on Dolphin Avenue stated that there are construction workers blocking the top of her street and she could not get by. 91 standing by while parties unload the truck.

Caller who is a social worker from MGH states that one of her patients on Quincy Avenue is hospitalized. Male party arrested in Belmont by State Police.

Business owner came in to report that she received a phone call and text message from party alleging to be from Eversource informing her of an outstanding balance. She was instructed to go to Everett and deposit $1200 to the Bitcoin machine. She was advised to verify caller information prior to sending anyone any money in the future due to the numerous scams that exist in society today.

Party came in to the station to report receiving several suspicious phone calls regarding suspicious activity involving his SSN. He was advised of the numerous scams in existence and to file a complaint with the FTC and report it to the Social Security Administration.

Party on Villa Avenue came in to report he is unable to locate a package delivered by Federal Express today.

S5 off on investigation to subject on Summit Avenue. S5 left his card. Checked in on a gentleman and he was home and they had a conversation.

Party is with an elderly male party who speaks only Spanish and does not know where he lives. 91 reports male party lives on Winthrop Street. He will give him a courtesy ride. Male lives on Wilshire and 91 spoke to his daughter who is enrollee to pick up her father.

Caller on  Belcher Street states that her niece is under the influence. 93 states that units mediated the problem. Niece is living there temporarily and peace was restored for now.

91 and 94 off with motor vehicle on Perkins Street. One party in custody for warrant out of Lowell. Tow requested for vehicle. G&J en route.

Thursday, July 18

Party on Trident Avenue states that his roommate is making threats to him and says this is an ongoing issue. The party on the second floor called on the party on the first floor after hearing the party on the first floor call the police on him. Units are clear. They stated there were no threats made. This is an ongoing issue. Landlord/tenant dispute. They are going through court to handle their issues.

Motor vehicle stop at Dunkin’ (Donuts) on Main Street. Operator is unlicensed. G&J requested. Operator will be issued a summons. He will find his own way to the T. Vehicle was towed.

Grandson called the station who stated that he received a call from the visiting nurse telling him that his grandfather on Sunnyside Avenue needed to go to the hospital due to some medical conditions, but the grandfather refuses to go. Grandson believes he may have altered mental or sick and is asking for officers to check to make sure everything is okay.  Officer reports the male party is in good health and does to appear to need to go to the hospital.

WFD requested police for forced entry on Lowell Road. They need to gain entry to investigate alarms sounding. WFD gained entry and it was a faulty detector. No forced entry needed. The alarms were silenced and the detectors have to be replaced.

Harbormaster requested by PD reading a small boat fire on Dock B.

Caller wants a well being check done on her sister on Birch Road. States that they got into an altercation an hour ago and she left the house. She is concerned for her safety as she was aggressive towards her and wants her to be checked out. Officers report the resident appears to be fine and coherent. She admitted to having a verbal argument with her sister who is no longer on the scene. No need for further action.

Party on Grovers Avenue states that she is receiving threatening text messages for the past year. They have been becoming more constant and now they are of concern to her because they state “murder is coming her way.” Officer reports that this is more of a harassment matter and will file a report.

Friday, July 19

92 off at the Public Landing with motor vehicle with revoked plate. 91 assisted and G&J is enroute.

Party came in to report that her minor daughter is being harassed on Snapchat by a classmate. Report to follow.

95 off with motor vehicle stop on Beach Road. Vehicle comes back with plate expired. 95 requested G&J who are enroute. Citation issued to operator.

Party came in to report she was involved in a minor motor vehicle crash in the parking lot at Dunkin’ (Donuts) on Revere Street. The other party refused to exchange paperwork. The other party was contacted and he was informed of his legal obligation to exchange the paperwork and he responded to the station to exchange the paperwork.

Niece would like a well-being check on her aunt on Somerset Avenue. Niece is concerned about her living arrangement. Aunt lives in squalor and needs some assistance. 92 requested ALCI. 92 has code enforcement respond. No violations witnessed and everything checks out.

Unwanted female party who is causing a scene at the library. This was called in by the director. 93 requesting medical aid for an evaluation for the female. Female party voluntarily to BMC.

Two car motor vehicle accident on Quincy Avenue.92 reports male losing consciousness and advised medical to speed it up. Male party transported to MGH. 92 standing by for G&J for a tow.

Caller at Governors Park states that a small child came to her door and she does not know where he came from or where he lives. 91 reports the child is too small to speak. Child was returned to parent and report to follow.

Caller on Jefferson Street just wanted a log entry made as she believes that someone entered her apartment while she was not there. She believes someone made entry through her window because a barricade that she placed there was removed and put on top of the radiator when she came home. She stated that nothing was stolen and that she believes this is being done malicious by the culprit. She wants no police presence just a log entry.

Saturday, July 20

Report that two vehicles parked on Bellevue Avenue. One is parked with an expired parking permit and one vehicle does not have a parking permit. Two parking citations issued.

Caller reports seeing an overturned kayak for most of the day in the area of the old train tracks behind Washington Avenue. WM3 received the kayak from the area. There were no parties around the kayak that seemed to be in distress. It is possible that the kayak was stored there. It will be brought to the Harbormaster office. There were no identifying marks on the kayak to point who the owner would be.

Report of a shoplifter at the CVS. 92 transporting female to headquarters. Mother was notified and will pick up the daughter at the station.

Unit was waved down on Washington Avenue for parking complaint. Owner of vehicle is moving it now.

Two car motor vehicle accident at Main and Pleasant streets. No injuries. Minor and papers were exchanged.

Unit assisted fire with report of a moped on fire at Governors Park. Fire has been put out.

Sunday, July 21

Caller at Governors Park states that the neighbors upstairs are banging on the ceiling. This is an ongoing issue. 93 spoke to both parties involved. He advised the party to keep the noise down.

Party on Forrest Street came to the station to turn over a Brazilian passport that he found on the street in front of his house. Name was searched in our system and negative results found.

Caller on Ocean View Street states that a male party stole her cigarettes from her front porch and took off by the St. John’s School. He was headed up the fire escape. Units checked the roof of the school and nobody was there. S4 off on Wadsworth with male party. Units advised him to stay away from porches, people’s property. and St. John’s Church. They moved the male along.

Party on Hutchinson Street states that a male slept on their back porch. Male party is deaf and mute. Male has been sent on his way.

Fire and National Grid on scene on Revere Street and they are requesting police to be there. Possible detail needed. National Grid standing by with hazard tape. Oil possibly leaking from bottom of pole and it is a potential hazard.

Caller on Sagamore Avenue states that a very uncooperative male party is concerned about motor vehicle parked.

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