Police Blotter 06-20-2019

Monday, June 10

Shirley St. – Party reported a breaking and entering to persons motor vehicle.

Walden St. – Speeding vehicle.

Walden St. – Citation for speeding and unlicensed operation. Operator will pick up keys at the station being she is an unlicensed driver.

Woodside Ave. – Dog locked in motor vehicle.

Loring Rd. – Person states she talked to officers about cans that had poison in them that were attracting animals.

Quincy Ave. – Person was concerned two female parties claiming to be Jehovah Witness.

Putnam St. – Person states he believes someone may have tried to break into his store.

Cutler St. – Parking complaint for double parked motorcycle, citation issues.

Metcalf Sq. – Woman came in to report someone went inside her motor vehicle and stole several items.

Revere St. – Accidental burglar alarm. Units will be clear.

Pleasant St. – Person states the house across the street is doing work on the house and debris is falling into to road.

Tuesday, June 11

Main St. – Road rage incident coming into town, the individual attached was uncooperative with the detail officer, he was spoken to and sent on his way.

Shirley St./Moore St. – Person stated a blue Chevy van is parked in front of the handicap sign. Vehicle had valid hp plaque visable in the window, units clear.

Walden St. – Call came in by Fire Dept., a black BMW is parked too close to the corner making it hard for the fire truck to make a turn.

Winthrop St. – Party came into the station to report that her purse has been missing since Saturday. Shoulder bag with flower appliqué.

Shirley St. – Callers son was involved in a road rage incident and the parties followed the son home and kept driving back and forth in front of the house. Parties are in a black Jeep.

Hutchinson St./Revere St. – Caller states there are vehicles at the top of Hutchinson St. towards Revere St. with the alarms going on and off. No vehicles descriptions given.

Shore Dr. – Called in that there are two laptops on the beach wall.

Winthrop St. – Light post is not working. National Grid notified.

Beach Rd. – Reports of party actively breaking into a car with a stick. Party says it is his own vehicle. Everything checked out.

Crest Ave. – Assist fire with bio-hazard.

Shirley St. – Officer stating he spoke to a male outside of listed address. Following up on recent break-ins in area. Advised this party who was on the front steps of address. No history of him in house.

Deer Island – Party passed out behind wheel of vehicle. Party checks out he is waiting for a friend who was fishing on beach.

Revere St. – 7-Eleven a large group of people got out of vehicles in parking lot.

Pleasant St. – Tenant stuck in trash room, door doesn’t normally lock, it’s at top of Woodside. Party was able to open the door. Call cancelled.

Grandview Ave. – Caller reports that several lime bikes were left on the sidewalk in the area of Grandview Ave. and Foam St. The bikes have been there for three days and have completely blocked the sidewalk. This will be forwarded to Winthrop Town Hall.

Wednesday, June 12

Revere St. – Caller states his vehicle got hit while he was in Cumberland Farms. Plate of the other vehicle was given to him by a passerby.

Cliff Ave. – Report states roommates are threatening her.  Verbal argument, referred to court and one party will be leaving.

Main St. – Unit following up on car that was previously placed on 72-hour list. It is believed the registered owner moved out of state and left the vehicles behind.

Nevada St. – Received a phone call from MSPCA Law Enforcement Division in regard to an anonymous tip that they received about a pitbull that is being neglected. MSPCA stated that the caller reported not seeing the pitbull for months but heard it whimpering and the owner screaming at it. The owner, described as a white male in his 30s, then took the dog out to the yard and the pitbull was observed to be severely emaciated as well as possibly having a skin infection and a prolapsed rectum. The pitbull is described as having a brown coat, older and has a choke collar. MSPCA was unable to respond and they notified the ACO who was unable to respond as well. S7 was notified and states the ACO will follow up on this matter.

Moore St. – Party came in to the station to report a motor vehicle hit and run that happened in Michael’s Mall on Putnam St.

Beacon Circle – Four kids on dirt bikes doing wheelies, going down wrong way. Bikes almost caused an accident at Crest Ave. and Revere St. State Police notified.

Winthrop St. – Loud music…seem to have an open mic or live band. Officers spoke to proprietor and band shut down.

Thursday, June 13

Circuit Rd. – Person states there was a loud bang on her door. She did not see anyone but is nervous and would like an officer to drive by. Upon approach a white male party wearing a red hooded sweatshirt and blue shorts with white strips fled from the police. Units lost sight of the party.

Lowell St. – Party stated she heard someone running near her home within the last hour. Units will check the area.

Governors Dr. – Caller states her neighbor has been banging on the ceiling all night. This is an ongoing issue.

Johnson Ave. – Party states a trailer dropped and left in front of her house.

Circuit Rd. – Right front passenger window smashed from the inside. Spoke to owner who reports he broke the window himself because he was locked out.

Shirley St. – 2-year-olddaughter hit emergency button on cell phone, accidental trip, no police, fire, medical needed. Spoke to parents.

Brewster Ave. – Assist fire with forced entry for medical aid female who can’t get to door.

Washington Ave. – Calling party was on another phone with a male party claiming to be a sergeant with the Winthrop Police. He stated he had the calling parties documents they recovered from an identity theft investigation. The calling party told him he was also on the phone with us and the individual hung up.

Nevada St. – Animal Rescue League law enforcement notified. Everything is ok at the address.

Pauline/Pleasant St. – Reports states a huge cap to a pipe in the middle of the street. Top to water gate shut off in the area.

Golden Dr. – Party states loud music coming from the apartment below her, does not know the apt. number. Units checked the unit and there was no noise coming from unit. Revere St. – Person stated her mini schnauzer puppy took off, salt and pepper heading towards senior center. Returned to owner.

Veterans Rd. – Citation issued for speeding.

Shirley St. – Party reports her tires have been punctured several times.

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