Police Blotter 10-11-2018

Monday, Oct. 1

Reporting party on Revere Street states a black pick-up truck is partially blocking her driveway. A ticket was issued for impeding a driveway.

Party came to the station to report an online harassment.

DPW reports vandalism (graffiti) to the gazebo at Ingleside Park. A report is to follow.

Report that two men fighting in Ingleside Park. One has a skateboard.

Caller states that a person that she is watching has not come home from school. She last spoke to her in a text message at 3 p.m. asking if she needed a ride home from high school. When trying to call the number of the girl back it is going straight to voice mail. Caller stated it is not like her. The caller also stated that she spoke with the brother of the girl and he stated she is at rehearsal for the school play at the high school. The caller now feels better now knowing where she is. The caller stated that she would call back if the girl does not come home at 9 p.m. Caller was able to get in contact with the involved party and the party is currently at the school rehearsal.


Tuesday, Oct. 2

Report of harassment/bullying between school kids. A report is to follow.

Caller on Siren Street states that two people are sleeping in the basement of her residence and one of them is not on the lease and she wants them removed. Units requesting fire/EMS ASAP. Fire/EMS enroute. 91 reports while answering the all they encountered an overdose. Female transported to the Whidden. Landlord on the scene and has advised him he is not on the lease and is not welcome on the property.

Party reports that he has not heard from his father on Golden Drive in over a month and would like a well-being check on him. It is possible he could also be at his girlfriend’s. 93 states that the girlfriend is not listed. He will call Housing to see if he can gather more information on the girlfriend. 93 discovered the current address, which is in another building for the girlfriend. 93 states the message has been passed along.

Police were at Siren Street earlier and female party was taken to the hospital. Her purse was left behind in the basement. Caller would like a unit to pick it up for safe keeping as she does not want to be responsible for it. The purse was retrieved and will be tagged and brought to the station.

Party (defendant) on Revere Street came to request an officer accompany her to her residence. Husband was contacted and refused at this time. He agreed to her returning on Monday after 11 a.m. The calling party was informed.


Wednesday, Oct. 3

Party came to the station to report that packages of items she had ordered from Amazon were never received by her. Amazon reports that the items were delivered and left in the vestibule/lobby of her building on Sept. 4. The value of the missing items is $268. The party was advised by Amazon to file a report with the police.

Caller on Johnson Avenue would like to report a hit and run. Officer states damage to left driver’s side mirror. Unit clear and report to follow.

A 78-year-old male on Banks Street with adverse medication effect. This call came in from Care Dimensions in Danvers. Units clear, Visiting Nurse arrived on the scene.

Motor vehicle crashed into the guard rail at Governors Park. Vehicle was towed to private property by G&J. No damage to the guardrail.

D6 off with female party on Pauline Street. D6 states female party took too much medicine but is refusing medical. 93 will be transporting her back to her home.

Caller at Highland and Sewall Avenue reports a 40-60 pound brown and black dog is running around the area. ACO and 92 searched the area and the animal was not found.


Thursday, Oct. 4

91 checking parked car at the Landing. Vehicle came up expired. Non-renewable, and owner has one in hand for failure to appear for jury duty. Vehicle is not occupied. 91 requesting tow. Harbormaster was contacted and given information on the vehicle being towed so they can log it. G&J on the scene.

Party came in with her daughter who was assaulted at Ingleside Park by a group of female teens while at the park. Officer took a report.

Another party came to the station with her juvenile daughter who was reported being punched in the face and kicked by two other juvenile females at Ingleside Park. Fire and EMS were called for the injured party.

Report of an intoxicated male party behind Crystal Cove near GoGo’s. Units walked the pier and boarded a few boats and no sign of the male party. Units will be pulling the cameras to look.


Friday, Oct. 5

Caller on Golden Drive reports that her neighbor is playing loud music and moving items around. Unit stated no noise coming from the apartment.

Party on Shirley Street believes that someone is taking money from her Visa gift card and wants to know if she can file a report. She was advised to come down to the station and file a report. She will be coming in on Sunday.

Caller on Moore Street stated a green pickup truck backed into his parked vehicle. The bumper has a dent and would like an officer to come down. Units were unable to make contact with the owner of the truck. The caller is leaving note on the truck with his contact information. Unit stated there is minor damage to the caller’s vehicle.

Unit off talking with a party on Kennedy Road. Unit clears as party checks out. He lives in the area.

Caller on Forrest Street who wants to remain anonymous, states that an electrical cord is running from a house to the street charging a motorcycle. She feels it is unsafe. Owner was advised not to lay the cord across the road. Owner will lay it next to his home instead.

Party called about cars exiting Buchanan Street to Pleasant Street, which is a one-way. Caller also reports that there have been several accidents as a result of wrong way traffic on that street recently. 93 will check the area signage to see if there are any issues regarding safety in the area.

A high school student just reported to SRO that on her way to school this morning something suspicious happened and wanted to report it.

A courtesy ride was given to an elderly male on Walden Street.

Walk-in from River Road reported that a package he ordered from Amazon was not delivered or was stolen.

Caller on Pleasant Street states that her boyfriend left about two hours ago and he should have been home by now. He is not answering his phone and the girlfriend is very upset and would like to speak to an officer. Boston Police ran this plate recently and when WPD spoke to BPD they stated that this party was involved in a motor vehicle accident in East Boston. He was transported to MGH with non-life threatening injuries. Family has been notified and they are on their way to MGH.


Saturday, Oct. 6

Caller is a cab driver who states that a party refused to pay them and then threatened him on Revere Street. Units clear, party paid the fare and no physical altercation.

W91 reports walk-in stated there was loud music on Jefferson Street. Units clear, spoke to the owner of the address and the party has been shut down for the night.

Caller on Plummer Avenue state that his landlord’s son has been vandalizing his vehicle. He slashed all four tires and would like to speak to an officer regarding this. Officer reports that the vandalism was done in the past and the caller has since gotten the tires fixed. Male party in question is not home. Officer will be checking periodically for his arrival home.

Report of an elderly male confused and lost on Beach Road. Fire/medical enroute. Fire and medical are evaluating the male. Male party was transported to the MGH.

Caller on Banks Street reports that an elderly male knocked on her door and attempted to enter her house. The mane stated he thought he lived there. She believes he may live in the area on Morton Street. 93 and 91 responded. Dispatch spoke to the daughter who is enrollee to his home to check on the party. Officer reports that he spoke with the male party and party did state that he was walking around and did get a little confused. Male party did make it home safely and called his brother who is also enroute. The male party answered all of officer’s questions without an issue. Officer uproots no medical needed.

Reporting party from Wave Way Avenue came into the station to report that her neighbor is acting odd. She stated that her neighbor came over to her and was yelling random things. Reporting party stated she does to need police response at this time. However, would like this on record in case there are any further incidents.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue called to report that when she came home her neighbor had knocked her planters over on the ground. The calling party did come in to the station earlier to report a disturbance involving the same neighbor, but did not want police response at that time. She is requesting a well-being check on this neighbor. Units report that no one is home. Spoke to a neighbor who stated they will call the station when the party returns home so that officers can check on the wall being of this person.

Report of a male party at Shirley and Trident Avenue shooting a pellet gun at a fence from his vehicle. Officer spoke with the driver of the vehicle who denies having a pellet gun(BB) gun. Operator consented to a vehicle search and nothing was located. Officers will now seek to the reporting party. Officers spoke to the neighbors and they stated they heard something hit metal but no one saw an actual BB gun or anything of the sort. No property was damaged. No evidence of a crime. Incident could have stemmed from a neighbor dispute between the reporting party and the operator of the vehicle. Neighbors did not want to provide their information.

Unit off with a disabled motor vehicle on Crest Avenue. Operator already called for a tow. Unit will stand by for safety reasons. AAA on the scene and moved the vehicle out of harm’s way while they worked on it. Officers clear and services were rendered.

Caller from Trident Avenue states she received a FaceTime call with a scary clown face. She is scared and stated that everyone will die. She wants a unit ASAP. Caller is a teenager and is at home with two other teenagers. Officer spoke to the teens and got all the information.


Sunday, Oct. 7

Caller on Sea Foam Avenue stated that he can hear a hammer and people working on a house. W93 checked Trident and Wave Way areas and they are all quiet at this time.

Caller on Atlantic Street states a large party is going on. There are females arguing in the backyard. People on the second floor are throwing beer bottles off the porch as well. Units clear, family party that has been ended for the night. Peace has been restored.

Report of another party on Atlantic Street with loud music and people being very loud. Unit clear, talked to resident and no party in the apartment. This call was unfounded.

Caller on Highland Avenue states a female party is in his yard tearing it apart. No weapons. S4 requesting fire/ medical for an evaluation. A 50-year-old female will be voluntarily going to Whidden.

Party on River Road wants a well-being check done on her cousin. She has not spoken to her in a year. Officer spoke to the party and states that she is well.

Caller on Nahant Avenue states that a motorcycle was driving on the lawn at Hannaford park. Officer states that the park is clear and no sign of a motorcycle.

Party on Crest Avenue states that he can hear yelling and banging coming from an apartment. Officer reports that other residents state parties in question left prior to officer’s arrival and got in separate vehicles.

Calling party on Cliff Avenue state that four vehicles are illegally parked. 93 called the Arms to confirm the vehicles. The vehicles are not in the way of any emergency vehicles. Unit talked to an employee at the Arms. They are going to locate the owners of those vehicles and have them moved.

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