Police Blotter 08-09-2018

Monday, July 30

DPW are installing a handicap parking pole on Bartlett Road and need a vehicle moved. The owner moved the vehicle.

Comcast worker reports a resident on North Street is attempting to assault him with a cane. 91 reports it was a misunderstanding between a resident and Comcast worker. Resident will file a complaint with Comcast.

Caller on Sewall Avenue who takes care of a female states that the elderly woman is not there. Caretaker called back and stated that the party was located. She was across the street at a neighbor’s house.

Report of a Hyundai with Florida plates on Crest Avenue that has a dog inside with the windows up. Vehicle was found and the owner is taking the dog for a walk in the park.

Caller on Seafoam Avenue states he has been hearing a “beeping” noise since last night. Officer states that it is an old alarm in the trash with hazardous material. They will allow the alarm to just die.

Party on Jefferson Street wants to speak with an  officer about a male party making too much noise with a leaf blower. Officer explained that it was a civil matter and also advised both parties of the appropriate times for noise.

Caller on Palmyra Street states that she wants a well being check on her neighbor who is living in her backyard of her house that burnt down. Officer states that the party is fine.


Tuesday, July 31

Reporting party on Washington Avenue states that someone has stolen all four tires off of his motor vehicle.

Officer attempted to have a motor vehicle moved that was parked on the sidewalk at Bates and Washington Avenue. Owner was located and the vehicle was moved.

Party on Marshall Street states that she had a past breaking and entering and wants an officer to take a report. It is undetermined if the breaking and entering is ongoing as there is an issue with the old homeowner. The bank now owns the home.

Caller states that she wants a well being check done on her dad on Shore Drive. The dad was released from the hospital and has not answered the door bell. Not answering the phone either. The daughter is worried for her father’s well being. Party is in custody. 93 can stand down and unit cleared.

Female party walked into the police station to report that she left her camera in a Lyft car this past Saturday. She has been in contact with the driver since Sunday but the driver still has not returned her camera. 908 left a message for the Lyft driver putting him on notice of possible charges. Later today the camera was returned to its owner.

Caller on Undine Avenue states that her neighbor made a trap so that the caller could fall. Also states that this is an ongoing issue with the neighbor. It was no trap, trip wire put into yard with sticks and wire. Landlord on the scene.

Alpha 1 called 93 to go to Bellevue for commercial vehicles parked from site on Pleasant Street. Also enforce Cottage Park Road and top of Somerset Road to tag motor vehicles. 93 states no cars violated but did advise construction crew not to park in posted areas. 91 called over to Charlie 1 and let him know no cars are violating parking on that street and area of Pleasant Street. Construction crew are wrapping up and traffic is flowing just fine.

Caller on Palmyra Street states that the female is in the house that has been boarded up due to a fire. Social worker is on the scene. S5 spoke to the female party and she as not trying to get into the house because she knows is is not supposed to. Everything is rolling in the right direction.

Officer will attempt to serve summons to subject on Winthrop Street. Party not home but the name is on the mailbox.

Caller on Palmyra Streets states that the woman is in her driveway not looking too well. The neighbor thinks she can be a danger to herself. S5 will respond and will speak to the caller in the area. Spoke to a number of neighbors in the area and let them know about the ongoing situation with the party. Hopefully this will decrease the volume of callers.

Party states a suspicious vehicle has been parked for 40 minutes with a purple jacket obstructing the view from the window at Fremont and Jefferson Street. Officer spoke to the female operator and advised her to remove all jackets from the window. And also to park legally.

Caller on Circuit Road states that he speaks with his friend everyday at 6:30p.m. She has not called and he has called both numbers and there is no answer. Would like a well being check done because this is extremely unusual. Officer spoke with the female who stated that her phone battery was dead and that is why the male could not get ahold of her. Everyone is okay and everything checks out.

Off with a motor vehicle on Highland Avenue. Officers spoke to all parties in the vehicle. They were unaware that the park closes after dusk. They were sent on their way.

Caller on Charles Street reports there is loud music coming from a house there.


Wednesday, August 1

Caller reports they have an unwanted party in the cab. They are on the bridge at Main Street. Officers giving the individual a courtesy ride home to Beal Street. The ccab driver was paid. The male was left in the care of his mother.

Two elderly females on Putnam Street got scam calls. They were very upset and would like to speak to an officer. No information, and no money given. They were told that this would be documented in our log.

Caller on Banks Street states she found a dog running in and out of traffic. She took it to her house. It was a gray and black dog with a collar. No information on the collar. ACO has the animal and will deliver it to the owner. A citation was issued.

Received a call from a concerned friend that he has not been able to reach for a few weeks on Shore Drive. He did go by the house and found several packages of “meals on wheels” outside of his apartment. Spoke to headquarters and they stated that the male party is in custody at this time.

Male party came to the station to report receiving a call from the IRS. The party suspected it was a scam and gave no information to the robo caller.

Party inquired if there was an RO on him. A call to the estranged wife received no answer and a message was left. There is no RO in effect according to dispatch. Party wanted to pick up some belongings. He will try another time. He was told that he should not involve his new friend in going to the address.

C1 dispatched 91 and 93 to do a well being check on Beal Street.

Eight males in back of Pauline Street trying to get onto the roof. Party came to the station regarding a check on his mother on Beal Street who he can not get in contact with at her home. No answer and he has not spoken to her today. W93 and W91 responded along with W94. No answer and the mail is there from today. Fire requested to make entry. Fire and police entered and located the party who had fallen. Family member so informed and will respond to the home.

Units off with party at Shirley and Veterans Road. Party was advised of the open container law and sent home for the night.


Thursday, August 2

Units off with a group of individuals at Shore Drive and Charles Street. The group was sent on their way.

Caller on Belle Isle Terrace reports a couple in a gray car are doing lewd acts. Car is next to the trailer. Units requesting a tow. One in custody. 91 transported male subject to headquarters. G&J has the vehicle.

Three dogs outside barking on Myrtle Avenue. This is an ongoing issue with neigh ors. Caller is requesting someone to come by and speak with his neighbor. ACO spoke with the caller, but the owner b brought the dog back in and left for work. ACO will set up over the next few days to see if it keeps happening.

Male party walked into the station to report that his uncle’s veteran’s plaque on his grave was missing. 91 reports the caller thought that the bronze WWII vet plaque may have been stolen. No signs of anything missing. Caller will contact Veteran’s Affairs and see if anything was stolen and he will write a report.

Unit assisted social worker on Charles Street. 91 reports individual was not home. S5 and social worker will try again later.

Party on Bayview Avenue came to the station to report that the roof of his convertible was cut.

School program director reported to the SRO that social media harassment was going on between two students. It was referred for follow up. SRO also spoke to the parents and they were advised of their rights.

Unwanted person at the bank on Bartlett Road. Male party on the scene attempting to use someone’s credit card and the bank is refusing to give the card back and he is refusing to leave. 91 reports subject and subject’s grandmother were spoken to and they were advised that he cannot use her card. She will be coming to the bank to retrieve it. Also spoke to the manager and if this party comes back to the bank he will be trespassed from the property.

Unit off with a youth that fell off of his bike on Walden Street. 91 reports the young man is up and riding.

Walk-in from Seafoam Avenue to report that someone opened a credit card in his name.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that there has been a car parked in front of his market for over two hours and the parking spot is a 15 minute customer parking. Caller would like the vehicle moved.

Caller on Lincoln Street states that there are men soliciting after 7 p.m. Two Hispanic en walking on Winthrop going toward the high numbers of Winthrop Street. Units spoke to the parties and informed them of the requirements for soliciting.


Friday, August 3

Courtesy ride given to 13 year old female to Locust Street. Uint stated that the female party is safe inside with her mother. Mother was unaware that she snuck out of the house but is speaking to her now inside.

Caller on Mermaid Avenue stated that she just got home from vacation and her front and back doors were open. One of her bags were on the floor and the light was on. Units checked the whole house and nothing seemed out of ordinary or been looked through. The door must have been unlocked the whole time. Caller is going back inside her house and the house is clear.

W92 was flagged down by a taxi about a male party in the street on Veterans Road. Units are going to drive the male party to Governor’s Park.

At the end of Trident Avenue near the synagogue caller found a knife wrapped in undergarments. He would like an officer to discard it. 93 is off in the area and will respond for the 91. 93 has retrieved the knife and is bringing it to the station. Party found it wrapped up in a blue bandana and put in a sock to which he found suspicious.

Report of an elderly woman heading down Putnam Street from Hermon Street. Seems to be struggling. Units off in the area investigating and the officers believe they are looking for a male party with a language barrier. Viking Gardens was clear. Units report nothing showing in the center of town. Units will continue to check the area.

Caller who works for Winthrop Taxi has not seen an elderly gentleman she drives daily from Main Street. She has not seen him in over a week and she has tried calling him for days with no answer. Would like a well being check on him.

Party would like an officer stand by to keep the peace while he retrieves some personal belongings on Siren Street. Officer reports all things were exchanged without incident.

Sierra 3 off for an investigation of a past larceny on Shirley Street.

Caller on Quincy Avenue states that a child and adult were in a verbal argument. The adult got in a vehicle and left the child standing alone in the street. 92 responded. K9 stated that no one is in the vicinity and the dispatcher called back the original caller with no answer. K9 unit states that he spoke to the caller’s husband and he believed that the child left with the parent.

Party on Franklin Street states that there is a blue Buck with two white males outside possibly smoking marijuana. K9 and W99 responded and report subjects were just talking and are clearing the area.

Caller on Washington Avenue reports that there is a dog inside a car who is panting and looks to be very ill. 91 states that the sunroof is open but the dog is panting and there is no water. 91 will go to the Elks to look for the registered owner of the dog. 91 spoke to the individual and informed him of the danger of leaving a dog in a car in the heat.

Caller states there is a cat in a car since 4 p.m. at Winthrop Arms. K9 unit responded. K9 found the owners who were not aware of the state law. They were having dinner for two hours. They had the windows down. Someone will be watching the cat for the night.


Saturday, August 4

Report of a male party causing a disturbance in the parking lot on Revere Street.

Caller on Shore Drive states that she has evidence that her neighbor intentionally set a fire in the yard and wants to speak with someone regarding it. The fire was put out by the neighbor. Unit reports they have WFD respond to investigate. They are en route. Fire will will be spraying the area down. Unit reports fire did a second wash down of the house and perimeter. Everything was clear when checked out.

Employee of store on Revere Street called to state that the male party from earlier that would not leave the store came back about 10 minutes ago and threw items all over the floor and tried hitting the employee with newspapers. The male party also threatened the employee that he knows where he lives and now he feels unsafe and wants to file a report. Units responded to the male party’s house to talk to him. Unit reports he spoke to the male party and got his side of the story. Unit reports verbal only between the parties. Both parties were read their rights and understand them.

Mother on Fremont Street state that her stepson is out of control screaming. He is known to carry knives. She is not on location but got a call from a relative. Police requesting medical, and male party was transported to the MGH.

Caller on Winthrop Street reports that a white male in his 20s is sleeping inside a gray SUV. He has been there all night. Units spoke to the male party and he stayed at his friend’s house late and was working at the Feast. He is fine, and will leave the area in half an hour.

G&J Towing reports a private tow for vehicle for trespass from Revere Street Dunkin’ Donuts.

Unit stated they received a call for a suspicious device on second floor of house on Shore Drive. State PD Arson investigator has been notified and will respond to the location.

Party reports that her motor vehicle was parked outside the Winthrop Arms last night. When she went out to it this morning, person or persons unknown had punctured all four tires. She  believes this may have been committed by a female who called in an animal complaint on here last night. Officers will check to see if there is any cameras posted at the Arms which may have caught this incident.

Caller on Charles street states that his neighbor is playing his music very loud. Unit spoke to involved party and the music has been turned down.


Sunday, August 5

Caller on Shirley Street states that her vehicle was hit and the other driver took off. She wants to speak to an officer. Rear end has minimal damage. Report was filed.

At the end of Otis Street a large group of people forming and about to fight. On Otis Street and Yirrell Beach, there are parties arguing. 91 and 94 are assisting female with a ride home to Sagamore Avenue. Party was dropped off at her house. It was a verbal altercation and the parties were advised of their rights.

An elderly female was locked out of her house on Veterans Road.

Caller on Highland Avenue stated there are a bunch of kids at the park being loud and parked their van illegally in a no parking zone. Upon arrival, there was nothing showing.

Caller on Seafoam Avenue states that directly behind her house there is a loud party going on. Officer spoke to party and the party is over for the night.

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