Police Blotter 06-21-2018

Monday, June 11

Caller concerned about exhaust from boat in backyard.

Party reported a car with open glove compartment, blood on the mirror/rear view mirror. Registration was taken. Report to follow.

Parking complaint on Shirley Street, Party moved motor vehicle to clear way.

Caller reports erratic operation in a Jeep Cherokee, Silver.

Landscaping truck blocking corner. Moved and cleared.

Caller reports panhandling customers being unruly.

Caller reports Citizens Bank ATM looks like it’s been pried open. Multiple calls regarding this issue. Citizen Bank is award.

Party reports dog in a blue Toyota alone. Owner ran into the store, dog is fine.

Well-being on female on Grovers Ave.

Party reports she lost her HP placard when it blew out her window while driving across the Belle Isle Bridge. She will have it replaced by the RMV tomorrow.

Party reports a female being loud and disruptive. Officer units will respond if needed.

Person states a gold Jeep in the back of CVS with a white male acting suspicious.

Report of a possible suspicious package requesting police assistance. Items belong to a party from Golden Drive. Attempt will be made to contact party.

Reports of parties throwing trash out of the car and possibly having a verbal altercation. Units will follow up.

Man reports female party is in his apartment causing a disturbance he wants her removed. Units on scene.

Officer reports speaking to neighbors in regards to a dog parking for over one hour.Owners not home but will attempt to figure out something to quiet the dog.


Tuesday, June 12

Male sleeping in his vehicle. Party was sent out of the area.

Motor vehicle accident, possible injuries. Female trapped in MV. All patients have been transported to the hospital.

Out of state gray van causing large inconvenience to traffic.

Male party destroying home with hammers. Units are responding.

Caller reports his sister’s boyfriend is threatening him saying he is going to knock him out. Male party left for the night.

Unwanted party, no weapons. Unit stated the unwanted party locked himself in his room and did not want to come out. The party is a legal resident was advised of his rights, but is able to stay there.

Party is concerned a man changing tire on the Corner of Crest Avenue heading towards the beach. Unit stated man has secured his tire and is on his way.

Party came to the station with a checkbook cover/wallet that was found outside in the center.


Wednesday, June 13

Party states there is a cab located outside of location and needs the police to respond to make sure the party pays the money and gets in the house safe. Unit reports the cab driver was paid and the boyfriend took control of the party form the cab.

Woman came to the station to report that her wedding ring had been stolen.

Caller reports she found a bike outside; she took it into her apartment and would like an officer to come retrieve it.

Party walked in to report larceny of a credit card.

Party reports dog barking all afternoon. No one answered residence. No barking at that time.

Unit reports that two items, two boxes were stolen from a home; the boxes were dropped off by the post office and left on front steps. Owner came to the station and reported the packages came in yesterday, all okay.

Male client screaming and yelling. Breaking property, threatening other clients. Check in with units and parties are getting the story.

Report states a white male wearing T-shirt, heavy set in a dark toy SUV getting out of the car looking in neighbor’s mailbox and try to open front door.  She could see one other person in vehicle. Few young kids playing pranks, units are speaking to the parents.


Thursday, June 14

Report stating a large white demolition truck with a red ribbon on it keeps driving the wrong way up the one-way street at a high speed.

Caller reports that she believes someone may be staying at property. The caller also states that she believes the property should be vacant. Officer will investigate.

Party came to station stated a female party of one of his workers is in his building and he wants her removed. Party was taken out of the business and advised no trespassing.

Two mini-bikes in the vicinity driving erratic, two white males with females on the back.

Calling party states that there is a dumpster on the side of the street taking up two parking spots for the last several days. She said it has been empty. Officer reports they spoke to the owner of house and dumpster is being used. However they need permit.

Reports of a female lying down and getting back up displaying suspicious activity. Fire Department responded for an evaluation. Female checked out fine she was waiting for her husband. She was advised she could go to station to seek help. She refused. No laws were broken.

Caller reports female party in a white box truck in the driveway of business. Party was sectioned yesterday and released.

Caller states two male parties in a gray Ford smoking marijuana. Car left the scene while being reported.

Caller reports possible breaking and entering into a home. Units responded, clear.


Friday, June 15

Saugus police would like to notify party of lost wallet, that it was found, at the front desk of Saugus Police Department.

Party states halfway down the street there is a white painting van with ladders on it, parked halfway in street making it difficult for emergency vehicles to get by.

State Trooper called stating female’s car was involved in a hit and run in Hopkinton. If we make contact have her call Trooper Wilson.

Female reported while parked at Winthrop Health Center parking lot the passenger of the vehicle parked adjacent her opened their car door, hitting her passenger side front door causing minor damage.

Caller states that she was in a MVA, no injuries.End of Sagamore on the Revere Street side.

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