Police Blotter 05-24-2018

Monday, May 14

There was a motor vehicle accident on Crest Avenue. No injuries. 91 on the scene. He assisted parties in exchanging papers. There was minor damage.

Party came into the station to report identity theft.

Women walking by Pleasant Street and Villa Avenue states there is a large white truck parked on the sidewalk. Party states she could not pass and had to walk in the street. All vehicles in the area are parked legally.

Subject taken into custody on Veterans Road and being transported to headquarters. Subject had four outstanding warrants from other departments and one warrant out of Winthrop.

Caller on Pleasant Street states that her cat has been missing since Friday. It is a black cat with a white spot on her neck.

The Department received a letter from Maryland with a Winthrop resident’s HP placard. Owner on Circuit Road stated she lost it when it flew out the window. Officer will return the placard.

The owner of Winthrop Marketplace reports a Ford pickup has been parked there for over a week. The vehicle has keys in it and a notice that it is broken down. Checked in-house under the address and the vehicle was placed on the seven-hour list on May 10. G&J enroute to pick up the vehicle.

Report of a person burning something on Shirley Street. Officer will speak to him about the by-laws. Citizen was spoken to about the open flame laws, and he is going to stop.

Party came to the station to report a fraud situation.

911 hangup from residence on Palmyra Street. No answer on callback. Another call came in for a female with injuries from a fall. Fire enroute.

Party came into the station to report a possible problems with his estranged wife. Party reports his wife has been calling his place of business repeatedly and this is out of the norm. Party is also concerned that she may come to his residence. Party was advised and may seek an order in EBDC tomorrow.

Caller states there is a party with a motorcycle stuck o his foot at Revere Street and Crest Avenue. Medial aid dispatched. Unable to find any motorcycle along the road. ire canceled.

Caller on Faun Bar Avenue reports that a vehicle has been running outside his house for an hour. Units tied up at this time with an arrest and booking. Unit dispatched and states that the vehicle is unoccuppied, and it appears that the operator forgot to shut off the headlights. The owner of the vehicle is unable to be located, and the caller does not want to come to the door. Vehicle is not running, just headlights are on.


Tuesday, May 15

Caller on Kennedy Road state that his friend got into a vehicle with her ex-boyfriend. The friend is worried about her safety because the ex has been abusive in the past. At this moment, it doesn’t look like they are fighting. Unit arrived in the area and the parties were in a parking spot that was okay. Nothing going on.

Officer in the vicinity of Shirley Street to investigate suspicious activity near Yirrell Beach. Report of a male wearing a hoodie carrying a duffel bag. Party fell off the beach wall, but declined medical attention. He is just feeding the birds at this time.

Attempted to serve immediate threat warrant to subject on Shore Drive. Unable to make service at this time.

Report of unwanted ex-wife banging on back door on Locust Street. Caller sates that she did the same thing yesterday. Both parties have been advised of their rights.

Work crew hired by DPW doing work on Shirley and Sturgis Streets. They had the whole road blocked off. They were unaware they needed to hire a detail. They will be back tomorrow.

Caller states there is a camera crew in the parking lot of the school on Kennedy Road going car to car asking parents questions. The principal also is outside at this time. Channel 5 News was there for a prior news article. They are not on school grounds, and they are asking parents questions and, that is within their rights.

Party on Dolphin Avenue reports that a tenant’s dog bit her. 91 states minor injury. Party is requesting medical. 92 reports that the party that was bit has refused medical and will go o her own. Units will follow up the incident with ACO.

92 was flagged down by a woman stating suspicious activity on Revere Street. 92 off checking the area. 92 could not locate the male party but was told he was heading toward Short Beach in Revere State Police and Revere PD was notified.

Caller on Main Street states a suspicious silver Honda with the driver harassing/following one of the female employees. Caller states she is being followed by a client who is in a van. Motor vehicle not in the area upon the unit’s arrival. Caller was advised of her rights and will be contacting HR department of her employer regarding this situation.

A man on Charles Street is asking to speak to the police regarding people living with him. Officers spoke to the subject and the subject is okay. 93 reports calling party states he has an issue with people squatting in his house. 93 also reports there were no individuals found squatting.

Caller on Dolphin Avenue states threats were made against her. The last threat made two weeks ago. She had a harassment order put in place but the order recently expired. The caller also knows the offender.

Party on Undine Avenue states the tenant on the first floor is arguing with tenant’s boyfriend on the second floor. Boyfriend has since left and she is now arguing with female party. It was a verbal dispute. Boyfriend has left for the night.

Report of a male party parked in the vicinity of Lincoln Street, and neighbors are concerned. Male party in the vehicle is just waiting for a friend.


Wednesday, May 16

Report of two individuals passed out in a car in the parking lot of the 7-Eleven. 91 reports area clear after checking out both 7-Eleven and Cumberland Farms parking lot with no signs of anyone in distress.

Neighbor complaint on Charles Street. Fire has been requested and police believe there is a serous fire code violation. Fire was able to gain entry for safety reasons. No one was home, but an officer will be documenting this. Fire will also be doing their own report on this situation.

Tried to serve suspension of license to subject on Shore Drive. Unable to serve paperwork as no one was at home, but will try again later.

Woman states that two boats are parked on the street near the laundromat on Shirley Street. She does not think they are allowed to be there. 93 enroute. 93 states the boats are parked on the Veterans Road side on private property.

Delivery driver for Blackstrap BBQ claims a girl went into his vehicle and stole his phone. Girl heading toward the school. 91 reports the female in question is reported to be in the CVS. 91 enroute. 91 reports she spoke to an employee at CVS who stated that the female who stole the phone is an enrollee of the hockey rink. Units will be doing an area search. 93 also reports that the CVS has the female on video. Victim will go to the station to finish a report.

Caller on Almont Street came home to discover his front-door lock vandalized and was unable to use home keys to enter the home. Possibly a back breaking and entering. K9 spoke with the calling party and is to sure if damage on door was done previously or today. He is going to see if he can look at neighbor’s camera and call back after he gets out of work.

Male party on Dolphin Avenue called to state that his wife was being assaulted. He was enroute. Third-party call to state that his girlfriend was being assaulted by another female. Calling party was running to that address from a few streets away. Not known if weapons are involved. It was a neighbor dispute that was a continuance from yesterday’s animal complaint call. All parties were advised of their rights.

Caller on Charles Street states his house was broken into. He will be outside waiting for the police. Unit stated the reporter also stated that some items that were moved around. The unit spoke to the caller and investigated. There was no breaking and entering.

Caller on Charles Street called 911 making threats against a party who he has had a disagreement with. Headquarters was notified. K9 requested medical to stage for possible evaluation. Fire/EMS en route. Unit 91 reported subject is barricaded in the house. Additional units on the scene. Unit 94 reported Unit 91 will ride in the ambulance with the male party for a Section 12 to MGH. Unit 91 requesting headquarters to notify MGH security of the situation and to meet them in the garage to assist with the male party. Security will meet and assist. Units also report having to physically restrain as subject became combative and assaultive with the officers, EMT’s and firefighters. He attempted to punch an officer and continued to resist throughout the encounter.


Thursday, May 17

Caller on Atlantic Street stated a car has been running with no one in it for a few hours in front of her house. Unit made contact with the party, and the vehicle was shut off.

Party on Woodside Avenue states a low hanging wire. Verizon has been notified. Party also stated it may be too low for trucks to pass. Officer sees no safety hazard.

Minor motor vehicle accident on Main Street. Drivers exchanged papers.

Female party from Pleasant Street walked into the station to report a male party known to her has been breaking into her boat and living there at night.

Caller on Revere Street states baby raccoons in a box. ACO is going to the area. ACO spoke with residents at this location and reports the first-floor landlord relocated the raccoons into the marsh so the mother an locate them.

Suspects from previous larceny in the area of Bartlett Road. Female party handed over cell phone that was taken yesterday. One female under arrest for disorderly conduct, receiving stolen property over $250, possessing and using false information, three counts of larceny of property under $250.

Caller on Wave Way Avenue states a person on a bicycle roaming about. BOLO has been put out for the subject.

Report of a Nissan parked all the way down the end of the street at Governors Park. Party got out and walked away. Reporter states the vehicle parks there al the time and just leaves. He does not know what he is doing or where he goes. Parties were sent on their way.

Manager from the Inn on Shirley Street came into the station to report that a customer who rented a room disabled the smoke detectors, smoke copious amounts of marijuana, affecting the occupants in the room upstairs from him. This necessitated a refund and a service call from the alarm company to repair the system. He then shut off his credit card, preventing, the Inn from holding him accountable.

Caller on Washington Avenue states there are people working on a house and making too much noise. Officer checked the area completely and was unable to hear any noise. Caller would not come out and cooperate. Officer cleared at this time.

Report of four kids spray painting picnic tables at Coughlin Park.  Youths were sent on their way and peace was restored.

Report of 10 kids drinking at the kiddie playground at Coughlin Park. All parties were of age. They are starting to head out and have now left the area.


Friday, May 18

Caller on Circuit Road states that a party left their vehicle and smashed their windshield. Caller also stated that the vehicle was tailgating him for a while flashing their lights and was throwing items at his vehicle. The caller stopped and got out of his vehicle and stated he punched the driver’s hood of the car and left. Caller stated that the other vehicle kept following him all the way home. All information has been passed along.

Party reports there is a group of people inside Ingleside Park. All the parties have been advised of the hours of the park and are clearing for the night.

Report of a loud party going on at Governors Park. Spoke to the resident and advised her of the time. Parties are going to quiet down for the night.

Off for a well being check on party on Summit Avenue. Report to follow.

Caller on Revere Street states a raccoon was dropped of in his back yard and thinks it was his neighbor’s. He has the raccoon in a bin. Also there is a needle in the back yard that he wants picked up. ACO on the scene and relocated the animal. Officer on the scene picked up the needle

Party on Pleasant Street states that someone has stolen about 12 boat stands from the boats over the last couple of days. A total of 16 boat stands were stolen.

Two car motor vehicle accident on Otis Street with injuries. One vehicle was parked and unoccupied. No tows needed. One passenger transported to MGH.

White truck with one male and one female possible 94C activity on Grandview Avenue. No plate number given. Also the male party urinated outside of the vehicle. Caller reports now the vehicle left and headed towards Bayview Avenue. Units searched the are and were unable to locate the vehicle.

99 off with a group of youths at Beacon and Shirley Street that were verbally arguing. Officer reports one party known to him was trying to fight another youth. All youths were sent out of the area.

At the deadend part of Terrace Avenue there is about 10 kids hanging out and possibly drinking. Units stated there was a large crowd of kids but they ran upon their arrival. Units saw some familiar faces and, will be checking the surrounding area to see if they can find them.


Saturday, May 19

Caller states that a man parked in white Kia near the basketball court on Pond Street is playing loud music from his car. Units told the male party to keep the music down and peace was restored.

Yesterday a male party driving a blue bicycle approached the caller’s 10-year-old daughter on Main Street. She was also driving a bike. This male party stated he would like her to meet him at Ingleside Park tomorrow to have a bike race with him and his friends. The child stated to the male party “no thank you” and proceeded to go home. She told her mom that the male party continued to look back as the 10-year-old went into her driveway to go home. The little girl also watched the male party take a left onto Winthrop Street. The mom wanted this on file. She also spoke to an officer who is a friend of the family. She would like an officer to come by tomorrow to have this on paper. She was given options as to what she could do.

Caller on Pleasant Street stated that he was told by another boat owner that someone is trying to break into a boat. The boat’s name is “Shannon.” Caller stated that the party has left as he could not get into the boat. Units spoke with the owner of the boat. The male party was authorized by the owner to be on the boat.

Assisted AAA with a tow of a vehicle on Main Street.

WFD Ladder 2 reports a white BMW on Shore Drive and Underhill Street is making it hard to make the turn. Tow requested and G&J responded. Owner came out as the vehicle was being towed and owner paid the drop fee to G&J. The car was not towed but was moved.


Sunday, May 20

Officers were flagged down on Crest Avenue. Woman having trouble walking. Officers gave the woman a courtesy ride to Grovers Avenue and assisted her into her condo. Woman refused medical.

Caller on Sturgis Street states a dark green Caravan with out of state plates is pulling into and out of different driveways. Caller thinks it may be suspicious. BOLO was put out to the units.

Party on Coral Avenue states she received a text from a female party staying Q5. Her last text stated that she was having thoughts. The female party has a history of 94C activity. The caller made several attempts to contact her as well as the female party’s mother. Caller would like a well-being check on female. She is known to be combative. Police are requesting medical. EMS are also on the scene to evaluate. Patient refused medical transport. Officers did look at her text in question and was satisfied with the patient refusal.

Caller on Charles Street state that she sees a woman trying to get a male out of her car. They have since left the scene. BOLO put out to the units.

Party on Highland Avenue states that her neighbors have been partying since this afternoon. Loud music and singing. They are located outside. Party was shut down for the night. Peace restored.

Six kids are on the inside of the fence of the waterpower. Possibly going to climb said tower. W91 on the scene. Nothing showing. Kids were in a red car. Two girls and four or five boys. They got in from the right of the tower under the fence.

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