Police Blotter 04-19-2018

Monday, April 9

Officer standing by while subject picks up clothing on a 209A on Read Street. Party retrieved belongings.

An ongoing situation on Main Street with the calling party and a general contractor who is parked on front of his house right now. Caller would like to speak to an officer. He is also requesting that he stay off of his property. This is a civil matter with work being done to the home. Officers standing by while party removes his tools from the home. The contractor received all tools and property. Officers advised both parties on carrying out a civil matter.

Grandson called to state that his grandfather is no longer answering the phone. He is worried he may have harmed himself. Officers report no answer at the door. The television volume is up very high. Officers finally made contact and spoke with the grandfather. He is in good spirits and everything is okay. Fire spoke with him also and he does not want to talk with his grandson. If grandson calls back let him know that he is okay.

Report of 50-year-old white male stumbling all over the road on Buchanan Street. He appears to be under the influence. Officer located the party on Pleasant Street. Officer spoke with the subject and he is fine.

Units off again on Sunnyside Avenue to gather more information. Units request medical. Fire enroute.

Female party on Cottage Park Road reports a young boy was riding his dirt bike without a helmet. He has since put the bike away, but would like an officer to go speak to the young boy.

Report of a coyote at Lewis Lake. 91 reports nothing showing at this time.

Caller on Palmyra Street states there is a silver vehicle parked out in front of his house for seven days now. The vehicle has no parking sticker. Parking stickers are enforced in the early a.m. hours. Cruiser will go by and tag it for warning.

Firearms surrender on Sunnyside Avenue. Items have been retrieved.

Neighbor on Shore Drive has an aggressive dog and does not use a leash. Would like to speak to an officer. Female party requested we speak to the owner of the dog in regards to the leash law in Winthrop. We passed information along to ACO of today’s past encounter with the unleashed dog. Caller was also advised to report the incident on the beach to the State Police in Revere.

Caller reports a white male heading towards Charles Street. Caller reports that the man appears to be in an altered mental state because he is yelling profanities. Medical aid requested by police for an evaluate. Male party is being transported to the Whidden for further evaluation.


Tuesday, April 10

Notifying State Police to speak with a female about an ongoing issue about motor vehicles getting keyed. State is on the scene. State has obtained a video and will be adding it to their investigation.

Off with parked vehicle that has expired out of state plates in the Crest Avenue parking lot. Officer gave owner of the vehicle a warning about the issue last week. G&J enroute to tow.

Case worker from the Arbors would like to speak to an officer for a larceny from a client.

Party on Veterans Road stated that a male voice stating he was with National Grid requesting $400 payment or the power would be shut off. The call was a fraud but the owner had already made a payment over the phone. Detectives are investigating.

Party came to the station regarding her lost dog. A check with ACO revealed a party on Hermon Street found the dog. Dog owner sent to the address at the request of the dog finder. Owner was reunited with their Shitzu.

Report of a suspicious vehicle on Fremont Street. Caller believes 94C activity. Caller states the vehicle drove away when she questioned them as to why they were parked there sitting in the car. Units arrived and nothing showing. The vehicle had left prior to officer’s arrival.


Wednesday, April 11

Caller states there are multiple alarms going off in the bank and an unidentified male was in the building on Putnam Street. While on the phone, the alarm dispatcher stated one of his fellow employees received a call from the individual who gave the correct passcode. Dispatch was cancelled.

Traffic control to assist fire for a report of smoke in building on Woodside Avenue.

Caller requests a wellness check on his other on Floyd Street. He hasn’t heard from her for over a day. Unit checked the home, no answer. The vehicle usually parked in the driveway is gone. Unit clear, services rendered.

Walk-in arrest for individuals with outstanding warrant.

Caller on Somerset Avenue states a male party in a red Mustang is acting belligerently and urinating on the building. He is acting obnoxiously. Vehicle left scene and heading towards Bartlett Road.


Thursday, April 12

Well being check called in by 91 on Grovers Avenue 91 has one under arrest and transporting to Winthrop headquarters. G&J dispatched for vehicle. Units back off at Winthrop Arms per Charlie 1. Units clear from the Arms as property has been retrieved. One under arrest for possession of large capacity firearm, storing large capacity firearm, possession of ammunition without FID card and possession of large capacity magazine firearm.

Party on Sagamore Avenue wants her unwanted boyfriend removed. Boyfriend left on foot in an unknown direction. Units clear, unable to locate the boyfriend.

Caller on Main Street states it is a matter of “life and death.” He states he is afraid for his life. Officer responded. Party is in the care of his wife and may have mental issues.

A bunch of syringes in front of driveway on Palmyra Street. Items picked up and disposed of properly.

Walk-in from Putnam Place to report that on March 29 or March 30, he lost his 18-karat, two-tone-gold-designer neck bracelet. Would like this on record if anyone turns it in.

Motor vehicle towed from Governors Park by Todisco Towing.

Party on Walden Street states that his e-mail and computer was hacked.

Caller states that the vacant home he owns on Shirley Street may have been broken into. He states that some of his workers heard people in there and he suspects there are possible squatters. He is route from the North End. No one found in the home and the owner is on the scene.

Caller on Kennedy Road reports getting a call from someone claiming to be from the IRS and claims she must pay her taxes or face arrest from local police She know it was fake but wants this reported.

Report of possible explosive device in backyard on Winthrop Street. Fire is requesting bomb squad. Residents are being evacuated. Blocking center and Winthrop and Ocean View at Winthrop. Boston Bomb took possession of bomb. Boston Bomb squad called and reported that there were no working explosives in the grenade.

Motor vehicle accident with possible hit-and-run on Main and Payson Street. Car struck a tree. Calling party stated that the driver hit a tree and left the bumper behind. Notified DPW about the degree from the bumper and glass in the road. Vehicle was located near the Gorman School.


Friday, April 13

Calling party on Somerset Avenue states there is a vehicle parked too far off the curb and does not think that the trash truck can fit by as today is trash pickup day. Units report the vehicle is well inside of 12 inches and the trash truck can get by.

Party came to the station to report ongoing damage to his front lawn by Capitol Waste Management trucks.

Motor vehicle accident on Lincoln Street. No injuries and nobody in vehicle other than the driver. Report to follow.

Minor motor vehicle accident on Sea Foam Avenue. Accident report to follow.

Party came to the station to inquire about a report regarding an accident he was in this past Wednesday on Hagman Road. Party reports that he learned from his insurance company that the other party was uninsured. Officers will BOLO for the vehicle while on patrol.

Report of a syringe in the area of Pauline Street. Syringe was located and disposed of properly.

Calling party on Hermon Street states that seven people possibly drunk throwing open containers on the sidewalk and on her property causing a disturbance. Units state nothing showing at this time.


Saturday, April 14

Caller on Winthrop Street states that two male parties are verbally arguing outside in front of the flower shop and it appeared to turn into a physical fight. Unit states a group of people were verbally arguing. All the parties were advised of their rights. Units states they were all cleared with a verbal warning.

Male patient is in ICU and doctor at MGH is attempting to reach family. They need notification to be made to come into the hospital. Units attempted to contact the family but no answer on either doors. They will try again later on during the day.

Resident on Crest Avenue states there is an elderly woman by herself on Chamberlain Avenue pacing back and forth. Thinks she may be confuse. 91 spoke with two elderly females who live in a nearby complex. They were getting some exercise.

Action Ambulance reports a hospice patient residing on Sturgis Street appears to have passed away. No need for a report.

Motor vehicle accident called in by the fire department on Shirley Street.

Caller on Undine Avenue states that he heard a long bang that woke him out of bed and he asked the two men in front of his house what it was and their answer was an M80. Units searched he area and spoke to the reporting party. Nothing showing at this time.

Party on Upland Road states a black vehicle hit her car, stopped and then left. W91 checked attached male party’s residence but no one was home. Damage to attached male’s vehicle in front right side.

Caller states a two car accident at the entrance to Governors Park. Papers were exchanged.


Sunday, April 15

Cab driver reports fare evasion at Governors Park. Subject ran into the apartment complex with 39 units. Unable to locate the subject at this time.

Caller at Seal Harbor Road reports there is a hypodermic needle in the back parking lot of the building. Officer retrieve the item.

Another hypodermic needle reported on Revere Street. Officer picked up the items.

Officer reports responding to a disturbance in his district earlier today in which they recovered a large capacity firearm improper secured in the front seat of a parked motor vehicle. The individual’s LTC (issued out of Winthrop) will be suspended immediately per the request of the DA. Boston will give us an address in this town to confiscate any additional firearms.

We received a call from nephew in NH. He cannot reach his 90 year old uncle on Sunnyside Avenue and is concerned. We checked with BI and Whidden and he was not admitted to either. Nephew said he was making Q5 statements. Officers gained entry into apartment. The party was not there. Neighbor stated he has not returned since he was sectioned on April 9. Action Ambulance stated that the party was transported to the BI. Called BI and the patient is there. We called the nephew back and he will make his way to the BI. The nephew stated that weapons were retrieved from the home, but that his uncle has a 38 revolver hidden somewhere in the home.

Caller on Woodside Avenue reports that a male party possibly drunk is down. Fire enroute. Units unable to get any information from the party. He is being transported to the Whidden. He is 21 years of age.

Former Officer charged amid investigation into two indecent assaults

A former Transit Police officer was arraigned last week following his arrest on a warrant charging indecent assault and battery and other offenses allegedly committed while on duty, MBTA Transit Police Chief Kenneth Green and Suffolk County District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said.

Transit Police detectives arrested James Floyd, 60, of Winthrop on a warrant charging him with two counts of indecent assault and battery and single counts of assault with a dangerous weapon and intimidation of a witness, all stemming from his conduct as a uniformed officer working a detail at North Station.

Assistant District Attorney Ian Polumbaum, chief of the DA’s Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault Unit, recommended $10,000 cash bail and orders that Floyd have no contact with any victim or civilian witness and stay away from specific locations to which they might be assigned through their employment. Judge Thomas Horgan released Floyd on his own recognizance, but granted prosecutors’ suggested conditions of release.

“There is no excuse for sexual assault and absolutely no room in law enforcement for the behavior alleged in these complaints,” DA Conley said. “I want to thank Transit Police for taking this investigation so seriously from its earliest stages, and I want to remind every victim and survivor that our office will always be a safe, respectful, and confidential resource for anyone who wants to disclose sexual assault.”

“Transit Police officers are held to the highest standards       of professional conduct and the overwhelming majority of TPD officers are dedicated hard working public servants,” Chief Green said. “We in law enforcement derive our legitimacy not through laws or statues, but rather by the very people we are sworn to serve. This arrest demonstrates the value we place on legitimacy bestowed upon us by the public.”

Polumbaum told the court that Floyd indecently assaulted two women within a 17-minute time span on the afternoon of March 29. After the first assault, he allegedly offered the victim a knife and challenged her to stab him, then opened a collapsible metal baton and stared at her in a threatening manner before walking away. Both women disclosed the assaults, which were soon reported to Transit Police. Command staff terminated the detail he was working and relieved him of duty; he later resigned from the Transit Police.

The victims and numerous witnesses made themselves available to Transit Police detectives in the days that followed. Based on their disclosures and additional evidence gathered by investigators, Transit Police obtained a warrant for his arrest and took him into custody this morning.

Sexual assault can happen to anyone. While the victims of any crime are asked to call 911 in an emergency, survivors of sexual violence can also call their local rape crisis center for free and confidential services and to discuss their options. Support is available for all survivors of sexual violence, regardless of whether they wish to take part in a criminal prosecution. Services by city and town can be found through Jane Doe Inc. at www.janedoe.org/find_help/search. Jane Doe Inc. is a coalition of 60 local member programs working together to find lasting solutions that promote the safety, liberty, and dignity for victims and survivors of sexual and domestic violence.

In Suffolk County, the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center offers a free and confidential 24-hour hotline at 800-841-8371. The Boston Area Rape Crisis Center provides medical accompaniment and many other free services to victims of rape and sexual assault. Suffolk victim-witness advocates can assist in referrals to BARCC and a wide array of non-profit service providers who can offer additional support and services.

Floyd was represented by attorney Claudia Lagos and will return to court on June 21.

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