Boy Saves Baby Brother at Home

Friday, April 13, 2018
By Sue Ellen Woodcock

It was the night before Easter, and Connor and Riley Wolf, son of Nick and Sharon Wolf, were playing quietly with Legos. Then it got a little hectic.

Connor Wolf gives his big brother Riley a big hug.

Riley, 9, noticed that Connor, 2, was gagging. He yelled to his parents that his brother was choking. In the meantime, Riley gave Connor a couple of back blows and finally the Heimlich maneuver. Connor relaxed and started breathing again and crying.

“I thought he was choking on his binkie,” Riley said. “I knew it had worked when he cried.”

Nana Sue Tarantino said Connor had swallowed a cylinder-shaped Lego piece. It had become lodged in his throat in such a way that it was blocking his windpipe. Riley’s efforts forced it to be swallowed properly. Confirmation came the next morning that the piece was out.

Riley said he had seen the Heimlich maneuver when his cousin was choking on a hamburger and his aunt did it.

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