Police Blotter 08-17-2017

Monday, Aug. 7

Male party found 94C paraphernalia in the area of Bowdoin Street.

Defendant on active RO called to make arrangements to pick up personal belongings on Buchanan Street. When plaintiff was contacted, he stated that he was not ready for him to come to pick up anything, and that he could try tomorrow.

Caller on Charles Street says there is a motor vehicle blocking his driveway. This is an ongoing issue. The vehicle was issued a parking ticket. Could not locate the owner at his house.

Caller at Winthrop Lodge of Elks reporting that two white males shooting up in the parking lot. Nothing showing, no vehicle matching the description in either lot of the Elks.

Abandoned motor vehicle on Hadassah Way. Caller reports the vehicle has been there for several days with the windows down and has not moved. He thinks the vehicle may be abandoned. Will be put on the 72-hour list. The vehicle is legally parked.

Caller at Pond Street park reporting that two white males (12 years old) throwing rocks into the basketball court. Spoke to the calling party, and it was reported that the two youths left the area on bicycles. Party was advised to call back if they come back. Kids were located and have been spoken to.

Off with parked vehicle with revoked insurance on Sea Foam Avenue. Vehicle has been put in the driveway, and the plates were seized.

Another vehicle plate seized on Trident Avenue with revoked insurance. G&J notified. Tow cancelled as the vehicle was put on private property.

Group of kids in spot at Pond Street apartments throwing beer bottles and drinking. Units clear, no kids, no broken beer bottles.

Syringe located in the cemetery. Item was retrieved and properly disposed of.

Caller at Fort Heath Apartments reporting on the upper level of garage, there is a black SUV with no sticker for parking. Caller called back to cancel the vehicle had left the area.

Two out-of-state vehicles were found to be within the town of Winthrop (Shirley Street and Wave Way Avenue) for months on end. Both vehicles were issued courtesy warnings advising them to register the vehicles in Massachusetts within the next seven days in order to avoid a $500 citation.

Caller on Trident Avenue reports kids and adults in another apartment are being extremely loud and banging on the floors. Peace was restored and spoke to the four small children and the mother.


Tuesday, Aug. 8

Caller on Court Road reports a suspicious female walking around the area. Stated when she saw the caller, she immediately turned and walked the other way. Party known to officers, and she was walking her cat.

Caller from Governors Park reports that it sounds like the tenant in another apartment is doing work, and there is excessive noise. Stated that this is an ongoing issue. All quiet at this time. Party advised to call if they start making noise again.

Calling party on Winthrop Street states there is an abandoned bicycle against the fence across from her property. It has been there for three days, and the neighbors in the have been known to do nefarious acts. They may have ditched the bike there. It is a girl’s pink bike, which cannot fit in the cruiser. We will return with different vehicle and bring it to the station.

Officer reports a female party approached him about lost or stolen property a few days ago at the Winthrop Marketplace. He is checking the tapes. Checked out the video and found nothing on it. Officer will check with reporting party and double-check the time.

Checking on vehicle at Winthrop Yacht Club that was involved in a road-rage incident. Reporting party spoke to a few officers in reference to the incident. Officer is off with that vehicle and all be speaking with that party. Unit spoke to the operator with verbal only. It was explained that the next time there is an incident, he was to report it to the police.

Party on Willis Avenue reports that Winthrop Taxi flew down her street, going about 60 m.p.h. She states she has a 16-month-old grandson across the street and is upset that the driver was speeding on a residential street. She did not get the cab number.

Dispatch at Winthrop Taxi was spoken to and she will notify all drivers to slow down and get back to the police when she finds out who it was. She had someone on Willow Street, but now Willis.

Report of three loos dogs at Coughlin Park with owners. Two jumped on her and she felt too intimidated to call from the park. 92 states she spoke with the owners of the dogs. They will put the dogs back on their leashes and keep them on their leashes in the future.

Fire Captain reports a car parked in the area of Shore Drive and Cutler Street making it difficult for fire apparatus to make the turn.

Assisted WFD with EDP female, intoxicated on Shirley Street. WFD cancelled and peace was restored.

Party on Bartlett Road states that on Wednesday, Aug. 2, her vehicle was struck while legally parked in front of her residence. The operator that struck the parked vehicle gave his information on the scene. It was only several days later, that she became aware that his vehicle had expired registration and uninsured.

Caller at Cumberland Farms reports an erratic driver. She also states that she knows the driver and they have no license. BOLO was put out on the air to the other units.

Neighbor downstairs banging on ceiling at Governors Park. Party in apartment is going to bed for the night.

Street sign knocked over on Douglas Street. DPW notified.


Wednesday, Aug. 9

Multiple people near flagpole drinking and being loud on Shore Drive. Parties just getting off work, and the music was turned down.

Party reports youths out front making noise on Sewall Avenue. Nothing showing at this time.

Assisted fire with possible pole hit overnight and unstable on Belcher Street. Verizon pole hit, no damage at this time. It was knocked off blocks.

Report of vandalism to the tennis-court nets at Ingleside Park.

Parking complaint at Bob’s Bait Shack. 15-minute parking. Vehicle has been parked since 9:57 a.m. Vehicle was tagged for parking violation.

Follow-up on a vandalism on Woodside Avenue. Boutique owner stating letters from her sign have been going missing. She does not want a report.

Assisted fire with a call at Dunkin’ Donuts on Main Street.

Assisted citizen with retrieving items from house on Buchanan Street. Party escorted off of the premise. Officer will be doing supplement report fro prior arrest.

Party came to the station requesting an officer stand by to keep the peace while she retrieves her personal belongings on Beach Road. Party retrieved items and confusion about ROs. Both parties will be going to EBDC.

Calling party on Lincoln Street states she saw a mother pulling her daughter’s hair near the park. Both parties are wearing bathing suits. Officers spoke with familiar parties, and peace was restored.

Execution of search warrant on Shore Drive.

One male in custody, one vehicle being towed to the station. Subject was arrested for conspiracy to violate controlled substance laws.

Party on Sargent Street came in to report that on Aug. 1, she was in an accident involving her motor vehicle, which was struck by a 7-year-old, who fell into her vehicle with his bicycle. She attempted to arrange restitution for the damage with the child’s parents to no avail. She is now submitting a claim through her insurance company.

Five-year-old with injuries from a fall at Governors Park. He is bleeding from the head. Parents on the scene and patient refusal. He was patched up.

Cardiac issue on Shirley Street. Using AFD at this time. 97 is also on the scene. Subject being transported to MGH.

Party on Trident Avenue reports that her other used her identity to accrue $1,876. worth of services from Verizon. She has reported this to Verizon, and they will investigate.

Calling party states that a man driving a dirty bike is flying up and down Tafts Avenue, towards Deer Island. States that he was traveling at a high rate of speed the few times he passed by. Area is quiet, no dirt bike activity. Will monitor the area for a while.


Thursday, Aug. 10

Caller from Governors Park states that his neighbor is making too much noise and walking around too much. Police report loud unit in question advised the occupant to keep it down, and that there would be action taken if the police had to return tonight to the residence.

Party on Atlantic Street states that she wanted her ex-husband removed. There was a language barrier. The ex was sitting outside in a motor vehicle. Party left prior to police’s arrival. Mother is going to come into the station to file a report.

Party on Orlando Avenue wanted to remain unknown but stated a vehicle was parked there for approximately three to four weeks. Vehicle is being placed on the 72-hour list and it does have an expired resident parking sticker.

Party came to the station to report an ongoing pattern of harassment from a former friend. Party requests this incident be documented in the event the harassment continues, and she needs to obtain a harassment order from the court.

Report of a seagull with a broken wing on Veterans Road. ACO has seagull on board and heading to Boston to Animal Rescue League.

Report of a raccoon walking around Trident Avenue possibly injured. ACO checked the area and surrounding street with no raccoon in sight.

911 hangup from Kennedy Road. Turned out to be an argument between boyfriend and girlfriend. Boyfriend left for the afternoon; female was advised of her rights.

Manager of property at Winthrop and Jefferson streets states there is a motor vehicle parked in his lot, and will meet police there. Turned out to be a dispute between two tenants regarding parking. They have been advised of their rights and will speak to the manager regarding this issue.

92 reports another vehicle rear ended hers at Pleasant and Pauline streets. 976 also on the scene. Fire and EMS notified along with G&J. One vehicle towed, and street is now lear and opened.

On Buchanan Street, there is a small, black car with all the doors open and also the trunk. Female operator is on the sidewalk, possibly stumbling around. Nothing showing when police arrived.

Motor vehicle accident at Veterans Road. On scene with fire and medical. G&J notified. National Grid also on the scene.

Vehicle with three individuals parked at Hanford Park. All three were sent on their way.

Boston Emergency Services called and asked us to do a well-being check on an individual on Sunset Road that called them to do a psych evaluation. Medical was requested for an evaluation.

Report of a dog locked inside a vehicle on Cutler Street. Officer stated he made contact with the owner of vehicle with temporary parking pass. There was a small dog in the vehicle. Windows were down a little. ACO is on the scene, and will take possession of dog.


Friday, Aug. 11

Possum in the middle of Winthrop and Pleasant streets. DPW notified, and they will pick up the dead possum.

Assisted Chelsea PD with services on Veterans Road.

Party called and stated that at the Winthrop Marketplace, an elderly female was being assisted by two citizens. Nothing showing, no elderly female needs assistance.

White male on Brewster Avenue running up and down the seawall. Area search negative, but located car at top of Otis Street. Units have visual of male party near the shore line. Officer took keys out of vehicle in case party tries to flee. Units request medical. Subject sent to the Whidden.

Calling party at Belle Isle Seafood states an apparently drunk female trying to get into motor vehicle and leave. Police requesting a ride from local taxi. Unable to get a taxi at this time, 94 will transport female home.

93 off with two parties at Halford Beach. Two parties were sent on their way.

Motor vehicle stop at the entrance to the Landing. Citation issued for uninsured and unregistered and unlicensed. Plates taken and motor vehicle towed.


Saturday, Aug. 12

Motor-vehicle accident into a wall on Shirley Street. Fire en route. Citation issued to driver in hand for reckless driving to endanger.

Injured duck with two broken legs on Main Street. Clear, duck took off prior to officer’s arrival.

Party came to the station to report that a couple of youths were bothering her in the neighborhood of Pond Street last night. Party was advised to call the police next time it happened, and the police will speak to the youths.

Motor vehicle stop on River Road. G&J notified and they towed the vehicle. Officer will be giving female party a courtesy ride to Magee’s Corner.

Revere PD called and stated a vehicle fled the scene of an accident. Officer will go by Douglas Street to see if the vehicle is there. Officer reports no vehicle matching the description in that area at this time. Will check again later.

Officer spoke with the registered owner who knows who was driving the vehicle but does to want to cooperate. Officer also observed front end damage to the vehicle. Will update the Revere PD officer who took the report.

Calling party states a silver car has teenager in it, and they are driving erratically at Magee’s Corner. Calling party stated the driver made a rude hand-gesture to her. BOLO given to all units. Caller reports the vehicle from the BOLO is parked at the Winthrop Street extension. Officers checked the vehicle but it was a different registration, not the vehicle from the BOLO. 92 will go by the registered owner’s address. Officer spoke to the owner and advised him of the call. The operator, son, was also home and father had a stern talk with him in regards to safe driving.

Party on Walden Street states there are a group of approximately eight youths being loud. They are yelling and screaming. Two jumped into a cab. Area search negative.

Caller on Buchanan Street reports the house across the street has had an alarm going off all day. States that the residents’ car hasn’t moved and the mail has not been picked up. Officer spoke to neighbor who called the homeowners. They are away. WFD responding to investigate the alarm.

Walk-in from Grovers Avenue. Female party wants a well being check on her husband. Medical aid requested. WFD and EMS responding. 50 year old male to the Whidden voluntarily. Reporting party changed her mind about the ERO when she was at the station. Officer advised her to return at any time if she changes her mind.


Sunday, Aug. 13

Caller states that there is a house on Girdletone Road that is doing construction work. Officer advised crew that they cannot do work on Sundays. Crew will be leaving.

Assist fire with moving a vehicle that is blocking passage on Shore Drive and Cutler Street. Vehicle was towed by G&J.

Caller on Cliff Avenue states four vehicles parked on wrong side of the street. Three parking tickets issued.

Well being check on female party on Hermon Street. 58 year old female who called multiple times in regards to her boyfriend getting transported to a hospital. Dispatch has no transport today. Female sounds confused and possibly very intoxicated. Officer spoke with landlord. There was nobody in the house and the landlord states that the male that lives there is in Dedham watching some dogs for his friend.

Two car motor vehicle accident at Coughlin Park. No injuries. Caller believes the other driver may have been smoking weed. All parties stated they are fine and do not need medical aid.

Motor vehicle accident at Fremont and Buchanan Street. A truck rammed into a tree and possibly a power line. Medical aid/fire enroute as well as police. G&J towed the vehicle. Male party declined medical and is in custody for disorderly conduct, carrying a dangerous weapon and possession of Class B drug.

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