Thank You, Russ Sanford

Russ Sanford, who currently is the President of the Town Council (having succeeded Bob Driscoll Jr., who stepped down as president recently), has announced that he too, will be leaving the Council after serving for the past 12 years since its inception when residents adopted the new Town Charter.

Russ was a steady and calming influence on the council. He always was looking out for the best interests of his constituents in his precinct and standing tall for business owners.

He was a visible and supportive presence in all manners of town and civic endeavors along with his wife, Suzanne. Russ was a regular at many town events, such as the recent Chamber of Commerce Pot O’ Gold Dinner, where he sat at the table with popular business owner Paul Leavy.

Russ did his homework and spoke from the heart, wanting to do what was best for the entire town. He has been an integral force during a period of outstanding growth and positive developments under the leadership of Town Manager James McKenna and carried forth by Town Council presidents Thomas Reilly, Jeff Turco, Peter Gill, and Bob Driscoll.

Russ truly has made a difference in our community since making Winthrop his home. His dedication to his fellow residents in Precinct 5 and love of this town have been evident throughout his tenure during the infancy of our new town charter, which completely altered our form of town government that had been in existence for the previous 154 years.

Those of us who watched Russell grow up in an outstanding Chelsea family know that he hasn’t changed from the congenial and respectful young man he was in his formative years when he was so well-respected and admired by his peers at Chelsea High School.

It’s been a hectic time in our town’s history, with Bob Driscoll Jr. deciding to step down, James McKenna announcing that he will leave Winthrop, and Superintendent of Schools John Macero heading to Stoneham — and now Russ Sanford deciding to step down and not to pursue a full term as council president.

We wish Russ well as he winds down his final months in office and we know we join with all of our fellow residents in thanking him for his outstanding contributions to the betterment of Winthrop in countless ways.

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