Police Blotter 06-29-2017

Monday, June 19

Report of loud music and party on the corner of Revere and Hutchinson Street. Officer spoke to both parties. Peace restored.

Assisted fire with lockout on Veterans Road. Party was let back into the house.

Fire and EMS requested police for individual on Veterans Road. Unit stated the individual is typically uncooperative. However, he was fine today.

Party called into dispatch wanting to file a report of a hit and run into his property on Shore Drive with property damage. He states that his deck was damaged. He is out of town but wanted to call this incident in. When he arrives back into town, he will go to police and file a report.

Reporting party wants to report suspicious activity at the Cummings School. Stated a male party was on the premises and was pacing back and forth. The male party has since left the scene. She stated she did not have a good description of the male, but does have him on camera. She wants to make a report.

Report of a raccoon in a trash barrel on Lowell Road. Unit stated they have two babies that were removed.

An unwanted party on Locust Street. While on the phone, reporting party was yelling to stop breaking stuff. All units are standing by for a ruling by DCF in regards to parents and child leaving. “Unit stated she is on the phone with DCF. Parents of the child have left. The child is remaining with the grandparents. They have been advised to contact probate.

Unit stated warrant of apprehension of two individuals on Tewksbury Street. Unit 93 will be transporting one to East Boston District Court. Unit 92 will be transporting the other individual.

Caller on Plummer Avenue reports two little white dogs running around the street. ACO located the dogs and has them back with their owner. They had to deal with a speech barrier at this time with the owners. They were able to get a female member to translate. ACO advised them of what happened and they will remedy the situation.

Party on Woodside Avenue reports there is a woman passed out in a gray vehicle. Unit reports woman just came from doctors and is waiting for a prescription to be filled. She is okay.

Report of an unwanted guest on Court Road. Individual has been trespassed from the area and will be transported to the station to make a repo9rt. He then will be picked up by a parent to be removed from the town.

Reporting party was doing some work inside the apartment for an elderly woman on Veterans Road. A neighbor told him the young man inside was not supposed to e there. While packing up his tools, the young man was getting aggressive. He was scared for her safety. Unit responded and spoke with the female party. She was doing well. And the young main was no longer there.

Caller on Trident Avenue states that another resident has made simple threats.


Tuesday, June 20

Female on Dolphin Avenue making Q5 statements walking down the street with her son. 91 and 93 responded and have subject on Shore Drive. Subject is okay. Trying to obtain bus fare for her.

Caller on Cross Street states that in the vicinity of the little league baseball field, there is red vehicle taking up three parking spots. 92 states he has already spoken to the caller concerning the parking complaint there. There are no ballgames going on at this time.

Party on Pleasant Street came into the station to report that her credit card was hacked and used to order items from Best Buy in Boca Raton, Florida.

Sgt. Feeley, 97 and K9 off with units on a foot pursuit on Marshall Street. The subject was apprehended. He will be transported to the hospital with a pink slip. The subject was combative.

Elderly party on Beal Street was scammed over the phone. He gave out $6,000 in gift cards. People told him that his son was under arrest and needed the money right away. Reporting party is his daughter who lives in Florida.

Report of a family of raccoons living inside a garage on Shirley Street.

Report of a black male wearing black gloves in the vicinity of Buchanan and Putnam Street. 91 responding with units. He reports he spoke with the subject and he is working on a property that is being rehabbed.

Attempt to serve immediate threat notice from the RMV to subject at Governors Park. Paperwork was served in hand.

Female came in to report that she believes that someone may be tampering with her mail. She was given the information to contact the postal police for any of her concerns.

Elderly female stated a white male party with a beard only has his underwear on with no pants inside the Showcase Laundromat. She feels very uncomfortable. Officer requests EMS, WFD and Action to respond. Male voluntarily to MGH.

Caller on River Road concerned about neighbor who lives behind him. He does not know his name but spoke with him over a month ago about putting up a fence and has not seen him since. There is however, someone in the neighbor’s house. He also stated that his neighbor would let his dog out on a daily basis and he hasn’t seen the dog as well. Caller states there is someone currently home. He believes it is a female. Wants to make sure everything is okay. No answer at the door.

Off with two individuals in Hannaford Park. The parties were advised of the park hours.


Wednesday, June 21

Report of yelling in the circle by Faun Bar Avenue. One in a car and one out of the car. Possible intoxication. Trying to arrange a ride for the two parties. Taxi enroute standing by. They were picked up by Winthrop Taxi.

Caller on Siren Street states she is in fear and of someone who may be returning soon to her residence. 92 and 93 responded and report they spoke to the caller and advised her of her rights. They will have the peer recovery officer and coaches follow up with her.

A boy located at the A Field stated that two male parties tried to pick him up. One black, one white. Driving a white vehicle. No further information. 92 reports he took a statement from subject and he provided a ride home for him. Officer also spoke to the mom.

Caller at Lincoln and Brookfield Road reports a female, autistic, dirty blond hair, roaming around the area. Caller also stated that subject has been known to wander off occasionally. 93 went to girl’s parents. Mother is on her way to meet police with her daughter.

Party on North Avenue reports that person or persons unknown threw two bricks throu9gh the hatchback window of his vehicle breaking the windows and damaging the hatchback. He believes the culprit may be an acquaintance of his son.

Caller from Governors Park reports that his neighbor threatened to beat him up. He wishes to speak to an officer. 93 states he spoke to both parties and both parties have been advised of their rights. Peace seems to be restored.

Caller wants a well-being check on his friend who he says is suicidal. His friend lives on Golden Drive and is intoxicated. 94 responded. Subject is fine and needed time alone. He had received bad news about a dear friend.

Party on Marshall Street reports that some time last night a person or persons unknown ripped his American flag from the rear window of his vehicle. He later found it 20 or 30 feet away from his parking spot.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that someone broke into her house while she was away. Unit reports previous forced entry by WFD for a well being check probably caused the larceny issue.


Thursday, June 22

Two indivudals were advised that Hannaford Park was closed and sent them on their way.

Kids on Shore Drive are being loud with music and 94c activity. Spoke with a group of five from East Boston. No 94c violation but they were advised to leave the area.

Follow-up investigation at Showcase Laundromat.

Party reports being harassed by a grocery store employee on Shirley Street. She spoke to him several times and asked him to stop, but he refused. Both parties were spoken to and were advised of their rights.

Female party retrieving items from Locust Street location. Peace was kept as she retrieved her belongings.

Female’s nephew locked her bedroom door on Cliff Avenue and she cannot get out. Officer has gained entry. Officer reports female party and two year old are okay.

Party on Maple Road reports a very loud noise and disturbance. Unit reports no domestic. This is an ongoing issue with tenants and landlord. Roommate was trying to wake the other party up.

Caller on Buchanan Street reports that he believes that his roommate stole his watch. This is ongoing issue.

Calling party on Siren Street would like to speak to an officer about an ongoing issue with a male party. He was told to call police when this party acts up. Units spoke with the calling party and the subject in question. They were advised of their rights and were told to stay away from each other. This is an ongoing issue with these parties.

Assisted medical on Yirrell Beach. One to MGH.

Five to six youths playing a stereo too loud on Grovers Avenue. Three youths were out enjoying the night. Officer states they were no trouble. Peace was restored.

Motor vehicle stop on Temple Avenue. Citation issued for numerous violations.

Assisted medical on Revere Street. One transported to MGH.

Disturbance with neighbor on Revere Street. Party put out items to be taken by anyone who wanted them and the neighbor ripped it all apart and put it back on the caller’s lawn.

Caller on Oceanview Street stated that someone smashed their back windshield to their vehicle.

Reporting party stated that she believes that someone is breaking into the home on Shirley Street. They are in the house. Party also stated that she knows the person who broke into her house and knows her name. Caller wants to remain anonymous. Unit spoke with the party who was in this apartment. Party sated she forget her friend’s pass code and was trying to open the window. She did speak with her friend who is away and got the right code. Everything is all set.

Female party stumbling on Revere Street. Unit spoke with the party. She has an issue with her leg and is waiting for the bus.

Assisted fire with male party extremely drunk on Veterans Road. One 71-year-old male voluntarily to the Whidden for an evaluation.

Report of a large party with loud music on Winthrop Street. Unit reports a group of adults and talked to them about keeping it down.

Caller states there are many people behind the water tower being loud and drinking. Units cleared the parties out. Peace restored.


Saturday, June 24

Party came to the station requesting we assist her with locating her daughter who went out sailing with some friend from the CPYC. Party had no information on the sailing vessel. Officers found the party and she is safe and sound.

Reporting party on Coral Avenue stated that her brother’s ex-girlfriend keeps coming to his house and harassing him. Officer spoke with the reporting party and stated that his sis the second instance of harassment. Officer will check the area to try to locate the female in question and speak with her.

Female fell off the docks on Pleasant Street and hit the rocks. She is now in the water and unresponsive. Unit reports she is conscious and alert. Medical rendered and female party transported to the hospital.

Sent two individuals out of the water tower area.


Sunday, June 25

Caller on North Avenue states a very loud party going on.

Motor vehicle accident at Governors Park. No injuries but woman feels intimated. Male cited for failure to keep to the right and disorderly conduct.

Party on Harbor View Avenue reports that someone stole her bag that contained her4 car keys, debit card and phone. Caller called back before we could dispatch to say that she found her items.

Party on Faun Bar Avenue reports that he came home to find two dogs locked in the bathroom and that was not how she left her house.  It could possibly be the landlord entering her residence with no notice. Units went to landlord to speak with him personally regarding this issue.

Report of a white man stumbling in the vicinity of Lucky Garden. Nothing showing.

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