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The Fight for Public Schools

To the editor:

As a graduate of Winthrop public schools and a member of the Winthrop School Committee, I believe in our public education system, and I will always do my part to help strengthen it. On May 20, I’ll be in Boston with thousands of parents, educators, and students to stand up for public education in our state.

Last November, voters defeated Question 2 and made clear we want public dollars for public schools. Now, we’re building a movement for full and fair funding for public education and debt-free public college.

Equitable funding is so important to our public schools. Without it, Winthrop students miss out on incredibly valuable educational opportunities. Things like smaller class sizes, technology in the classroom, well-equipped science labs, and excellent foreign language instruction are out of reach. This is especially unfair to our low-income students, who don’t have access to enriching activities outside of school.

At the same time, state funding for higher education has been cut, and more of the financial burden falls on students of my generation, driving them into student loan debt. The high cost of public higher education is holding back our economy, keeping young adults from starting small businesses, buying homes, and building financially secure futures.

Our strong public schools and top-notch public universities are pathways to greatness for students. They’re also economic engines, making ours a state that attracts international businesses and investment, from biotech to finance. But we have to do more to ensure all students have access to both a well-resourced public school and a debt-free option for higher education.

Together, we can ensure that public education is strengthened and fully funded. I urge readers to join us on May 20 at the Rally for Public Education.

Valentino Capobianco

Winthrop, MA


WCAT temporarily offline

Dear Editor:

On Saturday, May 13th, WCAT became victim of a cyber-attack, which left our channels 3 and 22 playback server, and bulletin board server inoperable. We have sent both servers back to the manufacturer to be repaired and are patiently waiting for their return. Unfortunately, without these servers there are no programs or notices available to our viewers. We apologize for this inconvenience and hope to be back on the air soon. In the meantime, our devoted volunteers are still producing great programs and we are still posting them to our YouTube channel, WCAT WINTHROP. Please visit us there or on Facebook or wcat-tv.org. Thank you for your patience and support. We look forward to getting back to serving our community.


Mike Cabral

Executive Director, WCAT  

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