Police Blotter 05-18-2017

Monday, May 8

Report of an injured raccoon on Paine Street. It was removed.

Party came to the station to report that he had just left Cumberland Farms after running into a tenant of his which he is in the process of evicting. Party showed text messages from said tenant accusing the caller of putting his hands on her and harassing her while in the store. (“You keep it up and if you ever touch me again. And by the way, there are cameras i there! Next I’m getting a restraining order.”) Party denies he had ever placed his hands on her and that would be proved by the TV cameras. He would like this noted in the journal.

Caller on Sea Foam Avenue states a white Jeep up on the sidewalk. It is a contractor working next door. She contacted the company to move the vehicle and it has not been moved. 93 reports vehicle moved off the sidewalk.

Attempt to serve warrant of apprehension on Tewksbury Street. Unable to locate the subject.

Party on Temple Avenue called to say that she is not in her apartment and the landlord is in the apartment and he did not notify her. Tenant is in the process of moving. Landlord got key and entered into her apartment without her permission. It was a misunderstanding. Landlord had to go in with repair man to show him work that has to be done. They left and secured the place. 93 will try to inform the landlord to let the tenant know when he enters her apartment in the future.

Constable is working with National Grid in Winthrop. Going to three addresses to shut off the gas. Governors Park, Trident Avenue and Winthrop Shore Drive.

Caller on Locust Street stated that two motor vehicles with Maine plates pulled up yesterday morning with suitcases and got into an Uber. One car pulled into the driveway and the other is on the street with a placard in the window. Dispatcher Casoli spoke to parking clerk about out of state vehicles with placards. They can be parked for three consecutive nights or 3 nights over a 14 day period. Any questions, call parking clerk’s office.

Report of a potential fight on Main Street. Nothing showing.

Black male grey hoodie in the area of Sea Foam and Trident Avenue asking people if they want their laptops and cell phones fixed. Area search negative. Units believe it is a party they’ve dealt with before.

Party at Governors Park states that when he came home today he noticed things were missing from his apartment. It is possible the door was left unlocked but would like a unit to come by.

Caller on Edwards Street called about a past breaking and entering which took place at her residence last Thursday. Party reports she was punched in the face by another resident of the complex.

A boyfriend called stating that his girlfriend just called him and stated she was going to kill herself via the Tobin Bridge. He would like to see if she is home. Boyfriend called back stating it is not an emergency about a possible person jumping off of the Tobin Bridge. The girlfriend called him back stating she is at her friend’s house and she is not on the bridge right now. He thought she was on the bridge and she stated she was going to leave. He got her friend’s name and information to send a unit by. Officer spoke to the friend’s family and they said they haven’t seen or heard from her all day and she is not at that residence. Called the boyfriend back and he is now saying she is at her home address and that she spoke with police which is a negative. A BOLO has been put out on Bapern Central for the female party. Medical requested for an evaluation. After speaking with her and medical, she’s been medically cleared. A call back to the boyfriend revealed that the female subject did not make a statement about the Tobin Bridge tonight. That statement was made sometime in the past. Not tonight. Boyfriend stated that she said she was leaving and also giving her dog away. He was just upset about the breakup.


Tuesday, May 9

Caller on Court Road states there is a loose dog. Large short haired brown dog. ACO check area.

Motor vehicle stop on Buchanan Street. Verbal one way violation. Party states he was lost.

Caller on Bowdoin Street states a brown Jeep has been parked for approximately one week. Caller states car has no resident sticker or visitor pass on it. It has not been ticketed. Caller’s concern is that it may be stolen/abandoned. 92 states the vehicle is legally parked.

Calling party on Shore Drive states she is cleaning out a house due to a fire. She found a box of ammunition and would like to dispose of them. The ammunition was retrieved by an officer.

Attempted to serve court process on subject on Pleasant Street. Off. Farina reports paperwork served in hand.

Unit attempted to serve court papers to subject on Bellevue Avenue and was unable to make contact. A note was left in the mailbox.

Calling party on Temple Avenue states that her landlord is going to remove her property from the apartment she is moving out of and place it in the back yard. OIC spoke to the landlord and advised him the proper way to proceed in this matter. Tenant advised to remove the remainder of her belongings today. It is a civil matter, no police services required.

Party came to the station to report a possible violation of an active 209 by means of a third party.

Party came to the station with what appeared to be a check drawn on an out of state bank for payment of rent for a foreign student that she advertised to host. The check was a much greater amount that the agreed upon rent. With the check came instructions to send the difference back to the sender and the means in which to do it. Party realized it was a scam to get funds from her.


Wednesday, May 10

Courtesy ride Main Street to Mermaid Avenue. Unit off on Mermaid Avenue and he will be speaking with parents to make sure he’s okay. Unit spoke with individual’s brother.

Calling party on Shirley Street states that she is recuperating from surgery and is being disturbed by children running around in the apartment above. Calling party states that the landlord does not want to get involved and she was advised to call the police by the landlord. We spoke with both parties. The woman above ha two small children and claims it is just them walking around on the hardwood floor. Calling party will contact the landlord.

Report of a possible rabid possum on sidewalk on Main Street. Party called and was concerned because school is getting out. Animal was retrieved and will be properly disposed of.

East Boston ADA called to ask if we could do a well being check on party on Summit Avenue. W91 went by and she is okay. This was in regards to party’s son. We were given three addresses and he is at none of them. We also called the phone numbers mother gave us that we had on file and what the Everett PD gave us from dealing with him in 2012. One was out of service and the other went to an elderly lady. We could not obtain a phone number for the son. The PM and AM shifts will be informed to check her house during the night.

Caller stated that construction is over on Adams Street but detour sign is still up. A traffic issue as cars are going the wrong way up Williams Street. The sign has been removed.

Party came to the station to pick up items being held by 941 that were  being held as a result of a court order.

Male party came in to report that he was informed that his daughter’s ex-boyfriend had threatened her.

Officer requesting a well being check for female party on Summit Avenue who stated she was in fear earlier in the day. Party is well.

Calling party states a large group arguing looking to fight at Governors Park. Large group of kids being rowdy. Some live in the area and some do not.

One subject from Grandview Avenue to the Whidden. Overdose of 25 year old male.


Thursday, May 11

Reporting party stated they received a tip tonight. They requested a well being check on a female party on Bellevue Avenue. They were told she has a history of substance abuse and she is pregnant and has a child living in the home. Unit stated they spoke with the female party. She and the children are fine. Reporting party at agency was notified of the status.

Calling party states a few people on upper level of garage being loud on Pond Street. They also stated that it is private property. Unit stated they will be clear.

Man down on Veterans Road. Possible drunk. Medical enroute. Male party signed a refusal and is going with his brother back to apartment.

Officer gave citation for handicapped parking violation at Winthrop Yacht Club.

Assist fire with gas on George Street. Entered second floor apartment. Getting no answer. Strong odor of gas in apartment.

Calling party on Pleasant Street states a disturbance regarding a boat. 91 reports due to size of boat, party was changing location to the Public Landing.

Couple on Sunset Road came in to report that they will be away and are concerned about their downstair tenant who had her tenancy terminated since April but can still be heard downstairs. They would like us to keep an eye out on the property in case she decides to cause damage to their home.

Board of Probation would like us to check a bracelet on subject on Summit Avenue. Spoke with the individual and the bracelet is secure at this time. The individual did speak to probation as well.

Trespass tow by Todisco Towing for vehicle on Sagamore Avenue.


Friday, May 12

Calling party on Grandview Avenue states that there is a silver car and there is someone sitting in it for about an hour now. He said they are not from this neighborhood. Unit states only silver vehicle in the vicinity has no occupants.

Reporting party on Brookfield Road stating there is a woman trying to break into his house. Party stated she is in the hallway and he locked his doors. There is an ongoing issue with this woman. Party left before units arrived. They are very familiar with this woman and are going to attempt to locate her at her residence. Units requested medical for an evaluation. Unit states they made contact with this party and she will be transported to the Whidden Hospital.

Wires down on Beacon Circle. Fire arrived to take care of the situation.

Fight going on between woman and man on Crystal Cove Avenue. Calling party states a woman screaming no, no. She is not sure exactly where fight is coming from. Units checked the area and streets nearby and spoke to multiple parties from all areas as well the calling party. It might have been kids playing on a porch on a street nearby. Nothing showing.

Caller states an older white male was looking in a garage. Caller states that he does not live on the street. Male party is walking on other properties now heading towards Shirley Street from Seafoam Avenue. Units checked all areas and spoke to individual doing work on Seafood and they said that they did not see that individual.

Proprietors of the Hong Kong Restaurant came into the station to report that someone created checks that appear authentic and crashed several of them in Cambridge and the Boston area. They presented a copy of a check in the amount of $1,250.

Reporting party will meet police in front of school on Kennedy Road. While walking his dog on the DPW access road, he found some bones in the bushes. Not sure if they are animal or human. Bones appear to be from a deer that was related to a previous call in the week. Officer will contact DPW to get them removed from the area.

Caller states to the left of the tennis courts at Governors Park, a large group making noise and disturbing the peace. Units spoke to a couple of individuals and they were very cooperative. They were going to clear it up for the night.


Saturday, May 13

Caller on Woodside Avenue stated that loud yelling (partying) comp from outside. Caller stated it is coming from the Blackstrap now. Unit states they are closing up for the evening and they will stay in the area for a few while it clears out. Unit state that the area is cleared out now.

State Police requesting a notification for a male party on Shirley Street to call the Revere barracks. Police were able to make the notification and the party was instructed to contact the Revere State Police barracks. State Police were updated regarding the notification.

Female party called to state that her boyfriend had gone to a concert in Cambridge last night alone and she has not heard from him since 10 p.m. last night. She is worried for his well being. She was advised to come to the station to file a missing person report. Cambridge Police has nothing in-house for this party.

Male party, 20’s, acting auspices at Read and Lincoln Street. Goes from laying down to standing. He is bothering people walking by. Currently walking in circles. Appears agitated. Nothing showing at this time.

Party stated two male parties outside on Read and Lincoln Street pacing back and forth. Thinks it is a 94C activity. Duplicate call.

Walk-in report that he lost his wallet in a LYFT that he took from Boston to Medford and then to Winthrop. He was dropped off in Winthrop after a concert. He has a flight Sunday morning heading back to TN and no IDs, CC, and cash. He has called LYFT about this situation. All forms of identification and cash are gone. We called Boston PD to see if anything was turned in with nothing located. He will take dispatch log entry and head to airport today to let them know what has happened and start a process with them to try to get on the flight Sunday.

Motor vehicle accident at Winthrop and Centre Street. No damage to vehicles.

Follow-up investigation on Atlantic Street. Officer spoke with the subject.

Follow-up investigation on Wilshire Street. Officer spoke with the subject.

Follow-up investigation on Winthrop Street. Officer spoke to party and got information needed.

Another follow-up investigation on Shore Drive. Unit was able to speak to the neighbor and information was transferred.

19 year old struck by motor vehicle on Shirley Street, with injuries. Unit will be blocking off Shirley at Perkins. Party states it was a forest green or dark green Jeep Cherokee with no doors and possible hood damage. Party refused medical at this time. A BOLO was put out for vehicle.

Calling party states a dirty needle in Coughlin Park near picnic ta bless. Party will be meeting unit to point out location of the needle. Unit removed item from park.

Kids riding ATVs in the marsh at Morton and Pleasant Park Road. Unit states he spoke to the two parties involved and they were truthful with everything and were advised if called again their vehicles will be towed.


Sunday, May 14

Motor vehicle accident on Crest Avenue. Officer requested medical. Two requested. Winthrop Taxi called. Unit states two parties involved refused medical and went home.

Party on Pleasant Street called and stated that his vehicle was broken into last night and a wallet was stolen out of it. Car appears to have been left unlocked. No obvious signs of break and the alarm did not go off, but his wallet is missing.

Male on Beacon Street attempted to harm himself with a knife. Knife removed by family. Male party transported for an evaluation. No harm done.

Suspicious vehicle at the Public Landing facing Shirley Street with front end damage. Also an expired inspection sticker. Will check with the harbormaster in the morning about what they want to do with that vehicle because it has been there for some time.

Party on Shirley Street came in asking about a court date for an incident in which he was a victim in August of 2016. He also states the youths involved that court date keep knocking his external security cam askew. He will contact the court officer about the process of the court date.

Caller on Shirley Street states that the apartment above her has kids running around making noise waking her kids up. It has been an ongoing issue. If police need to speak to the caller, please call her and do not knock on her door as she is trying to get her kids to sleep. Landlord/tenant dispute. Calling party does not want to speak with police on her own. Unit on the scene states it is quiet now and it is just little kids walking around the apartment.

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