Police Blotter 11-03-2016

Monday, October 24

Caller on Court Road states that her husband fell and needs assistance.

Woman on Revere Street reported a hit ad run and a neighbor witnessed it.

Party on Sagamore Avenue reports that her husband is having chest pains. EMS responded.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that someone is outside on the property and does not belong there. Units report he is there with the permission of another resident. Units clear.

East Boston Neighborhood Health reports a patient choking. EMS responded.

Caller on Shirley Street reports a Spanish white male, grey hoodie walking up and down the street and occasionally staring at her home. Officer spoke to the subject who was from Framingham. He stated he came to watch the airplanes. Officer reports no crime involved.

Upset caller on Walden Street states that somebody came onto his property and stole his Trump sign. The caller was disheartened that people cannot disagree politically and respect each other’s rights.

Caller reports he observed a thin, medium height Asian male in his 20s attempting to break through the lock at the ATM with a knife at the Citizen’s Bank. Officers report the ATM is out of service and no apparent damage to the machine. They are unable to tell if someone was trying to open it. Area search for the subject produced no one fitting the description.

Party at Payson and Central Street reports two suspicious black suitcases on the sidewalk since last night. Officer reports two empty suitcases and a hand vacuum left on the sidewalk.

Tuesday, October 25

Party on Shirley Street reports seeing a naked man dancing around in the upstairs apartment as well as flames from a fire. Officers report speaking with the male subject who was partially dressed after a shower. The flame was a candle that was burning. The subject was advised to stay away from the windows if he is going to dance around his apartment half naked.

Caller on Revere Street is requesting EMS for a medical problem. WFD and EMS notified and will transport male patient.

Party reports a minor crash at Main and Hermon Street. 9Atlantis Marina Condos. Fire notified. Unit reports baby breathing and conscious. The baby was transported to Children’s Hospital.

Party called to report that she lost her HP placard that is issued to her. The last tie she used it was yesterday at the CVS in the parking lot in the rear. She checked with the credit union and CVS today to no avail. The caller will wait a few days to see if someone turns it in.

Party came in to the state to report receiving threatening text messages and hone calls from an unknown number.

Party on Shirley Street came to the station to report harassment by a neighbor.

W92 officer spoke with other party involved in previous incident. Unit reports party will stay away and not speak with subject again.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports that her grandmother has dementia and is violent and would like an ambulance.

Trespass tow at Governors Park.

Caller from Lincoln Street reports a motor vehicle with a male and female in it acting i a suspicious manner. Possibly smoking and drinking. Units located the vehicle. Parties were waiting for a friend who was working on Lincoln Street. This was confirmed with the homeowner. Parties moved the vehicle to a legal parking spot to wait.

Party on Pearl Avenue requesting an ambulance to transport his brother to MGH. EMS notified.

Female reports a deer at Short Beach. ACO reports Bambi not around. Must have run off with a few bucks!!

Elderly female on Overlook Drive reports noisy apartment. 94 reports friends will keep it down. Just loud talking.

Caller reports being followed by a male in a pick-up who is displaying road rage on Pauline Street. Unit located both parties.

Officer reports clearing motor vehicle and its occupants out of Hanford Park.

Vehicle was repossessed by JMAC Distribution from Governors Park.

Wednesday October 26

Party on Foam Street reports two people just parked in front of her house which is a private way. She said the vehicle has CT plates and beers in the back of it. She does not know where the occupants went. Calling party reports the vehicle has since left the street. Officer checked out the area to no avail.

Female party reports a motor vehicle crash at the intersection of Highland and Revere Street. Officer reports the vehicle struck an electrical box on the sidewalk. The female driver suddenly took off on foot according to a witness. WFD was contacted, EMS and National Grid. The traffic box is the responsibility of the town. Detail officer was authorized for public safety. Traffic lights are out in the intersection. W92 reports locating the female subject on Revere Street. He is requesting EMS to check her out for injuries. Party was checked out but refused transport to a hospital. G&J arrived to tow the subject vehicle. A wallet belonging to the party was found inside the vehicle on the passenger’s side and personal papers were found inside the vehicle on the passenger side floor. Officer brought the wallet in for safekeeping.

Detail officer 931 report the lights at Crest and Revere Street are back up and operating. The function of the camera is unknown at this time.

Constable came in with a list of power shut offs.

Party came in to the station stating a local pharmacy shorted her on her prescriptions (oxycodone and Klonopin’s) on Oct. 25. The party was informed if this happens again, she needs to come in the day of. She was also advised to count the pills in front of the pharmacist. Off. Raccoon assisted the party at the pharmacy and the situation was resolved between the customer and pharmacist.

Party came in to report a minor motor vehicle accident down at the Landing. W92 reports minor damage and all paperwork was exchanged.

Female party at the Arbors stated that they have terminated employment with a male party. He is now harassing the staff.

Caller reports that a patient has missed a few appointments and is unable to reach him. Requests a well being on Pearl Avenue. Officer reports no answer, requesting WFD for forced entry. WFD forced entry and unable to find anyone in the home.

Party reports that the walk/don’s walk sign is not functioning properly at Crest and Revere Street and she is concerned for the safety of her grandchildren who utilize it when coming from school. The caller was advised it would be reported to DPW to check out the problem.

Caller reports that she was driving on Crest Avenue and observed a group of kids torturing a turkey. Units advised and will BOLO for the turkey. The units report the area is clear, no kids and turkey is not in the area.

Party states that he observed what appeared to be an intoxicated male walking along Pleasant Street and is now on the beach. W92 located the subject and reports he is fine and is walking in a deliberate manner to try to find his keys.

Female party reports that her motor vehicle was struck by another while parked in the vicinity of Locust Street. Officer reports vehicle was damaged sometime between 5 p.m. and 6:30 a.m. The driver’s side rear door sustained damage. She was advised to file a report a to contact her insurance agency.

Caller on Walden Street states he sees an individual trying to get into cars. Units 92 and 94 respond and reportedly walked the parking lot and curled the perimeter to no avail.

Party from Court Road came to the station to report that his former tenant has ben harassing him via phone calls over some property that was left behind by the tenant to go out for trash. He was advised of his rights.

An employee at Winthrop Market Place reports a big guy wearing a red jacket has been hanging around outside of the store and he believes he is drinking. Officers report speaking with the subject who was sent on his way back home. He was advised to leave the area.

WFD is requesting police assistance at Fort Heath Apartments. Officers report meeting up with them in the lobby area. EMS is all set and no service needed.

Thursday, October 27

W91 reports motor vehicle violation on Waldemar Avenue. Expired plates, G&J notified. Unit report G&J has the vehicle.

Party called to report that her mother at Fort Heath Apartments was not answering the phone and she knows there was a Lifeline activation last night. Call to fire indicated there was a transport last night and the daughter was notified.

Known caller from Worcester State Hospital called regarding business on Main Street was trying to hurt her. 942 called the hospital and spoke with a nurse who confirmed known party was the caller and stated they were fine and in no danger. Nurse stated they would speak with that party.

Caller on Atlantic Street states that his neighbor called him and reports that his ex-wife is on the property removing items. Officer reports speaking to all involved parties. Female was allowed to retrieve some belongings and sent out of the area.

Caller on Winthrop Street reports that she was assaulted by her landlord. The landlord walked into the lobby. Officer will speak with him.

Party on Sunnyside Avenue requested an ambulance for medical problem. Call transferred to EMS/WFD.

Party walked in to the lobby to report that his cell phone was stolen from the counter at Nick’s Place while he was in picking up his order. Nick’s was contacted and they have cameras. The reporting party will contact us with the time stamp from his receipt so we can narrow the time on the video.

Female came in to the station to report that she got off the Paul Revere bus at Delby’s Corner. She was walking towards Underhill Street and from behind someone ran up and stole her shoulder bag containing house keys, car keys, license, credit card iPhone, and $109 in cash.

Party from previous call called to report that Nick’s Place called him to report that they located his cell phone.

Friday, October 28

911 call from Sunset Road for a woman having chest pains and difficulty breathing. Transferred to WFD. 39 year old female transported to MGH.

Female walked into the station complaining of severe anxiety and requested medical. WFD notified. Female transport to MGH.

Dunkin Donuts detail officer on Main Street called and stated that in front of the coffee shop (roadway) was flooding due to the rain. Officer notified DPW and they are now on the scene.

Party on Franklin Street called of a tree branch that fell on her car. She took it off, but it needs to be removed. DPW notified.

Chief reports another tree branch down on Ocean View Street. DPW notified.

Caller on Revere Street reports that there has been a construction company working in the area. The company in question is not using the proper equipment in keeping the site safe and air quality clean. Unit will respond to speak with the company. Unit was not able to speak with anyone with the company as no one was on site at this time.

Party reports an activation on George Street but unable to get i touch with the client. W92 responded and was able to locate the resident who has no phone service and was unable to respond. Officers will try to assist the resident in resetting the device. The family was notified that there was a phone issue and they will contact the carrier. Also, due to the telephone, the alert may continue to activate.

Lifeline activation has occurred on George Street. 92 responded to the location.

Party on Winthrop Street came to the station to report being harassed by a female that lives in town. She and her husband will come in on Saturday to request charges.

Caller reported that he had an argument with his brother on Pleasant Street. His brother is not at the residence, and the caller is not requesting assistance at this time. However, the caller wanted the argument noted in case the situation with his brother continued at a later time. The caller was informed that if there were any further issues he could call us, and we would render any further assistance that he might need.

Larceny from a business on Putnam Street.

Saturday, October 29

Loud music and party reported on Winthrop Street. 94 Oyola and 91 Ramadani report a small group will quiet it down.

Calling party stated a house on Locust Street is being very loud with music playing and people out on the porch. 91 and 94 responded. Units report people were leaving while using Uber. Units will stand by until the area is clear.

Officer responded to the Quik Mart to check on the video they have to assist us in investigating the unarmed robbery the other night. Owner stated he must call the video company for the codes. Detectives should check on a later day.

Caller on Tafts Avenue reports that his wife is not feeling well and has low blood pressure.

Report of a sick/injured muskrat near Lewis Lake.

Male on Overlook Drive is in distress. WFD and 92 report one to MGH for an evaluation.

Motor vehicle was parked in the handicap parking spot without a plate/placard. A $300 parking ticket was issued at the 7-11 parking lot.

A vehicle was parked in the handicap parking spot without a placard/plate at the Winthrop Market Place. Operator was asked if he had a placard and he produced one (it was not attached to the mirror). When he was asked if it was his, he hesitated and said that it was his mother’s, however, she was not with hi. The operator was advised of the consequences on using the placard of a person who is not with him (i.e., $500 fine and loss of license). A $300 parking ticket was issued to the vehicle.

Caller on Perkins Street reports he smells and sees smoke. Transferred to fire.

Manager of the Cumberland Farms reports a male in a blue jacket is bothering people and asking for money. The manager asks we have the man leave the property. Officers had person leave the area.

Caller on Kennedy Road requests medical for the downstairs neighbor. He does not know what is wrong with him, just helped back to bed. Medical notified. Fire and medical report no services needed. Caller was just worried.

Calling party stated there is a large group of kids being loud at the corner of Bartlett and Seymour Avenue. 91 and 99 responded. Officers spoke to the homeowner who was having a party. Most of the kids have one home and the remaining have gone back for the night. Units cleared.

Male called and complained about a noisy house party at Almont and Cross Street. 94 and 92 report all quiet in the area.

91 reports being off with a parked vehicle on the corner of Crest and Shore Drive. NH registration comes back expired. G&J notified. Vehicle was towed and officer will citation to the owner.


Sunday, October 30

91 conducted a motor vehicle stop at Shore Drive and Beach Road. Different operator. Vehicle and driver both were  active. Operator issued a citation for speeding.

Calling party on Coral Avenue stated a group of approximately 50 ere in the yard being very loud. 91 92 and 94 responded. Officers spoke with the owner of the residence. He agreed to bring it indoors and quiet down.He stated he understood of what would take place if officers had to return. Peace was restored.

Caller reports a very friendly dog walked into his yard (pit bull) at Hutchinson and Crest Avenue. No collar or tags. ACO notified. Caller called back. The down owner was found.

Party on Dolphin Avenue requested EMS for her sister who is not feeling well. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Female party on Cottage Park Road requested assist and with her husband who fell on the floor. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Party on Overlook Drive reports the man in his building is down and hollering for assistance. Her son is waiting by the man’s door. WFD and EMS notified and will respond. Officer reports assistance rendered. Patient is refusing further medical evaluation.

Officer is doing a follow-up investigation on Cutler Street.

Officer is doing a follow-up investigation on Sunnyside Avenue.

Party reports that leaves are being burned on Ocean View Street. WFD responded to the address and extinguished a trash fire.

Caller reports observing a pink girl’s bike left on the bridge on Main Street. Officer checked the area to no avail.


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