Deputy Chief Position Merits Support

We applaud Police Chief Terence Delehanty decision to create the position of deputy chief in the department and commend the Town Council for supporting the measure.

Police departments today and police officers in general are called upon to handle so many more incidents and issues — such as cyber bullying, to name one — that didn’t even exist years ago. There is increased training for officers and police work has become more complex with all the new technology available. The role of a police officer has become more challenging in modern times. The opioid crisis is real in Massachusetts and across the country.

Chief Delehanty has determined that the leadership structure of the Winthrop Police Department would be bolstered by the addition of a deputy chief who would work closely with him and be able to take command of the department if he were called away to an assignment or conference beyond town borders.

We feel that the Chief has been an outstanding leader of our department and look forward to the appointment of a deputy chief to assist him in his leadership of the WPD.

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