Police Blotter 01-28-2016

Monday, January 18

Caller report a motor vehicle was parked in violation of the ban on Cora Street. W92 went by and the vehicle was moved and the street clear. The caller called back and reports the owner moved the car prior to the police coming by, and has now put the car back. W91 responded and the motor vehicle was pulling off as he pulled up. The street is all clear.

W91 reports being off with a motor vehicle accident into a home on Pleasant Street. WFD/EMS notified and responded and report no transport. W91 requests a tow. G&J notified and responded to tow the vehicle.

Caller reports a child is on the ground outside a home on Somerset Avenue and is having a seizure. Transferred to EMS and fire was also notified. W91 enroute. Caller reports the parents are now with the child.

W91 reports stopping motor vehicle on Revere Street. A licensed operator was allowed to drive the vehicle away. The driver was cited for operation of motor vehicle with suspended license.

Essex Regional reports a caller from Pleasant Street reporting a mother with chest pain. WFD notified.

Party came to the station to report being contacted via phone and Facebook by the husband of a woman who came into his family’s restaurant two years ago and who keeps contacting him. He reports that he feels he is being threatened now by the husband of this woman. The party left with a victim/witness form to have his brother assist him in order that we can understand the story and assist with a HARR order if the story meets the criteria. Communication/language was an issue. The party will return after speaking with his brother who he will help him translate and write his statement. The reporter came back to the station with his statement written in English. He states that the only time has had contact with the estranged husband was yesterday. When he was told he would get revenge. The party will try to obtain a harassment order tomorrow.

Lifeline reports activation on Golden Drive requesting medical assistance. WFD/EMS notified and responded.

Reports of a motor vehicle that just knocked down a light pole on his property on Revere Street.

Visiting nurse is requesting an ambulance for a patient who has fallen on Winthrop Street. Call transferred to EMS.

Party on Locust Street reports he believes someone was in his house yesterday as he is missing some items. Officer determined there was no break and helped the owner in locating the missing items.

Dispatcher at Winthrop Taxi reports one of his drivers is being assaulted by a passenger in front of the office. Officer reports there was no physical assault, just an argument over parking in the taxi stand which officers state is not clearly delineated.

Caller on Winthrop Street reports that his brother cannot breath. EMS responding.

Party on Summit Avenue reports her 59-year-old disabled brother left their home on Friday afternoon and has not yet returned. She contacted all of his friends and no one has heard from him. He is diabetic and did not take his medication. It was entered into NCIC. Area hospitals contacted also.

Caller from Alcohol & Drug Free Lodging Home repots a resident is drunk and just pushed him. Officer reports the subject is leaving in a taxi.

Party on Sewall Avenue reports that her daughter just fell down the stairs and needs an ambulance.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that her former employee, who she states was told by the court not to go near her establishment, is walking around the area. She states he has a boat in the marina behind her place of business and he appears to have been going towards it. No one to send at this time. Another all stating he is now banging on her backdoor. She is outside in her car and will wait there until an officer can respond. The subject was located and given a no trespass order.

Report of a low wire hanging on Buchanan Street. Transferred to WFD.

Tuesday, January 19

Reports that Siren Street is a sheet of ice. Caller is concerned as she has a bus coming to pick her up and they may not be able to make the incline. DPW notified and will send someone right away. A check with the calling party and she reports the street was taken care of.

Caller on Sewall Avenue requesting medical for 83-year-old female. Transferred to EMS/WFD.

Reporting party on Summit Avenue of previous call reports that her brother has returned home. MP report cancelled.

Two males brought a gift card into the station that they found near the Cummings School. It was placed under the counter in the lost and found bowl.

Unit off with expired NY registration on Walden Street. Vehicle was towed by G&J and a citation was issued.

Party on Bellevue Avenue report that her husband is having trouble breathing. Fire notified and call transferred to EMS. W92 responded to assist.

Caller on Overlook Drive reports she suspects that some charges were made on her Discover card. Party was unable to give any detail information and will contact credit card company for further information and call us back.

Motor vehicle car stop on Douglas Street. Officer will file a criminal complaint against the operator for driving after suspension.

Request for EMS on Walden Street.

Another request for an ambulance transport on Golden Drive. Transferred to EMS.

Party on Read Street reports that someone cut her cable line on January 15. She wanted this logged and if it happens again, she will call immediately.

Wednesday, January 20

Tow driver delivered a copy of a repo order for tow on Myrtle Avenue. The vehicle was located and towed from the street.

Two driver faxed over a copy of a repo order on Sea View Avenue which was located and towed from the area.

Party at Energy To Go called to report that a female was in the store acting up but as she poke with me she said the female was leaving the area on a bike. Officer reports speaking with the caller and reports the female has fled the area, no crime committed. The officer will check the area for the woman.

Party on George Street reports that her car that she has given to her son has sustained heavy damage to it while parked overnight.

Owner of a business on Pauline Street came in to report that the trespasser was back in his basement. The male took off but may still be in the area. W92 responded to meet with the owner. A neighbor is allowing someone to stay in the basement and that person is going into the part of the shared basement that belongs to the reporter. That portion is blocked off by wiring and wood and is not part of the other’s property.

A woman came to the station to repot that she was dropping children off to her mother’s apartment on Governor’s Park, a woman living across from her came out and starting yelling at her.

Request for medical on Lincoln Street.

Party called to report a black vehicle containing two males looking through binoculars at the planes. The caller tried to get the plate and they took off. Last seen in the maze area. All units BOLOed.

Caller on Lewis Avenue called to report that her neighbor informed her that there was a large male with a boxer dog on her property last night. The caller reports that the neighbor said the male was there almost an hour. The neighborhood said something to the male regarding the dog being off the leash and the male allegedly told him to go F himself. The neighbor did not think to call the police. The party was also reported to be taking pictures of the property. The caller reports checking outside around her home and she can see the footprints. The caller was advised that we will check the area and also to ask her neighbor to call police when they see something suspicious.

Report of a possible impaired driver on Short Beach and Revere Street. He was headed into Winthrop parkway, Revere. RPD notified to BOLO.

Party came to the station to report charges to her Lord & Taylor store charge account. Reporter states that she noticed charges that she did not make in the amount of $120. These unauthorized charges showed up on her statement from December 2015 which she received in January 2016. The party reported this to the fraud unit at the store and they will investigate and she was advised to report it to the police.

Party requests an ambulance for a party on Court Road who broke their ankle.

An ambulance request for party on Pleasant Street.

Another request for ambulance for party on Chester Avenue who is experiencing chest pains.

Caller on Cora Street reports loud rock band playing. Officer spoke with the resident who will stop.

Thursday, January 21

Party on Dolphin Avenue reports that he just got home and there is water leaking into his apartment from upstairs. Call transferred to WFD who will assist him. He was advised to contact his landlord as well.

Caller on Sturgis Street reports a motor vehicle parked which is blocking a hydrant and has been there all night. W92 dispatched and reports tagging two vehicles and having them moved.

Medical assistance needed at the Arbors on Lincoln Street. Call transferred to EMS/WFD.

Party on Amelia Avenue report someone just left a box of trash in front of his house and took off. He gave a plate number and an officer was dispatched to investigate.

Caller reports striking a pole at Main and Revere Street. A unit was dispatched and request DPW for debris. Paperwork obtained by the operator of the vehicle and officer will submit a report.

Party reports receiving an e-mail from a woman in the United Kingdom informing the reporter that she wanted to send her child to her daycare/nursery school while she was visiting Boston for five weeks. A check was sent to the reporter in the amount of $4900, which was in excess of the amount of the tuition of $1685 that was quoted as the cost of attending the school. The alleged customer then sent an e-mail requesting the difference of $3115, due to a company error, be sent back to her in a bank check. The original check had been deposited to the reporter’s account t at the bank, but luckily was held by the bank as it was spotted as being fraudulent. The party was advised to report this to the police.

Lifeline reports a fall detector call from Golden Drive. Transferred to EMS/WFD.

Several calls of a motor vehicle crash into a house on River Road. Units report this accident caused damage to the home.

Report of a backyard fire on Underhill Street. Transferred to WFD and 91 reports wood smoldering in a barrel. WFD took care of it.

Female on Buckthorn Terrace reports noise. 91 and K9 reports they spoke with female and son left. All advised of their rights. No crime involved.

Party at Governors Park called report that her daughter was sleeping and fell out of bed. Immediately afterwards her neighbor who lives downstairs began banging her ceiling causing her other children to wake up. She wants this reported and will contact management about the matter as this has been an ongoing situation between the two parties.

Friday, January 22

Male party on Crest Avenue called to report that he received a Facebook message. When he opened the message, he realized it was from his estranged cousin. The message disturbed him because she made several wild accusations that he had killed his dog, etc. He has had issues with her in the past that have been settled and it is occurring once again. He was advised to block her from contacting him on Facebook whether she uses her own name or a made up one. He will notify Facebook about the message. He wants this recorded and advised to contact East Boston Court for a harassment order if the conduct continues.

Vehicle towed from Governors Park for repossession.

Party came in to report that his motor while has been reclaimed for non-payment.

Female caller on Morton Street reports that a company has just dropped off a large trash container in the street in front of her home. Then the Company drove away. Code Enforcement Officer VanBuskirk reports being in the area and will investigate. He reports speaking with the Company involved and they explained that they were “changing out the dumpster and will be done shortly.”

Officer will try to serve subject on Revere Street a summons issued by the Cambridge Court. He reports subject is not home. A family member will have the subject come to the station later.

Report of someone passed out on the floor of Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street. Fire and officer report subject going to Mass General.

Property manager from Seal Harbor reports a motor vehicle has been parked in a designated owner’s spot. It comes back registered to a party in Nahant. Vehicle removed as a private tow from property by Todisco’s.

Officer has vehicle stopped for traffic violation on Walden Street. Operator cited for speeding.

Mother on Belcher Street is unresponsive. Fire notified and will not respond as DNR is in place. Action EMS responded.

Assistance needed for party with a stomach issue on Veterans Road. WFD will handle.

Caller report while driving into Winthrop from Revere, a motor vehicle was speeding and passed cars. Unit report the vehicle parked on the street on Shore Drive. Units located the owner who denies any violations and he was advised about his driving behavior.

Saturday, January 23

Units report having a Mass Taxi stopped at Veterans and Washington Avenue. Unit report a citation issued for speeding and warning for tail lights. The operator will notify the cab company.

Several calls for an erratic driver last seen on Coral Avenue in a CRV. Units report having individual who made previous threats to harm himself. Fire and ambulance notified. Units reports a male party being transported to MGH for an evaluation.

Caller on Bellevue Avenue reports that her boyfriend took her car keys and was leaving. Caller states he is back does not want the police. She will call back if any other issues arise and wants to work out their problems without involving the police.

81-year-old female on Summit Avenue feeling weak. Fire and Action notified.

The owner of the local duck hunting group called to report an individual is standing by the harbormaster building screaming at his group that “they are shooting over the residential areas.” 91 and 92 are responding to investigate. Officers spoke with the individual. The report is actually coming from the waterfront along Washington Avenue. Officers report that the EPA Police are also on the scene to make sure all of the proper procedures are being followed by the hunting group. EPA will remain with the group to ensure they adhere to all of the rules. 91 and 92 will clear and respond back if needed.

Officers responding to the public landing to give evidence paperwork to the EPA officers on the scene. The EPA officers while  inspecting the duck hunters from the previous call, have discovered a violation. The hunters were transporting one of their shotguns improperly. The gun as taken into custody by the EPA.

Party report plywood is coming off the new high school on the baseball field side. Gillian notified and will handle.

Many calls of a hurt duck on Natant Avenue. ACO notified.

Walk in to report a larceny of his checks by an ex-roommate on Morton Street. Checks were used at the Citizens Bank.

Many calls of vehicle driving in circles at the Landing.

Manager of Alcohol and Drug Free Lodging Home called to report that a male that was thrown out two weeks ago is back in the house and broke in. Officers will give the male a ride to Beachmont.

Caller on Atlantic Street reports a snow mobile is on the street and it looks like a youth is driving it.

Party on Main Street reports a male subject walking very unsteady on his feet.

Sunday, January 24

Party on Waldemar Avenue reports a vehicle a house down did not move for the snow ban and plows had to go around it. He also stated the street is narrow due to this. Officer reports the vehicle is buried with snow piled around by the plows. It was tagged for impeding snow plowing.

Caller on Terrace Avenue asked if an officer could come by and speak to the person in regards to the placement of snow from his property. She states he places snow up against her retaining wall causing her double the amount of work to clear her property. She has asked him nicely to please stop doing this and he has refused. Officer will be sent to assess the situation. 91 spoke to the individual on Terrace Avenue and explained the town bylaw and the penalties for improper snow removal. He stated he would clear the snow away from the retaining wall and stated he understood what had been explained. 91 cleared.

Party from Brookfield and Enfield Road called to repot that sometime last night when he parked his vehicle in a “parking ban” parking space, it appears a plow hit the rear of the vehicle. Officer reports he will make out a report.

Several calls of the Short Beach area flooding and cars are turning around. Officer will check if anyone is stranded and then position himself to block traffic at Crest Avenue. State Police and DCR notified. DCR has sent a vehicle to block Short Beach. Officer will stand by Crest Avenue.

Bartender at Pleasant Park YC called to report there is an electric fire on the dock. 911 call transferred to fire and they will respond along with our officer. They report all is okay.

Ambulance needed on Golden Drive. Fire, EMS and W92 report.

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