Police Blotter 11-12-2015

Saturday, October 31

Party called to report receiving a call from someone who identified themselves as being from AOL who happens to be her e-mail provider. The caller reported to her that e-mails from her account are going out all over the country requesting money be sent to a post office box in Winthrop. The caller will try to follow up with AOL.

Caller on Coral Avenue reports a pole is about to come down. A truck was in the wires. Fire notified and W92 responded to assist with the traffic. Fire notified Verizon.

Report of very low water pressure on Beacon Street. DPW notified and will send someone out.

Party called to report being threatened by someone and needing an escort to pick up her belongings on Walden Street. Boston operations notified over Baypern Central.

Several calls of kids behind the old Winthrop Playmakers building, possibly drinking and throwing rocks at cars. Officers report no alcohol or rocks. A group of known individuals from East Boston and they were sent back home.

Caller on Somerset Avenue reports person or persons unknown damaged the hood of her motor vehicle. Officer confirmed the damage and will submit a report.

WFD reports a rear porch fire on Court Road. Officers responding to assist. The fire was extinguished.

Caller on Walden Street reports people are in the apartment and no one should be there. The renter has passed away ands roommate is in jail. Officers report speaking with three individuals who were involved with the previous call to this location. Their keys to the apartment were confiscated and they were given a no trespass order. The parties then left.

A transfer from Boston and the caller hung up. The dispatcher reports an excited female reports a green Toyota hit someone at Bellevue and Johnson Avenue and then spun them around. W93 reports a green SUV went up the street with no plate. The victim is declining any medical assistance. Officers are checking the surrounding area for the vehicle.

Father on Woodside Avenue reports that his 14-year-old has been drinking and is sick. Transferred to EMS and W92 will respond. The resident there found the 14-year-old outside The father was contacted and the child was transported.

Neighbor on Bowdoin Street called to report a party going on and she does not believe the parents are home. There is no car in the driveway. The caller reports young people outside as well and someone is crying. Officers report no one outside and the partiers left prior to their arrival.

Caller on Belcher Street reports a group that just went by and egged his windows. His neighbor said they took off toward the basketball courts. Officers located a group and sent them on their way. Two back to East Boston and two home in town. The two were already spoken to on an earlier call.

Officers observed a motor vehicle parked on Court Road with the door open and the front door of the house was open as well. Officers spoke with the party who stated she was just moving some items into the house.

Party reports two teens messing with the construction equipment near Massa Playground. Officer reports four individuals were sent home. No damage observed by the officers.

Caller on River Road reports items were thrown at her motor vehicle and she is afraid that someone may still be there. Officer reports motor vehicle had damage and he will file a report.

Reports that two males and a female just damaged the mirror to a car on River Road. They were seen running off toward the Elks.

Officer followed a Viking Taxi to Grovers Avenue to make sure someone is home to care for her. She appears to be 18 years of age.

Party on Shirley Street reports a woman just came to her front door screaming about lights bothering her. Officers responded and report speaking with the woman who closed her shades and solved the problem.

Sunday, November 1

Party on George Street reports an argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend. Mother would like them both out of the home. Officers report the parties will be leaving of the night.

Caller requested an officer respond for a male creating a disturbance in the taxi stand on Revere Street. The party was a coworker and the officer asked him to leave. The argument was over $6 owed.

Brother came to the station with his sister to make a report of being a victim of an assault and battery that happened late last week at the 7-11.

Reports of fire alarms going off on Quincy Avenue. No smoke reported. Transferred to WFD.

Officers respond to home of clerk involved in an incident report of earlier call at Governors Park. Party was unavailable.

Caller on Court Road states that his wife found a dog and brought it back to the house. The owner later called and both parties were able to connect with each other to get the dog to its owner.

Report of a motor vehicle all smashed up and leaking fluids for several weeks on Sewall Avenue. Officer reports it is a hazard to the public with metal all exposed. Fire was notified to check for fluids. G&J requested to remove the vehicle due to hazard on the street to the public. Unable to locate the owner as officer went to the door several teams and could not raise anyone. G&J will tow.

Party at Governors Park called to report being threatened by a neighbor. W91 spoke to the caller and was unable to locate the party making the threats. The caller came to the station to complete the paperwork. On-call judge issued an ERO which is alive until 9 a.m. tomorrow. Units will attempt to make service to the defendant.

Party reports road rage incident at Revere and Main Street, but they appeared to have left. Next two males and a child appear in the lobby. It is a continuation of the road rage officers spoke to the parties and advised them of their rights. It was settled for now.

Two abandoned 911 calls from Locust Street. Call back was difficult to understand. The caller was reporting that someone bought a young child to her home thinking it was her child. Then others showed up to retrieve the child, approximately two years of age, stating that it was their child. Officer reports speaking with all parties and the child was visiting with grandparents around the corner. All is ok and no problem.

Caller on North Avenue reports that there has been very loud work being done on the property all day. He finally went over and asked the guy to stop and he was told not for several more hours. The caller then called back to say that the work has stopped.

Party on Wave Way Avenue called to report that she lost her purse in the area of her home. It is a small black purse and contained keys. Her license and a credit card was also in the purse.


Monday, November 2

There was a report that someone on Lincoln Street had fallen overnight.

W92 reports WFD of alarm at Cummings School and he will be assisting with children outside during alarm. WFD on the scene and all is clear.

Lawyer for a bank, Financial Freedom, called regarding an auction to be held on Cottage Avenue and believes the resident has threatened to harm himself. W91 and W92 responded and spoke with the resident. Officer reports that the resident has been on the phone with the bank and they have agreed to postpone the auction for at least 30 days. The resident is reported to be fine and no EMS is necessary at this time. W92 stayed to assist in sending away people arriving for the auction.

Mother on Shirley Street came to the station to request we check on her daughter whom she has not been able to speak with for over seven days. The landlord was contacted to find out what apartment the daughter was in. W94 and W91 responded and spoke with the boyfriend and the daughter who reports she has been on bed rest and is fine. The daughter voluntarily came to the station with W94 to see her mother in the lobby who has been concerned for her. Mother and daughter were reunited in lobby and will have lunch together.

Counselor from a Lynn human service agency reports one of their clients on Hermon Street, has reported to them to have taken a large amount of pills and intends to kill themselves. W92 went to the address and was told that the party had left. W92 checked the area.

Several calls regarding a problem on Mumford Street and that people are about to fight. W92 and 942 responded and report speaking to the resident and a male party that was scraping metal and was about to leave a message and an unsafe condition with glass behind after stripping metal from a door. Officers sent the party on his way.

Detail officer reports that a company working on Beacon Street has struck a gas line. Fire notified.

Driver on Main Street reports that a male in the car in front of her stopped in the middle of the street and got out and made a gesture with his finger to her and then swore at her. The caller was frightened by the event and gave a license number of the vehicle to the officer. All units BOLOed. Call to Revere PD where the registered owner was listed from. Revere had an active phone number for the subject as they were dealing with the same party currently. When the subject was called and asked about the road rage incident, he tells a slightly different story. The subject was advised as to his behavior and to take heed if a similar situate should arise. A message was left for the original caller.

Caller requesting police as he says someone wants to fight him at Michaels Mall. W92 responded and reports a verbal among customers of the post office. Caller was upset due to the post office not able to process his passport right away due to long line. The officer spoke to the caller and he left and will return another time.

A psychologist called to report that a client on Revere Street reports that she is going to harm herself. W91 responded and requested medical. EMS responded and voluntarily transported the party. The caller was notified.

Party called the station to report that his wife fell outside after tripping on remnants of a tree stump left by the town when they removed a tree. The caller reports his wife has injured her leg and chest. They will seek medical as needed. DPW notified to check the area regarding any hazards.

A party reports a male pushing a cart and smoking is entering private property going through people’s bins in the Cottage Park area. W91 located the male and warned him to stay off of private property.

902 reports  company has a lane of traffic tied up on Shirley Street with the sidewalk blocked as well. W91 responded to assist 902 in clearing the area and the vehicle from obstructing the street and sidewalk.

Party came to the station with a packet she received after signing up to be a mystery shopper along with instructions regarding two postal money orders in the amount of $989.15 to be deposited into her account. The party was advised not to deposit anything into her personal account.

Reports of no water on Crystal Cove Avenue. DPW notified.

Also reports of no water at three properties on Shirley Street and Hillside. DPW notified. The calling party is concerned as he has hotel guests on the property.

Store clerk called in regards to someone obstructing his customers and panhandling in front of his store. The subject stated that he was staying with a friend on Veterans Road.

Operator reports a vehicle crash at the end of Kennedy Road. We received a call from the On Star subscriber who reports that his vehicle is in his driveway and was not involved in a crash.

Caller states that she was walking in the area of Miller Field and a male voice called out to her. She could not see the subject because he remained cloaked in darkness. The caller was concerned for other females that maybe walking in the area as the males intentions were unknown. K-9 reports that he has been in the area training with Clint and will walk around the field for the subject.

Caller states that there is al are group of rowdy kids in the area of Cora and Ocean View Street. The caller further states that it appears that the group is dispersing. W92 sent to the area to insure dispersal.

Party on Revere Street reports possible a drunk male in the area asking people for money. K-9 reports unable to locate the subject in the area.

Caller on Myrtle Avenue stats that there is a large fire pit and loud music once again. WFD also dispatched. Units report that the WFD is spraying the area down and the music is being turned down lower. W91 and W92 directed to make frequent patrols during their shift tonight.

Tuesday, November 3

Caller on Beacon Street reports an odor of gas. Fire notified. Units respond and report no gas malfunction of smoke detector, just the furnace starting up.

Work crew reports there is vandalized vehicle on Beacon Street. Officer reports the sun roof is smashed.

Caller reports she has a 3 or 4 year old girl in the marsh area near Amelia Avenue and she appears lost. Officer report that before they arrived, the lady called back to report that the child’s grandmother came out. Officer checked the area to find the grandmother, no luck.

Party on Crest Avenue reports a male bleeding from the face and appears to be intoxicated. Officer report subject fell, not intoxicated and no sidewalk defects. He is going to the Whidden.

Officer was told that someone is pouring water into the ocean on Grovers Avenue. Officer reports a pool company is draining a pool.

Party on Sewall Avenue needs an ambulance. EMS notified.

Caller on Plummer Avenue reports there are hydrants pouring water out from open caps. Officers report it appears they are draining them and they are coned off. Fire notified.

Medical call needed at East Boston Neighborhood Health. Transferred to EMD.

Party on Read Street reports two people in the year across the street. She asked what they were doing and they stated, “cleaning,” and started to walk away. Officer report a search of the area was to no avail. They also report nothing seems out of the way in the immediate area.

Caller on Shore Drive reports that his neighbor just made threats and derogatory statements about him. W91 reports speaking to all parties and advised them of their rights. Both parties advised to stay away from each other and neither party wanted to file complaints against each other at this present time.

Party reports she hit a depression on Shirley Street from a construction site at the intersection. She blew out two tires. DPW was notified.

Caller reports he has no water at his tenant’s residence on Faun Bar Avenue. DPW notified and will respond.

Wednesday, November 4

Party reports receiving a phone call from the IRS that appears to be suspicious. Off. Bonita advised him of the scam.

Caller at the Dalrymple School condos states that her neighbor is causing a disturbance by playing loud music. Units respond and report speaking to the offender who will shut the music off for the night. All parties advised of their rights.

Reports of loud music on Shirley Street. Units respond and report speaking to resident who will turn the music down and the party is over.

Party at the Dalrymple School condos called to report that the person in the next apartment is making threats. Officers report they spoke to all involved and warnings were given. The matter is settled for the time being.

Detectives are off conducting a follow up investigation on Hermon Street.

Individuals report that there is a vehicle that appears to be abandoned parked along Franklin Street. W92 will check the area and the vehicle will be placed on the 72 hour list.

Landlord on Franklin Street reports that he has received text from a former tenant. The landlord had requested the last months rent, and was tole by the former tenant that he “would file harassment charges” if the landlord continue to contact him.

DPW was notified about a faulty traffic light at Main and Pleasant Street.

Caller on Revere Street reports two women just rang his bell and asked to see his electric bill. He asked them for ID and a copy of the permit to go around door to door. He was told they don’t gave a permit and doe not need one. Officers will search the area.

A person from the group home on Woodside Avenue came in to the lobby and stayed he is afraid of a new roommate. Officer will take him home and speak to the case worker and all involved.

91 Ramadani stopped a motor vehicle and issued a complaint for an unregistered car. He started giving the officers a hard time about towing and inventory search. The matter was settled for now and a citation issued. The plates were seized and a search was concluded. The vehicle was towed to private property.

Caller on Douglas Street reports that her friend made threats to harm herself. Units report female will voluntarily go to the hospital.

Mother on Bartlett Road reports a difficult 13 year old with mental health issues. WFD and 91 Ramadani and 92 McCarthy reports one going to Children’s.

Bus driver came in and reported an unresponsive male. Officer responded and repot WFD is on the scene. Subject taken to Whidden.

Report of a dispute on Trident Avenue. W94 and W96 report that all seems quiet right now.

Thursday, November 5

W91 observes motionless male in his vehicle on Shore Drive. Subject was sleeping and will walk to his home.

Caller on Paine Street reports smugglers at his home. Units report subject suffering from medical condition and  his wife will take care of him.

Daughter on Shirley Street states that her father needs help getting into his wheelchair. EMS notified.

Caller on Sagamore Avenue reports receiving threatening phone calls from an unknown party. 91 responding to assist the caller.

Party on Grovers Avenue reports that someone is breaking into a van. Officers report they are workers and one locked his keys in the van. G&J will assist them.

E911 and 1212 call of a serious accident on Birch Road and someone may be trapped in the car. Officers and fire report that one vehicle is involved and the person backed in between a wall and a house. Fire extracted her from the vehicle. G&J will tow.

Meals on Wheels came to the station to report that a man at Executive Apartments has not responded in two days. Fire notified to check.

Report that a 9 month old German Shepherd named Socca, black and brown with white strip across the nose, ran off towards the CVS from the park area. ACO notified and will search the area. The party called back to report that the animal has returned home.

Caller on Highland Avenue called to report that this morning he noticed that his number plate has been cut and removed from his motor vehicle. Entered into NCIC.

Noisy group reported at Hannaford Park.

Party at Fort Heath Apartments reports an irregular heartbeat. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Mother and daughter came into the station to report some inappropriate sexting messages between her young daughter and an older male party.

Caller on Cross Street reports that her one year old son is having difficulty breathing. Units report female going to Children’s Hospital with her son.

Man fell on River Road and cannot get up. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Friday, November 6

Caller at Temple Tifereth Israel states a male may need assistance. 92 responds and reports call unfounded. No sign of anyone in the area.

Officer was flagged over on Winthrop Street by a daughter to ask if he could help check the well being of their other. All is okay.

Male party requesting assistance in obtaining belongs from female resident. (I-pad, Michael Kors watch, hoodie, Boston hat). Female agreed to drop off the items at WPD after which we will notify the male.

An on-going issue of concern for her daughter. The caller wished to inform the WPD that the daughter (and boyfriend) has been evicted from apartment in Winthrop and is with her out of state – for now.

Caller from Veterans Road reports that he is coming to receive a van from another individual. The caller requested an officer stand by to keep the peace between the two parties who have been apparently arguing over the ownership of the van. Officer reports that the van was exchanged without incident and both parties were advised of their legal rights.

Party on Fremont Street reports that an individual is walking along the street ringing door bells. The caller believes the individual may be intoxicated. W91 is off in the area.

Call from Faun Bar Avenue to report a male got out of an Enterprise white box truck and was in his back yard. When he asked what are you doing in my yard, the male stated he was delivering a package. The man had no package. All units checked the area to no avail. The male caller with a scanner reports an Enterprise truck is on Jefferson Street. Officers checked the area, no truck.

Individual from Shirley Street came to the station to report a past assault.

Fire Department called to ask if we could assist with a lockout on Dolphin Avenue. Officer reports the female’s name and address does match up.

Caller reports that a vehicle had pulled into the rear of the CVS parking lot, and the vehicle operator “jumped out of the vehicle” and began confronting two individuals sitting in a painter’s truck. The irate individual left the area and entered an adjacent apartment complex with further incident according to the calling party. W94 responded to the area.

E911 call from a male party on Hermon Street reporting he sliced his finger and wants medical. Fire and ambulance notified and will respond.

Party came to the station to request that we return his machete to him that was taken. He was informed to stay in the lobby until we can figure out who took it and why. The subject left prior to inquiry.

Life Line called requesting medical help for 87 year old male having trouble breathing on Overlook Drive.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports that as he was walking by a house with a friend he observed a male club through a window on the first floor. W91 and W92 responded and discovered a broken first floor window. An officer responded from the station. The officers report speaking with a party and then the son of the homeowner was on the scene. The party is staying there temporarily and the parties will work it out.

A woman brought  a Visa card issued from Capital Bank to the station. Capital Bank contacted for them to contact the owner and they cancelled the cad and the owner will be issued a new card and number. Our record for the owner are for Ashland; no local listing.

Party on Kennedy Road called to report hearing a loud bang from apartment up stairs. Fire notified and report no answer and the apartment is in darkness. Fire gained entrance and the party has fallen several times throughout the day. He will be transported.

Report of kids throwing eggs at cars at Governors Park. They took off and party wants to show the officers where they went. Officers located the youths and they cleaned the motor vehicles involved.

Party came to the station to pick up property left there for him. He signed a receipt.

Saturday, November 7

Motorist stopped for speeding on Brookfield Road. A citation was issued to the operator.

Billerica PD is requesting a well being check for two children who may be home on Shirley Street alone after an accident in their town involving their mother. Units report making contact with the husband who will contact Billerica PD. The children are with her mother.

Report of a wire down on Almont Street. Caller reports that the wire is orange. Fire notified.

Caller on Shore Drive reports a woman fell on the ocean side of the street. Fire notified as well as the State Police.

Party walked into the station to report a situation that occurred in the Michaels Mall lot. Female motorist allegedly acting and yelling aggressively. The plate given by reporting party was an invalid plate number. Unable to identify person in question.

Caller reports that his wife saw rounds near the clothing collection container on Pauline Street. W92 responded and reports finding one round and bringing it to the station.

Reports of a male fishing off the spindle on the open ocean side on Deer Island. The caller is concerned that the tide will be coming in. State Revere notified and the caller will wait for the trooper to point out the individual.

E911 transfer of caller reporting people lighting leaves on fire behind the Cummings School. Fire notified and K-9 responded. Officer spoke to the caller and was told the youths involved had taken off and were not in the area.

Party fell on Court Road and requests an ambulance.

Several calls regarding the youth football team canning for funds. Each caller reports the kids are not using caution when running in the street approaching vehicles. Three different calls regarding a motorist who stated they almost struck one of them. Each time, K-9 officer Brown spoke with the coaches who were present with the kids. After the last call, a unit was sent back to speak with the coaches and have the youths stop at this point as it is unsafe.

Party on Shore Drive reports a past break to his apartment. Officer reports party claims someone stole a prescription bottle from his home. There was no forced entry into the home. He suspects the landlord, but has no evidence supporting this.

Caller from Larsen Rink requesting an ambulance for a girl with a hurt leg. EMS notified and will respond.

Caller from Governors Park requests an ambulance to take her father to the hospital.

Nurse at East Boston Neighborhood Health requests EMS for a patient having chest pains.

Caller on Shirley Street fell down on the sidewalk and needs medical attention for a bleeding leg.

Party on Johnson Avenue reports a group of teens in her driveway who will not leave. Officer reports three 14 year old males were hiding as they got nervous when the football they were throwing struck a parked car and set off the alarm. Officer found no damage to the car and sent the youths out of the area. He has their names if anything arises.

Walk-in reports she was just assaulted outside her residence on Jefferson Street by an unknown Hispanic male and Hispanic female. Officer off with the suspects and Off. Pena with victim int he lobby. EMS responding to the station for the victim and also to Jefferson with one of the suspects. Both parties refused medical transport. Officer requesting a hearing through the East Boston Court for mutual assault and battery.

Female walked into the station to report that her up stairs neighbor on Main Street is having loud music playing and causing a disturbance. Officer spoke to the resident who was uncooperative but did turn down the music. The caller then called back to state they started up again after the officers left. Officers reported breaking up the party and watching them leave.

Report of a group of people playing football on Sagamore Avenue. Officer reports sending four adults back into the house. The peace was restored.

Sunday, November 8

Caller on Buchanan Street reports that two youths walking by and screaming at each other. They are headed towards Winthrop Street. Officer could not locate anyone in the area.

Officer came upon two subjects sleeping in a motor vehicle on Lincoln Street. Upon further investigation it was determined that they had fallen asleep but were fine. They went inside a residence on Hermon Street.

Party reports an elderly female standing in the street but not moving on Pauline and Pleasant. Officer located her and she was waiting for a taxi. She will remain on the sidewalk. Officers spoke with her further and is requesting EMS for an evaluation of the female. WFD arrived and they were familiar with her. She refused any treatment and went about her business.

Call from East Boston Neighborhood to report a client who had fallen.

Party on Winthrop Street called to repot that she is down in the courts and her on is there and she belies he broke into her apartment overnight and stole her safe.

Caller on Cottage Park Road reports finding two females hiding behind her shed in her yard. They report that they were waiting for someone and took off towards Bellevue Avenue. Officers were given a description of the females and when they checked the area they located the two females at the end of Somerset on the beach. The females claimed they were just cutting through the yard to the next street.

Party on Johnson Avenue came to the station with her daughter regarding the call to their home last night. The resident found a sharp object in her driveway this morning and believes that the youths were up to something and does not believe the story that was told to police last night. The resident also states that the story given to the police was different than the story told by the youths to her last night. The resident also reports there have been many suspicious goings on around her home and people may be sending others to harass her.

Caller on Golden Drive requests an ambulance to take her to the EBHC. EMS notified.

Party reports a male appearing unsteady on his feet at Revere and Upland Road. He is attempting to hitchhike. He is headed towards Crest Avenue.

Party on Veterans Road came into the station to report that she believes that her 21 year old grandson is in her apartment and she wants him gone. He has been staying with her, but she reports he is out of control and she is afraid of him. She requests an officer to accompany her to her apartment to ask him to leave. Officer reports that the grandson is not there. She was advised of her rights to a 209A. She will call if he returns.

Caller on Summit Avenue reports loud music reverberating up through her floor. Officer reports karaoke has ended for the night.

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