Police Blotter 09-10-2015

Monday, August 31

Caller on Hermon Street reports that she has not heard from her husband who is a diabetic. WFD and Unit 91 dispatched to the residence. U nits were able to contact the resident that everything was fine. He will be contacting his wife.

Safety Officer Vitale reports the work crew just took down a phone line on Plummer Avenue. Verizon will respond.

Off-duty Spec. Det. McFarland reports a female asked him if he wanted to buy a lottery ticket for the Haitian President. When he refused she got into the passenger seat of a Honda and then drove off. He would like this on record.

Female on Pleasant Street called to report that he father fell and broke his arm. EMS notified. Off. Feeley will assist with the traffic.

Officer is on a follow-up investigation on Washington Avenue. He spoke to a roommate.

Essex dispatch reports a 911 call for a dryer fire. They could not make out the address. Essex was able to playback their call and found it to be on Prospect Avenue. Fire notified. Officers report all clear; they will check the area for illegally parked car.

Party on Bowdoin Street called to report that his mother needs an ambulance. EMS was notified.

Several calls of a male and female in distress on a raft at Beacon Circle. WFD, harbormaster and State Police marine patrol all notified. WFD and harbormaster picked them up and WFD checked them out.

Customer at Woodside Hardware is mad that he left his keys in a locked vehicle. 92 McCarthy/Bonavita settled the matter and calmed him down.

Caller reports a male down on the beach at Sturgis and Shore Drive. Fire and ambulance notified and State Police Revere notified also.

Report of a coupling coming loose at the corner of Pico and Francis. The water is coming into the back yard. DPW notified and will respond.

Caller on Bayview Avenue reports several groups of kids in cars look like they are about to start a party on the beach. Units report sending several large groups out of the area. They will BOLO.


Tuesday, September 1

Report that two people are acting weird on Pico Beach. 992 Sorrentino reports they are walking their dog. All okay.

Party on Nahant Avenue reports that someone is using a dealer plate and visitor permits continuously against regulations. Unit reports ticket issued. Vermont dealer plate.

Caller on Veterans Road reports a parked motor vehicle blocking the dumpster area. Officer reports a vehicle is legally parked in a handicap space at this time.

Safety Officer reports a person yelling for help on Winthrop Street. Unit 93 and 91 responding. Units report everything was all right, one of the residents was just shouting within the home.

911 call transfer from the State. Male stated he was attacked by another driver on Winthrop and Banks Street and is hurt. Medical notified. Officer report speaking with all parties involved.

Call for medical at East Boston Neighborhood Health. Transferred to EMD.

Several calls of a male walking in the middle of traffic on Main Street. Female caller reports he said, “Just hit me, kill me, go ahead, kill me.” 93 Pena, 92 Guerra, 91 Ramadani and 94 Oyola all searching for the subject near Belle Isle Bridge. WFD sent to the area in case he was located. Unable to locate the male.


Wednesday, September 2

Several calls for a motor vehicle crash on Revere Street. Units report a car struck a fire hydrant and broke it clear from the base. Some water showing. Fire and ambulance notified. DPW also notified. Female will be transported to Whidden. G&J notified and will respond for tow.

Safety Officer reports that a construction company working on Plummer Avenue has struck a gas line. Winthrop Fie and National Grid notified.

A person walked into the station to report that he had locked his keys in his car with the vehicle running on Pauline Street. Winthrop Fire notified and will respond to assist.

Party on Walden Street called to report that someone had broken a foot. EMS notified.

Safety Officer reports that National Grid has shut service on Plummer Avenue due to the earlier incident.

Safety Officer at Harvard Street location reports an intoxicated female was at liquor store there. Unit 91 brought the individual back to her residence.

Party on Emerson Road came to the station to report that two youths on bikes were attempting to take a third bike from the area. The youths saw the person who came to the station and discarded the bike and left the area. Unit 93 was dispatched to the area.

The person on Emerson Road reporting the suspicious youths has brought the bike in question to the station for safekeeping. If anyone calls for the bike in question, it has been place din the garage.

Safety officer reports the gas company had to enter a basement on Plummer Avenue a second time to effect repairs.

Caller on Summit Avenue reports that her daughter came home and is yelling and screaming and she wants her removed. Units requesting an ambulance. Units report female transported to MGH.

Party on Woodside Park reports that someone texted his 13 year old daughter. A callback and a male yelled at the father then, hung up. A callback to the number listed revealed it was a landline and incapable of texting. The father was happy with our follow-up.

91 Ramadani found and returned a credit card to a female on Read Street.

Caller repots kids still at the skate park making noise. Unit reports only one youth at the park and he was sent on his way.


Thursday, September 3

Manager of Viking Taxi reports that a woman is threatening him and yelling. Units report female sent on her way and will be summoned for threat s.

Revere PD called to BOLO a red pickup truck with major damage that was involved in a motor vehicle crash in the Beachmont area. Units notified.

A woman came in to the station to report that someone came onto her property on Pleasant Street and had taken a bike from the property.

Call from the East Boston Health Center to request an ambulance. EMS notified.

Party on Putnam Street reports that her basement is flooding and needs DPW. DPW notified.

Caller on Read Street requests medical for her grandmother. Transferred to medical.

Party on Somerset Avenue report s a tall blonde male appears unsteady and may have fallen on the stairs leading to the water. Unit reports a male party ax talking to another friend who was fishing and on his way home. Subject did not fall.

Marblehead Police request s we go by company on Central Street to attempt to locate a Pontiac that was involved in a motor vehicle crash. Officers report no sign on the vehicle. Marblehead PD notified.


Friday, September 4

Call from Golden Drive to report that one of their clients is in need of an ambulance. Fire notified.

Reports of a duckling struck by a car on Washington Avenue. ACO notified.

Reports of an obstruction due to the DPW site with cones set up on Cottage and Hillside Avenue. DPW contacted and will remove the work site.

Party on Atlantic Street is off with Winthrop Constable regarding a lockout and is requesting an ambulance. Fire notified.

Party at Larsen Rink requests a wellbeing check of a person in the lot. Party is resting while waiting for child to get out of school.

Caller on Shore Drive reports a dog barking for the last three hours. He is concerned there is a problem. ACO notified and will respond. ACO reports that he spoke to the caller and will respond back after 5 p.m. to speak to the owner of the dog. ACO also advised the caller to report the situation with association.

Party called to report being at the bus stop on Shirley Street and an other parent was there to pick up a child. This parent may be under the influence of something. We were given a description of what the woman was wearing.

Party called to report a black truck driven by a male parked outside the school on Kennedy Road causing a problem and then would not move the truck when asked to. The male was very rude and almost hit the caller.

Party came to the station to request an officer stand by while he picks up personal belongings from his parents home on Tafts Avenue.

Caller on Lincoln Street reposts a man is unconscious or asleep in the entrance to the old St. John’s gym.

Party reports hearing a loud thud from her upstairs neighbor’s apartment on Kennedy Road and believes he may need assistance. K9 reports checking all persons and finding nobody in need of assistance.

Calling party asked for a well being check on her boyfriend’s mother on Bates Avenue who is 90 years old. Calling party called the phone and it was answered and then went to busy signal. She just wants to make sure the mother did not slip and fall while answering the phone. Off. Ramadani spoke to the mother who stated she was fine but her son did not wish to speak to the girlfriend anymore.

Party at Viking Taxi requested to see an officer regarding threats made to him by a male party. Officer reports having the victim make out a statement, but at this point he would just like it no record.

Caller reports motor vehicle is being operated in an erratic manner doing donuts in the school driveway on Brookfield Road. Officer spoke to the driver and sent him out of the area.

Manager at Blackstrap BBQ reports he had to eject a couple of patrons from the business. Officers report the two parties were gone upon their arrival. Unable to obtain any information on the subjects.


Saturday, September 5

Party reports an injured raccoon is in the street at Bartlett and Pleasant Street. She was advised not to touch it. Office responded to have her leave the area until ACO arrived on the scene. The animal was in bad condition and had to be put down at the DPW.

Party appears to be sleeping in his motor vehicle at the Crest Avenue parking lot. Officers report checking on him and having him leave the area.

Caller on Russell Street reports that her daughter is having a seizure and requesting medical. WFD/Action notified.

Party on Overlook Drive reports she fell and needs assistance. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Caller on Pleasant and cottage Park Road reports a large triangle construction sign on a tripod that was left in the area has fallen onto the street. The caller states that he and his dog tripped over the sign. When asked if he needed medical assistance, he stated no, just wants someone to pick it up. The sign was moved off the walkway.

Party on Marshall Street reports her home lost water service so she had a plumber respond. The issue is out in the street. Message left for DPW to have someone respond.

Caller on Golden Drive request s a well being check on a resident, as she has not been able to get in contact with him since Wednesday. Resident will contact the caller.

Caller reports seeing an 8-year-old female being tied to a tree by an adult in the Lewis Avenue vicinity. Officers respond and when they spoke with the young girl and the man who are father and daughter. He reports they were playing, no service is needed.

Party reports kids possibly fighting at Ingleside Park. Officer reports small group playing.

Caller on Pearl Avenue states that she was yelled at and threatened by a neighbor over a parking spot. Units report an ongoing civil matter. All parties advised of their rights. The peace was restored.


Sunday, September 6

Party reports a blonde female walking barefoot on Tafts and Shirley Street. She appears to have been involved in an argument is now walking down Tafts toward Shirley Street. She appears drunk. Officers located the party and are taking her to a residence so that she can pick up her pocket book and leave. She reported no abuse, just an argument with her boyfriend. She just wants to lave and go home. She arranged for Viking Taxi to take her home.

A motorist was stopped for violation at Crystal Cove and Park Avenue. Officer requested another unit respond. Officers requested a tow truck for the vehicle. An unlicensed driver. The subject was placed under arrest and transported to the station for booking. Charges: Marked lanes violation, unlicensed operation of motor vehicle and lights violation.

Party reports a group of teens roaming around court and Pleasant Street. Officer reports locating the group on Donovan’s Beach and having them clear the area.

Taxi driver from Boston requested we assist him with a fare that fell asleep in the back of the taxi. Officer reports speaking with the subject who gave him the address and he will be dropped off.

Party on Pleasant Street reports sewage backup into her basement. DPW notified.

Party on Bartlett Road called to report that she fell and hit her nose and is bleeding.

Caller on Shore Drive reports a man sitting in the lifeguard chair reading a book and has his two dogs running around the beach unleashed. When she spoke to him about it he gave her a hard time. ACO out of town. W93 sent to the area to speak to the man about the dogs being unleashed. Officer spoke to the subject and advised him to secure his dogs at this time.

Party on Washington Avenue requesting domestic check. The caller hung up and would not give further information. Officer responded and reports speaking to the female party at the residence. All appears to be fine and she is not in any need of the police. Officer also checked the home and all parties appear to be fine, no sign of a problem.

911 caller reporting a 3 year old missing from Winthrop Street. All units BOLO and on the lookout. Sgt. Rogers on the scene. Within minutes a check of the residence revealed the child was inside the home. The child reunited with mom and all is okay at this time.

Caller reports that her mother on Upland Road has been I the hospital and she is at her residence and the kitchen is in disarray. The window is open. Officers dispatched to check the property. We spoke to the caller regarding missing items and officer will submit a report.

Attending nurse at East Boston Neighborhood Health requesting assistance for a patient. Transferred to EMS.

Caller at Fort Heath Apartments requesting an ambulance for her husband. Transferred to EMS.

Party at Alcohol & Drug Free Lodging Home on Shore Drive reports being assaulted by a resident who is still on the scene. Callback by party for EMS as he is bleeding. One under arrest for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon and threat to commit a crime.


Sunday, Sept. 6

Jonathan Richards, 18, 30 Willow Ave., Winthrop arrested and charged with marked lanes violation, unlicensed operation of a motor vehicle, lights violation

Sunday, Sept. 6

David Rawlins Martin, 38, 444 Harrison Ave., Boston arrested and charged with assault and battery on a person over 60 and threatening to commit a crime.

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