Police Blotter 05-14-2015

Monday, May 4

Female caller on Upland road reports a carload of kids smoking marijuana and drinking, plus playing the radio loud.

Female party on Douglas Street reports her 8-year-old son fell and is injured. His head also hurts.

Party on Bowdoin Street called for medical for her mother.

DPW worker requesting police for syringe on the ground at Cross Street cemetery. Off. Feeley will respond to assist.

E91 call from a female stating that a male just touched someone inappropriately on Shore Drive and is being followed by the female victim. All units advised and report one male party in custody for three counts of indecent assault and battery on person 14 or over.

Father on Chester Avenue reports that his son has been getting all kinds of different messages and calls on his cell phone.

Party reports that his blue huffy bike with silver and black pegs was stolen from Shirley Hardware. Units advised to BOLO.

Female caller on Sea Foam Avenue reports a fire alarm going off and on. WFD notified and will respond.

Reports of a speeding BMW coming into Winthrop. All units BOLO.

Caller on Harvard Street reports that his girlfriend took his 1998 white GMC Jimmy and sent him several texts that indicate she might want to hurt herself. All units BOLO Coughlin Park and landing also checked. State Police in Revere have her stopped at Elliott Circle. They will evaluate and boyfriend was notified.

Reports of a broken water heater at Atlantis Marina condos. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.


Tuesday, May 5

Report of an outside fire at Governors Park. Transferred to WFD. W91 reports a small outside fire from a cigarette on the mulch. WFD put it out.

Party on Winthrop Street came in to report that she was defrauded out of money.

Burglary alarm activation on Summit Avenue. W92 reports meeting owner on the scene. It was an accidental activation.

School Resource office requests an ambulance for a student at Middle School having an allergic reaction.

Caller on Woodside Park reports she needs an ambulance to transport a family member with a back injury.

Party on Pauline Street reports that a white male is having difficulty walking. He may be drunk.

Report of youths on Thornton Park on dirt bikes racing up and down the street.

Party came to the station to report that people are frequently operating all terrain motor vehicle son Yirrell Beach and behind houses there. The reporter observed this again today in the afternoon. He will call when he sees them there again.

Report of a chicken in back yard on Pleasant Street. Message was left for ACO. When ACO was called a family with chickens is on Woodside Park. When they were contacted, they did not believe that they are missing any chickens.

Caller reports that near the PPYC there are three males and a female and she is sitting on the ground and crying.


Wednesday, May 6

Essex Regional attempts to connect us with a 911 cal twice that both times disconnected for a report of suspicious activity in the area of Hawthorne and Shore Drive. Units respond and report call was unfounded. No one in the area.

Party on Shirley Street reports an alarm sounding. Officer reports no alarm heard and no signs of an attempted break observed in the area. Officer was pulling away and the alarm started to sound a motor vehicle. Officer located the owner and will have them shut off the alarm.

Caller on Cottage Park Road reports he has fallen and needs assistance getting back up.

Male called to report that someone is down and turning blue at the Golf Course. Fire and EMS notified. Being transported to MGH.

Report of a gridlock in center area. Tractor-trailer cleared out by officer.

Party at Odd Fellows Lodge reports female acting strangely lying down on the pavement. Officer reports speaking with the subject who went back to her address on Winthrop Street.

Female party on Main Street is requesting EMS for her husband. Call transferred to Action EMS and WFD for service.

Report of medical alert activation at Ft. Heath Apartments.

Party reports motor vehicle struck a pole on Revere Street and the motorist has been injured hand. WFD and EMS sent to the area. Officers report the vehicle is on Short Beach. SP Revere notified and will respond. Male operator transported to MGH via ambulance and his wife was notified and will contact him.

Party on Overlook Drive reports he observed a couple hanging in the area asking the elders questions about mail and such. He thought it was very suspicious.

Caller on Egleton Park requests an ambulance for her daughter who is ill with stomach flu and possibly dehydrated.

Walk-in to report of a credit card fraud.

12-year-old boy came in to report an altercation outside. 92 Carter, 94 Racow, Bonavita all responded and settled the matter over an online statement posting.


Thursday, May 7

Caller on Grandview Avenue requesting medical attention for hand laceration.

Party reports a motor vehicle just drove into a porch on Revere Street. Party called and spoke with Sgt. Crisafi stating they appeared to be a black or Hispanic male with braids wearing a blue hoodie who fled down the street. Vehicle is a rental and was towed by G&J. Officers responded to the Argyle Street area where that vehicle has been seen recently. No answer at the door.

Party on Winthrop Street came to the station requesting an officer escort her to her home to pick up some belongings. Call was made to the parent’s home, no answer. The party was advised to call the station later and we would try to make contact.

Reports of two large dogs roaming the area of Bellevue Avenue. ACO notified.

Storeowner at Highland Convenient flagged down an officer regarding a homeless male who just entered the store and stole something. Officer reports the subject was given a no trespass order by the storeowner. He was advised not to return on face arrest.

Party on Circuit Road reports a baby with a trach just stopped breathing and hung up. WFD and EMS contacted to respond. Officer reports no transport.

Caller on Dolphin Avenue reports she found a small black dog in front of a house there. ACO notified. Calling party called back to state the owner shows up.

Calling party reports that his boat got broken into at Crystal Cove Marina.

Caller reports a woman down on the ground in front of Dr. Richard Schwartz on Main Street. EMS notified.

Party on Washington Avenue reports that his upstairs neighbor threatened him about someone parking in the driveway. It is a civil matter. All advised.

Caller from CVS reports someone brought in a fake prescription for a controlled substance. Call referred to Detectives for investigation. Detectives spoke with the pharmacist and reports the validity of the prescription is being checked out.

Caller on Golden Drive reports a person is at her door that is not allowed on the property. Officer requests medical. One male transported to Whidden.

Party reports an elderly male has misplaced his motor vehicle at George Street parking lot. He needs some assistance. Officer took the party to a nearby parking lot where he located his vehicle.

Party on Almont Street recovered her son’s bike that was stolen last August.

Caller on Revere Street reports that her neighbor informed her that the male who hit her house with a car today has returned to the scene. He then left the area and headed towards the rear of her house. Subject left the area prior to the officer’s arrival in a white vehicle with a Governors Park sticker on it and headed towards Revere.

Possible drunk sitting on the curb at Revere and Shirley Street. One in protective custody.


Friday, May 8

Male on Shore Drive requesting medical assistance for elderly mother.

Caller reports that his friend is texting suggestive responses and might hard herself. He spent a few minutes and called her on the phone messages left. While on the call, her boyfriend arrived and reports all is okay now.

Calling party reports an attempted break in of her home on Pleasant Park Road. Officer reports it looks like there was an attempted break in.

Party stated that his daughter is not answering the door on Summit Avenue for anyone and would like an officer to check on her. While officer was enroute, the calling party called back and stated her daughter overslept and is fine.

911 call from central dispatch informing us that a female was locked out of her apartment on Sea Foam Avenue with hr baby still in the apartment. WFD notified. Officer reports he was able to get inside the locked house.

Calling party on Veterans Road reported sewage going into his basement.

Officers served warrant of apprehension out of East Boston District Court to female party on Winthrop Street.

Water main break reported at Main and Revere Street. DPW notified. Officer reports blocking Revere Street from Magee’s Corner to Harvard Street.

Officers off with two suspicious subjects on Washington Avenue. Officers sent the two male parties on their way.

Reports that there are six kids playing loud music and searing at Massa Park.

WFD requests assistance with a subject who keeps lighting a fire pit that they had time extinguish three separate times on Cliff Avenue. Conflagration extinguished.


Saturday, May 9

Caller reports suspicious group near D’Parmas. 91 reports speaking with a group coming from a birthday party with a bag containing baseball equipment. All clear.

W91 reports four male subjects walking through Ingleside Park.

Caller inquiring if we have any information on a party out of Plummer Avenue. The party was an apartment victim of a crime and they were experiencing a language barrier. Nothing in-house.

Excited party on Almont Street called who was unintelligible on the phone. Officers report he was upset that the owner of the lot next door was clearing it of trees. Officer reports speaking with the owner of the lot as well as the caller.

Parties were observed with open containers of alcohol walking along Grandview Avenue. Verbal warning was given.

Party on Cliff Avenue reports a dog has been barking all morning. Caller did not have the address. ACO contacted and reports he no longer works on Saturday or Sunday. Officer reports having the dog owner take it inside.

Caller from Revere reports that her 15-year-old son has run away again. She reported this to Revere police and she would like us to keep an eye out.

Party on Trident Avenue reports that his 10-year-old daughter is missing from upstairs. He states she was there moments ago. Officer responds and reports the 10 year old may be headed towards the beach or Daw playground. W93 reports the child is at a friend’s house with her friends and her friends parents and is returning home.

Caller on Lincoln Street would like to speak with an officer concerning youths who consistently ring her doorbell and then flee. Officer could not locate the youths.

Sunday, May 10

Motor vehicle stop at Hannaford Park yields one subject in custody for operating a motor vehicle with license revoked.

Reports of someone playing basketball in the Walden Street Park. Unit cleared a group from the park.

Reports of no water on Sagamore Avenue. DPW notified.

A child split his head on Kennedy Road falling off a scooter. 7 year old male transported to MGH via EMS and parent was no the scene. No road defects observed.

Caller reports three youths in Coughlin Park. The youths were playing army.

Party on Lowell road reports that her 88-year-old husband may have heat related illness.

Party on Main Street reports that her son’s bike, an orange Mongoose was stolen, but was not sure when it went missing.

Caller on Bowdoin Street reports party with excessive noise going on since noon. Officers respond and report a BBQ in progress. Noise at this time is not unreasonable. They will monitor the area.

Party on Wave Way Avenue reports that a house somewhere in the middle of the street sounds like it has construction going on in the backyard.

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