Police Blotter 09-04-2014

Monday, August 25

Detail Officer on Revere Street reporting that one of the trucks outbound just lost a fuel tank, which was spilling diesel fuel all over the road. WFD and Revere PD responded to take care of the spill. WFD requested a tow to remove the fuel tank from the roadway. All traffic was held up while the area was made safe.

Irate citizen at the tax office creating a disturbance.

Party on Argyle Street reports that someone there just pulled a badge on one of his employees and also stated that he owns the property there as well. Officer reports speaking with all parties involved in the matter. It was apparently a misunderstanding.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports that someone is looking around her neighbor’s home and she knows that nobody is home. Officer spoke with the local contractor who was looking over the property for a job estimate.

Party at East Boston Neighborhood Health requesting EMS for an unresponsive female. Transferred to Action EMD.

Male on Douglas Street came to the station with a letter he received from a man who confessed to breaking into his home.

Tuesday, August 26

Group home staffer on Pleasant Street reports a resident has not arrived home. He usually gets home around 8 p.m. W93 dispatched to home to gather information and reports the subject walked in while he was there. The superintendent was contacted and it was suggested that a cellphone be available for subject as he travels throughout Boston.

Neighbor on Myrtle Avenue reports loud music and a fire pit just initiated by another resident. W91 and W93 spoke wit the resident and the fire was put out and music put off.

Fremont Street caller complaining of ongoing noise from running truck at Nick’s parking lot.

Party on Governors Drive called to report that she believes she is being followed and her house has been bugged because of an ongoing problem with her upstairs neighbor. She’s been advised to call the police if she has any unwanted guest that comes to her home.

Caller on Main Street reports that someone went through his unlocked motor vehicle last evening while it was parked in his driveway and went through his console and glove box. It appears that five $1.00 bills, a bag containing loose change estimated to be between $10 and $15 and a pair of cheap sunglasses.

We received a faxed copy of a subpoena issue by the Court in Seabrook, NH for service to subject on Prospect Avenue. Officer spoke to his mother who will have him come by the station or contact us when he arrives home from work. The subject came to the station and was served in hand by Off. Romeo. A signed copy was faxed back to Hampton NH police.

A motorist was stopped for speeding by Temple Tifereth Israel and was issued a citation.

A party on Willis Avenue reports that someone came to his grandmother’s door asking if she wanted the driveway sealed. He convinced her to do it for a cheaper price. Her grandson spoke with the party and told him they were not interested.

Officer will be doing a follow-up of investigation for a past breaking and entering on Golden Drive.

Detectives requested a check on male subject on Crest and Shore Drive who is operating a blue scooter. This is related to a past incident that occurred.

Officer requested detectives respond to Wyatt’s Mobile for a blue scooter to conduct a follow-up regarding a past incident.

A motor vehicle stop on Main Street resulted in one under arrest for warrant out of Malden, possible Class B drug and operating of vehicle without authority.


Wednesday, August 27

Caller reports a white light flashing and alarm sound from a boat at Pleasant Park Yacht Club. Unit 93 confirms the report of an alarm sounding. WFD has been notified. Unit reports alarm has stopped and a message was left for the owner.

Caller on Beach Road reports that his friend is unconscious. Once the address was determined, he stayed on open line while performing CPR. WFD, W91 and W100 were dispatched.

Female caller on Governors Park has called the station several times identifying herself. She is not making any sense and should be checked out. The female has relocated to Revere and we will attempt to locate her to have her evaluated by EMS. The subject’s address was located in Revere and Revere PD was notified and will evaluate her.

A party who wished to remain anonymous reports that female operating erratically is entering Winthrop via Main Street. She states the woman was also yelling and screaming at others in the area. 93 advised to BOLO.

Caller on Belcher Street requests we check on her daughter who lives downstairs and is not answering the phone or the door. Daughter called the station shortly after to report that she is fine and with her mother.

Party at Winthrop Post Office reports that an employee is not feeling well. WFD and EMS notified.

Female on Wilshire Street reports that her husband is acting up and she wants him out of the house. Officers report they are requesting an ambulance for a party with a tooth infection. EMS notified and will transport the subject to the hospital.

Library Director reports kids tossing stones at the window of the side entrance from the parking lot. Officer reports a group of four boys sent out of the area.

Reports of children riding bicycles in the roadway on Walden Street. 93 spoke to the youths.

92 reports a resident on Revere Street reporting a past larceny of bicycles. 92 reports the grandmother had the bicycles.

Party on Somerset Avenue requesting EMS for chest pain. WFD notified.

Report of a male suffering a seizure at the Winthrop Arms. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Several calls of motor vehicles traveling up Marshall Street the wrong way. Officer reports a paving crew working on Pleasant Street was directing the vehicles down the one-way. DPS director spoke with them and they will not send any more traffic that way.

Walk-in from Johnson Avenue to report a fraud from her Citizen’s bank account. One on March 3 for $616.67 and another on May 27 for $418.65. She was informed by her bank it was for a Sprint account. She does not have a Sprint account and needed a police report for her bank and Sprint.

Transfer from State. The caller hung up but told the State that a group was about to fight at the skate park on Walden Street. Officers brought the subjects to the station where they were turned over to their parents.

Undercover officers requests marked unit for one in custody. Units request another unit as two are in custody. One female for possession of alcohol under the age of 21 and the other for assisting underage person to purchase alcohol.


Thursday, August 28

Male called from the center area to complain that a town trash truck had its engine running while he picked up trash and it was running for some ten minutes. He also stated the diesel engine vehicles should have the exhaust pointing to the air and not ground level.

Officer will try to serve a restraining order to subject on Pleasant Street issued out of Woburn Court. Officer reports no one at home.

Female reports a man down on Shirley Street. Officer and WFD report that a person fell but refused medical attention.

Officer will try to serve the parent/guardian of a juvenile a summons issued by the Suffolk County Juvenile Court in Chelsea. He reports serving in hand to juvenile’s mother on Putnam Place.

Caller reports suspicious individual in the area of Ingleside Park. Officer spoke to the party and all checks out.

Report of someone injured on beach at Bayview Avenue. Transferred to WFD.

Report of a lost or stolen bike from North Avenue. A girl’s bike, purple and pink 20” with a pink polka dot seat.

Female reports an alarm at Viking Gardens. WFD and 92 Ferullo reports food on the stove.

Female on Shore Drive complains a noisy party on Ocean Avenue. 91 Ramadini and 94 Curran reports that the party will be taken in for the night.


Friday, August 29

94 Curran reports a rowdy group was exiting Blackstrap and he advised that they disperse.

Caller states a boat with a couple of guys appear to be getting on other boats on Shirley Street. Fire notified in attempt to contact Harbormaster. 93 reports that the group appears to be approaching the public landing. 91 is on the scene assisting. 93 reports the group was having transmission issues with their boat.

Report of a wire down at Nick’s. WFD reports the plastic came down from a cable wire. They will contact Comcast.

Male caller reports there is pipe sticking up on the street with no cover near the football field on Cross Street. DPW notified.

Detectives are off on a follow-up investigation on Main Street.

Male called from Australia to see if we could check on his brother on Sagamore Avenue. Officer reports brother is okay and they are having phone problems.

Lifeline activation at Fort Heath Apartments.

Caller on Putnam Place reports arriving home to find her front door left wide open. Units report clearing the residence and nothing is missing or out of place. The caller states that maybe the husband might have failed to secure the door fully while leaving.

Call of a large swan in the middle of Veterans Road.

Officer will try to serve a summons issued by the Woburn Court on Pleasant Street. He reports the summons was served in hand to the defendant.

Woman on Pauline Street came in to report that she was sent a $1,000 MoneyGram from her sister in Washington State. She claims that it was taken from her mailbox and cashed in Cambridge. It was altered with the name of her next-door neighbor. She has all of the copies and information. She was told the detectives would follow up with her.

Town –wide call from Board of Health regarding West Nile virus and suggestions for precautions. Residents advised to visit town website for further information.

Party on Golden Drive states that her niece is belligerent, banging at his door, even though she has been given a trespass notice from the property. Female in custody with warrants. Prisoner is banging head on the window on her way in.

Report of kids drinking on the waterside of Cottage Park Road. Three females. 98 gang unit report that the area is clear.

Wife on Sea Foam Avenue requests medical for her husband. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Juvenile entered the station followed by an adult male. The juvenile states that the adult is following him and made several suspicious statements. The adult party is under the weather and states he was concerned for the juvenile’s welfare. The adult party sent on his way and the juvenile was transported home and parents were advised.


Saturday, August 30

Caller on Locust and Revere Street reports a man in a car, parked, and no response. Units report driver unruly and request G&J. One under arrest for unlicensed operation of motor vehicle and second offense of driving under the influence.

Woman on Revere Street called to report observing a white male, trying to get into a house through the window. Units report party and a few people had been there and all is clear.

Call for two males fighting and arguing on Shirley Street. Units report area clear upon their arrival. Residents on scene report one of the involved parties was in a National Grid van. W91 reports locating the parties on Shore Drive and reports a verbal disagreement between workers.

Caller on Shirley Street reports a past breaking and entering.

Party reports he was just bitten by a large dog at Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street. ACO notified. Caller reports a blonde female in her 30’s walking a Rottweiler type dog. She fled the scene when the caller told her was calling the police. ACO reports locating the individual on Revere Street and will obtain all necessary information for follow-up action.

State transfer reports a motorist just reported he hit a bicyclist knocking him off his bike at Shirley and Bayview Avenue. Bicyclist got up and rode away. 91 reports some damage to the car and he has all the information.

E911 calls for single vehicle crash at Pleasant and Pauline Street. WFD and EMS dispatched. Party transported to hospital. G&J notified for tow. DPW notified for hydrant and traffic light damage and will respond.

Report of a growing brush fire in the marsh area near Pico. WFD and W93 dispatched.

Reports of a bonfire on the beach on Washington Avenue. WFD notified and W93 will investigate.

Officer off with car with three parties walking down Revere Street. W92 will assist. Female party transported via EMS. She was involved in a minor motor vehicle crash.


Sunday, August 31

Caller on Locust and Beach Road states he approached a suspicious subject in his yard, which fled on foot into a car. Units will BOLO the area. Area search negative.

Part reports an intoxicated party operating a motor vehicle on Winthrop Street. The caller tried to prevent the person form leaving the address. Units will attempt to locate the vehicle.

Caller on Jefferson Street states noise coming from trucks are causing a disturbance. Officer spoke to subject and they were advised to return after 8 a.m.

Party on Amelia Avenue requesting ambulance for transport to the hospital.

Caller on Willis Avenue reports a female in the stairway who does not live there and refuses to leave. One under arrest for breaking and entering.

Party reports that his phone was stolen last night at a bar in Boston. The phone, described as white with gold IPhone 5s, has a GPS security feature, which was showing it to be in the area of Grandview and Undine Avenue. Officer reports speaking with area residents in effort to locate the phone but were unsuccessful.

Caller asked for our department to assist in locating a probation violator wearing a GPS bracelet. The warrant was faxed over for his arrest. Units are responding to Court Road which is the latest location indicated on the GPS. Subject was located and placed in custody.

Party on Nahant Avenue came to the station to report that her boyfriend’s mother has been harassing her and her father by phone. The subject filled out victim/witness form.

Caller on Bellevue Avenue reports one male and female party have been acting suspicious. Units respond and report the area is clear.

Monday, September 1

Anonymous caller said he just made a drop off on Beal Street and overhead a party say he was going to kill his family and he had guns. The caller hung up abruptly. Neither local taxi company reports any recent drop offs to subject’s address. Units report the area is clear of suspicious vehicles and spoke with the resident who said her family was sleeping and she did not know what to make of the call. The caller sounded like the party’s husband who no longer resides there.

Call of a blown transformer at Locust and Cross Street. WFD notified.

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