Meeting at Coughlin Park

What better place to hold a meeting to discuss Coughlin Park renovations than right at Coughlin Park. Town Manager James McKenna convened a meeting with Point Shirley residents at the park Tuesday to discuss the renovations that are taking place at the facility located on Bayview Avenue. More than 50 residents turned out for meeting, which is an impressive total for the day after Labor Day. It shows how much residents there care about their neighborhood park and the improvements being made there.

McKenna, along with Assistant to the Town Manager Joseph Domelowicz Jr., DPW Director Steve Calla, Parks and Recreation Director Sean Driscoll, Council Vice President/Precinct 3 Councilor Nicholas DelVento, and Councilor-at-Large Philip Boncore, did an outstanding job responding directly to questions posed by residents at the outdoor meeting. Parks Committee Chair Linda Bressard also attended the meeting.

There was plenty of good news for those in attendance. McKenna said the town will spend approximately $325,000 to renovate the park and bring in brand-new equipment.   The town was able to obtain a $200,000 grant for the project and combined with the town’s contribution and in-kind services, the funds will certainly result in a park that the entire neighborhood can take pride in. The residents seemed to favor a shelter/gazebo to be added to the the park and Calla said the construction of such a facility could be realized as early as next year. The grant dictated that the funds must be used by the end of this year.

Having this meeting at Coughlin Park was a fantastic idea and we commend Jim McKenna and the town officials for reaching out to Point Shirley residents so quickly after some had expressed concerns at the Aug. 19 council meeting about the renovation plans. McKenna rightfully said the time is now for the town and Point Shirley to look ahead to the beautiful park that soon will be ready.  By next summer, the park will be abuzz with activities for young and old.

We can’t wait to see the “new” Coughlin Park — for those of us who have been around for a while, this is the third construction project (counting the initial construction of the park) — a playground that has meant so much for a long time to residents of Point Shirley and the entire town.

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