Police Briefs 08-28-2014

Winthrop Police Blotter

Monday, August 18

Party on James Avenue requested an officer to go with her to pick up her belongings. Call was made to the party and she will comply with the court order.

Detective will be on Almont Street to conduct an investigation.

Caller on Terrace Avenue requests a well-being check on her friend. Officer reports speaking to the person and her husband. All is okay and she will call her friend.

Building Inspector responding to Morton Street and requested an officer to keep the peace.

Report of a group of teens fighting at the Gazebo. Officers request medical. WFD/EMS notified. All the parties were brought to the station and their parents were notified.

Party on Wadsworth Avenue reports that a large truck belonging to Eastern Tree Service stuck the overhead wires going to her home, ripping them out and damaging her residence. She contacted the company and they will settle this. She wanted this on record in case further action is required.

Caller on Francis Street reports being followed home by an unknown motor vehicle with one male in it which then fled the area. No description on the car. Area search negative.

Caller reports loud yelling coming from the area of Bayou and Revere Street. Officers spoke to three subjects who were having a verbal argument. All quiet and clear now.

Tuesday, August 19

Woman on Kennedy Road has severe nosebleed and requesting assistance.

Walk in male from Edgehill Road to report he won an auction on EBay for a 1969 Volvo for $5,150. He paid through his Pay Pal account to Motorama International of Auburn, California. He has tried three times to pick up the vehicle to no avail. He was advised to file a fraud report from EBay to his local police.

Male party on Bayview Avenue called to report the phone pole appears to be disintegrating due to its age and a lightning strike last month. The call was transferred to WFD for investigation of the issue.

DPW reports someone illegally dumped trash in the compost pile. Call was made to Enforcement Officer VanBuskirk.

Motor vehicle stopped for violation on Walden Street. Operator was cited for failure to stop at the stop sign.

Caller on Nahant Avenue states that his mother is dizzy. Fire and medical notified.

Female on Walden Street called to report that she feels weak and would like to go to the hospital. The call was transferred to EMD and WFD for service.

Party at Governors Park reports loud noises disturbing her peace from upstairs. Officers report the situation was handled by security prior to their arrival.

Caller on Sea View Avenue reports “lots of gunfire” coming from the marsh area. Officer stayed in the area for a while, and heard nothing. No one is in the area.

Wednesday, August 20

Detectives are on a follow-up investigation on Hawthorn Avenue.

Housing called to report a tenant is on the floor on Overlook Drive and may have been assaulted. A larceny or robbery has taken place. EMS notified to check the victim. Officers report it is an 85-year-old male who stated he has been on the floor since Friday? Officers report subject is disoriented and he ahs not been on the floor for days. No crime that the officers can see. Subject was taken to MGH.

Male juvenile came to the station to report he was attacked by a male in his 30’s near the basketball court. Male was described as blond hair with blond beard with a green t-shirt and a tattoo on the right arm. Officers searched the area to no avail. Fire and Action checked out the victim and the parent gave a refusal. Parent and victim are being interviewed by Det. Callinan and Off. Feeley.

Caller at Viking Gardens reports a woman just attacked her. Units report having one female in custody Fire and ambulance notified for victim. Patient refused medical. One subject under arrest for assault and battery on person over 60.

Caller reports a male opened up the locked fence at the Dalrymple School and took some tools. W94 Lt. Scarpa reports speaking to a contractor who left some tools behind and needs them for an emergency job.

Party on Hermon Street reports that his mother is having stomach issues and needs an ambulance. Fire and ambulance notified.

Caller on Pico Avenue reports a female fell down and hurt her head. Fire and ambulance notified.

Thursday, August 21

Caller on Jefferson Street reports a loud party is causing a disturbance. Units respond and report all parties advised. It was a resident with a guest and a loud TV. After officers gained entry into the building, they went to the third floor to speak with the resident.

Male called to report loud music coming from the beach on Shore Drive and Cutler Street. State Police notified.

Caller on Trident Avenue reports that her mother fell and she needs help getting her up.

Life Line called for a lift assist at Fort Heath Apartments. Fire notified.

Male on Summit Avenue called to report that someone broke into his house last year and is back. He did not show up for court so there must be warrants. There are. Two warrants out of East Boston Court. Officers report checking the area and with the owner and the subject was not in the area.

Report of a break into a vacant apartment on Moore Street. Water was turned on and the landlord was aware of this and will change the locks. He spoke with a tenant upstairs and the lock was broke.

94 Curran reports he has a juvenile male with a knife on Main Street. Mother will be notified.

Male reports a large sinkhole forming on Shore Drive. State Police Revere notified and will send a trooper to check it out.

Female on Golden Drive reports she is missing a ring and a bracelet. Suspect was arrested last night and was there today and now the jewelry is missing. No one saw anything.

Motor vehicle crash on Winthrop Street and the suspect took off. 92 Ramadini reports the suspect was caught on Thornton Street and placed under arrest for second offense of driving under the influence, unlicensed operation of motor vehicle and four counts of leaving the scene of property damage.

Friday, August 22

Female on Crest Avenue reports problem with her mother’s 02 level. Call transferred to WFD for service.

Party came in to report a glass panel on the Senior Shuttle folding entry doors was smashed sometime overnight while parked at Larsen Rink. He believes it to be valued at approximately $500. No other damage observed.

Caller on Banks Street reports a possible rabid skunk walking about her yard. ACO was notified and will speak to her once again regarding the matter.

Motor vehicle stopped by detail officer Lt. Scarpa per radio traffic from Off. Perrin for failing to stop for a police officer on Crest Avenue. Subject has an active WMS in his name. He was placed under arrest for the warrant as well as the charges of failing to stop for police and unlicensed operation of motor vehicle.

Reports of a swan being fed in the area across from Lewis Lake by a resident. ACO notified and will respond.

Party on Cottage Park Road reports two individual racing dirt bikes up and down the street. Officer reports the area was checked to no avail.

Report of a roof fire on Shore Drive. WFD notified and officer repots it appears to be an electrical fire on the house. Fire was extinguished and wiring was rendered safe by WFD. Officer stood by until the units cleared the area.

Party on Thornton Park reports a female appears to have taken something and needs help. WFD and EMS notified. Officer reports female being transported to MGH via ambulance.

Officer is responding back to Moore Street regarding a prior response at the location.

Several calls regarding dogs barking in the area of Buchanan Street. Officer reports ACO arrived and helped locate the animals. The dogs were placed into a rear unlocked door and the barking has ceased. The door was secured.

Female called twice regarding a loud backyard party on Beal Street. 92 Ramadini and 91 Connolly report the party went inside.

Saturday, August 23

W94 reports large groups leaving Blackstrap and the Kasbah. Units report stopping one motor vehicle and moving groups along.

W93 Off. Hickey and W91 Off. Connolly off with suspicious individual. The party spoke word of enlightenment to the officers and then headed home for the night.

911 call from woman on Shirley Street stating that her boyfriend wants to kill himself. He has tried before with razors. Fire, Action also notified. Units report one male to MGH.

Caller at Governors Park reports that two male subjects are walking around trying to get into the units. He believes they may be soliciting the residents. He was unable to raise security. W91 dispatched and reports they were religious pamphlets that were being distributed.

Party reports finding a bag containing a brown substance at Daw Playground. It could be drugs. W92 responded and retrieved the bag and brought it to the station. Upon closer look, it was determined to be bacon flavored dog treats.

Female on Revere Street requesting an ambulance for her ailing father.

BPD called for assistance to help parents locate their daughter who is staying on Shore Drive. W91 and W93 dispatched to assist. Units report the daughter is on her way home with the parents.

Caller reports a group of kids causing a disturbance at Honey Dew. Officer spoke to the parties and then sent them out of the area. The peace was restored.

Party reports he and two friends had just been robbed by three youths are knifepoint on Waldemar Avenue. Description of all three were wearing dark clothing, one with red sweatpants. All three were wearing black bandanas. W91 off with two parties on Walden, and it turned out to be two of the three victims. The parties were transported to the station. The victim received a call from a friend who saw the subjects matching description in the maze area. Officers off on Johnson near Circuit in search. Foot pursuit ensued and two subject in custody. One backpack recovered at Bellevue and Johnson. One held for resisting arrest, and two outstanding warrants. The other for armed and masked robbery and resisting arrest.

Caller on Shore Drive smells “acrid” smoke from somewhere in the neighborhood. Units tied up and referred to WFD.

Numerous calls of motor vehicle accident and fight in on Pearl and Shirley Street. Units report they have one in custody four driving under the influence. Due to insufficient manpower and prisoner’s medical complaint, prisoner informed he would be summonsed to court and voluntarily transported to MGH. Prior to release, prisoner offered and refused breathalyzer test.

Sunday, August 24

Second call of loud music at Revere Street and Golden Drive. W100 spoke with homeowner who’s wrapping it up for the evening.

Party reports some type of disturbance on Pebble Avenue. Officer spoke to the resident who was having some type of issue with computer and was loudly venting his frustrations.

Caller reports man down on Highland Avenue. Fire, Action notified. Units report a 31-year-old man to MGH.

Anonymous female caller request we check on male friend on Sagamore Avenue who threatened to hurt himself. Officers request EMS. Party going to MGH for an evaluation.

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