Police Blotter 05-29-2014

Monday, May 19

Caller reports an alarm at the Amvets. The bartender reports being on the scene. Units report all checked out, and the alarm was reset.

94 reports off with a party on a moped on Shirley Street. FIO issued.

Caller on Governors Drive reports that their neighbor below them has been making noise for the past 45 minutes. Units respond and report and ongoing issue. Both parties have been advised of their rights.

Life Line requesting medical for 87-year-old male on Overlook Drive that has fallen down.

Male came in to report that he is being threatened by another male and some of his friends. He refused to give any information for an incident report and wanted nothing else done but to put it on record. This happened at the PPYC.

A resident of Beach Road who wishes to remain anonymous reported that her motor vehicle had a flat tire on the left rear. This is an ongoing court case. The party reports it may be related to the case. Just wanted it on record.

Report of possibly orphaned ducklings at Lewis Lake.

Caller from Beach Road that a male needs an ambulance. Fire notified.

Party on Bayview Avenue came in to report that he received a fraudulent check in the mail that was sent to him from Ireland. This is the same type of scam we have seen the past few years. “Cash the check that’s made out for $4,650.00 for the processing fee and we will send you your winnings of $550,000.00.”

E911 transfer from the State, and the operator stated that the caller (that I can not hear) said she could hear a woman and baby screaming on River Road. Officers report nothing in the area; a neighbor said it might be someone yelling across the street to each other, but no problem.

Female on River Road called to state there is a woman yelling at people from a window. Officer reports nothing showing.

Male caller on Beal Street reports his wife needs an ambulance. Fire and Action notified.

Female on River Road called again to report a lady swearing and yelling out the window. Detectives report they spoke to several people and they are scared of this lady. They will make out a report for a Hearing.

Party on Grandview Avenue came in to report that someone has used his name and charged items at three locations: Best Buy, Home Depot and Macy’s. On Sunday, May 4, the three stores contacted him about these charges.

Tuesday, May 20

Party reports a male, possibly in his 20s, walking up Revere Street towards Crest, swearing and knocking over trash barrels. Officers located subject at Sagamore and Revere. Party claims he bumped into a barrel while walking. He was sent on his way home.

An Apple I phone was brought to the station that was found near Ingleside Park. Owner notified and will pickup.

Party came in to report that construction vehicles parked, obstructing the sidewalk on Washington Avenue was forcing her and her child to walk into the roadway. She stated she has also spoke to them in the past about this issue, but they ignored her request. 91 issued a parking ticket and had the vehicle moved.

WFD reports Ladder 1 struck a parked car and did some minor damage to the vehicle on Woodside Avenue. There was nobody present at that time, so they placed a note on it. Officer responded to the fire station to obtain information for a report.

Officer stopped a motorist for speeding on Veterans and Cutler Street. He was cited.

CVS reports they have a juvenile shoplifter in the store. Officer reports CVS does not want to seek court action. The party was brought home to his parent. Officer will file an incident report.

Party reports discovering a disoriented female on her property on Fremont Street. There is a possible language barrier. The woman was reunited with her son who will maintain care and custody of her.

Reports of an attempted breaking and entering on Fremont Street. No entry gained.

Party on Centre Street reports her new neighbor wandering the neighborhood looking in cars and going into people’s yards. Officers spoke to the subject and neighbors. They determined no crime was committed. The subject went home.

Wednesday, May 21

Caller request medical. She stated she was at Pond Street, then Seal Harbor, then Harbor View. She was located on Harbor View. Medical notified.

Medical request on Grovers Avenue. Transferred to medical.

Male request medical for his sister on Bellevue Avenue. Transferred to medical.

911 call to report a dog running on Main Street. Caller stated a white dog. ACO notified.

Female party who is the aunt of a juvenile came into report that he left the house yesterday after being suspended from school. She is his legal guardian. His mother lives in Fall River and his stepfather lives in Boston. This morning she spoke to his stepfather who stated that her nephew had left for school this morning. She explained to him he was suspended. She is nervous because before coming to live with her, he had a history of cutting himself. We were able to track him down by calling his stepfather who stated he was with the stepfather’s sister at their house in Boston. We called her cell phone and spoke to the boy who was safe. Off. Armistead explained she could call Chelsea Court and speak to them about obtaining a CRA (Child Requiring Assistance). She was also told it is a civil matter, but could have Boston go by for a well being check if she was concerned.

Caller on Winthrop and Madison reports that he backed out of a driveway and he almost struck a vehicle. He told the other driver he was sorry, but the other vehicle followed him onto Madison and the operator had words with hi. He was then followed onto Shirley Street and the other vehicle pulled into Energy to Go. Officer reports the vehicle was gone upon his arrival.

Party on Pleasant Street reports that two televisions valued at approximately $1600. Were dropped at his front door by Fed Ex in the morning. When his wife came home at noon, they were not there. He reported it to Fed Ex and they are investigating.

Motor vehicle stop on Revere Street led to an arrest for an outstanding warrant.

Thursday, May 22

Female on Pleasant Park Road reports that her mother fell and she needs help to get her up.

Caller on Cliff Avenue called to report that his wife is having hard time breathing. WFD notified.

Party on Jefferson Street requests fire as the smoke alarms are going off. It is food on the stove. WFD aired the building out.

Party came to the station to report a minor motor vehicle accident at Energy To Go. She reports that her vehicle was tapped while parked in the parking lot. No damage to report. She was unable to get the other person’s personal information.

Code Enforcement Officer reports speaking to the owner of a pickup truck who apparently drives over the sidewalk onto the property and parks in front of the gas main to the home on Atlantic Street. The subject has moved his truck and was advised to register his truck here in Winthrop.

Boston 911 requests we contact female on Golden Drive and have her contact them regarding a family member. No answer at the door. Message was left at the address.

Party on Winthrop Avenue, Revere called requesting medical aid for an unconscious person. The call was transferred to Revere 911 for service.

Caller on Sturgis Street reports that her husband is having difficulty breathing and is requesting EMS. The call was transferred to WFD for service.

C258E order issued and received for party on Shore Drive. The defendant was served in hand at Court.

Party on Wave Way Avenue called to report he struck a parked motor vehicle, damaging the bumper. He will leave a note for the owner to contact him. The owner is registered to a Boston address.

Party called in relation to the previous incident. We explained the procedure involved and informed her that the person who hit her vehicle reported it to us. She stated she had talked to him, but was insistent that we need to respond and file a police report. We again explained the process involved concerning a minor vehicle accident but she seemed to become agitated that we did not file a report and did not respond. W93 was dispatched to speak with her. The officer reports he explained the procedure for an accident to the caller, and she will file with her insurance company.

Party on Hermon Street came to the station to seek an ERO. 91 assisted the party and an on-call judge issued the order. Officers served the order in hand and obtained the key.

Female on Ocean Avenue called to report that a male with a flashlight is hanging around by their dumpster. W92 responded and checked the property and no one was there.

Cab driver came in to report a problem with a female fare on Winthrop Street. W91 and W94 spoke with the parties and fare and made arrangements to take care of everything with the driver. The party had left her wallet in Boston.

The cab driver from the previous call came back to the station with the fare and reports that she would not get out of the cab on Sturgis Street. Fire responded to check out the party. A family member was called and responded to the station to pick the female party up.

Friday, May 23

Caller on Governors Drive reports that his neighbor from another apartment is slamming her door.

Hysterical woman on Governors Drive reports that her son is dead. Transferred to EMS. WFD, W91 and W92 responded. Cpac and Lt. Perrin notified. ME office notified.

Party on Cross and Locust Street reported a syringe on the ground. Officer responded and reports locating the syringe and will dispose of it.

Abandoned 911 wire line call from East Boston Neighborhood Health. No answer on the call back. 91 spoke with the director who reported everything is in order.

Party on Read Street is requesting WFD and EMS for his wife who is feeling light headed. WFD and EMS notified and will respond.

91 will attempt to serve ERO to subject on Hermon Street. Units report the party is not home. They spoke with his parents who will have him come to the station to pick up his copy. The party was contacted on his cell phone and was served on the phone. He will come to the station later to pick up his copy.

Party reports several ducklings in the high voltage area on Deer Island. She requested a contact number for the MWRA to assist. The caller was provided with some contact numbers. The party called back later to report the ducklings were rescued and reunited with Mother Duck with the assistance of the ACO and MWRA personnel.

Motor vehicle was parked in the handicap spot with no placard on Cutler Street.  The motor vehicle was moved.

Call of kids yelling at the gazebo at Ingleside Park. Officers report all is clear.

Caller on River Road states that she was a victim of an assault and battery. Units 91, 93 and 99 respond and report the offender had fled the scene and all parties advised of their rights.

Party on Shore Drive states she heard blood-wailing scream off the beach, but could not see anything. 99 respond and report the area is clear.

Caller on Tewksbury Street reports a loud nose party in the apartment above hers. Units respond and report they spoke to the resident and the party has come to an end.

Saturday, May 24

Caller reports a white motor vehicle with four youths possibly chasing another car near Bolsters on Shirley Street. W93 travelled the area, including full length of Shirley Street, but to no avail.

Caller on Kennedy Road states a disturbance. Units respond and report a verbal argument. One party in custody for possession of Class C drug, possession of Class E drug and outstanding warrant.

Report of a child struck by a baseball at baseball field on Cross Street.

W93 reports he is off to Winthrop Street on a follow up investigation regarding threats.

Caller on Buchanan Street reports a dead squirrel in front of her house.

Several calls for a male and female arguing in the middle of the street at Short Beach. Units report parties had a verbal disagreement, regarding lost keys, and will be on their way.

Party on Shirley Street came in to report a larceny from her yard.

Party came to the station to obtain the belongings of male on Hermon Street. They were told they could come at 3 p.m. and take all of his bagged belongings from the front hall. Off. Ramadini will assist. One female stated that she was scared of another female who had one of her keys. The keys were given up and officer will give back the key to owner, and a male gave up his key. Officer reports everything was exchanged with no problems.

Caller on Golden Drive reports resident on the floor and bleeding. WFD notified. W93 reports subject was transported to MGH.

Mother of two kids called to report a group of teenagers are giving her kids and others a hard time at the skateboard park on Walden Street. Officers report they spoke to the teenagers and the parents, and all understand and all are satisfied.

Caller on Shirley Street requests EMS. Transferred to WFD.

Party on Bellevue Avenue reports water leaking in the street. DPW notified.

Mother came to the station regarding her 19-year-old son. She is concerned because she repots that he took $200 from his grandmother today and she is afraid he may use it for an illegal purchase.

Caller on Crest Avenue reports sewer line backed up into basement. DPW notified and will handle.

Caller on Faun Bar Avenue reports large fireworks being set off behind the water tower. W92 and W91 will check the area. Officer walked the path and found nothing.

Caller on Shore Drive states a white male and female arguing and she was yelling for help. They were last seen walking northbound, smoking cigarettes. The female was barefoot. Units respond and report the call was unfounded.

977 reports he is finding traffic cones around the Highlands area closing roads. He has removed them. Juveniles possibly left them there. He will check the area.

Sunday, May 25

Caller from the Winthrop Arms states the driver is having a problem with an individual. 91 responds and reports a cab fare that’s already been settled.

Female from T&T Variety called to report that there is an elderly lady with just a bathrobe on and she has no idea who she is and where she lives. She was taken home to her son.

Male on Governors Drive called to report his mother needs an ambulance. Fire and Action notified.

Call from St. John’s Church that someone has passed out. Fire, Action and Officer respond. The chief is also on the scene and reports it was a young girl. She is awake and her mother is with her. W91 will contact the father on Washington Avenue. Father notified. It was low blood sugar on an 11 year old. She will go to the hospital with her parents.

Female on Burrill Terrace is breaking things and being very aggressive. Fire and officer report that she is being taken to MGH.

Male on Cutler Street called to report that the tires on his car have been slashed. Two tires slashed.

Two calls that they would like to see a police officer at Holy Rosary Church for a stop sign infraction. Officer reports checking out the operator who had an out of state license. The subject was advised of his infraction.

Lady on Governors Drive called to report that her husband is dizzy. Fire notified.

Female on Atlantic Street called to report that a skunk just walked into her back yard and she is having a barbecue. She would like to know what to do. ACO notified. Mark called us after he went there. No skunk in the yard at this time.

W91 reports male party in front of Nick’s. He refused all medical attention and proceeded on his way. W91 reports there were no defects. The male caught his foot on his car.

Caller on Somerset Avenue reports finding a small black poodle. ACO notified and will respond. Owner has been located and poodle returned.

Caller on Lincoln Street requests an ambulance. Fire and ambulance notified.

Party at the Landing reports that two trucks are blaring their radios with loud music. W92 reports the area is clear upon his arrival.

Caller on Plummer Avenue reports extremely loud music in the neighborhood. W92 and W93 dispatched. The area was quiet upon their arrival.

Caller from previous call called back to state the music was turned up louder after police left. Units will check area again. Upon their arrival, some base was heard from second floor. Resident notified and was asked to turn the music down.

Caller called to report that cones are blocking Crest Avenue. They believe kids are responsible for placing them. W92 will check the area and open the road. While checking the area, W92 checked out the occupants of a car in the lot. The residents are waiting for a cab into Boston.

Caller on Washington Avenue requests an ambulance. Call transferred to WFD.

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