Viking Pride Foundation Event

Speaking of the Viking Pride Foundation, Chairman Vin Crossman and his group have a fantastic event coming up on June 28 when they will host, “The Final Countown..WHS goes to Valhalla,” to mark the closing of the Winthrop High School building. The foundation is calling the event “the last nostalgic night in the current WHS building before it is torn down.”

There are two things that we’ve come to expect from the Viking Pride Foundation: That this event will be a first-class, high-enjoyment affair — just like its past concerts and galas at Miller Field — and that it will be well-attended, with hundreds of former WHS alumni in attendance.

The VPF has helped this town and its students in so many instances with its support and generosity. We hope that the townspeople will support VPF and this memorable event that it is planning.

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