Robert Deeb and the Future of Winthrop

We are on board with the Winthrop resident Robert Deeb’s plans to develop his many newly-acquired properties in town, including the well-known Michael’s Mall in Winthrop Center. Residents are beginning to see Deeb’s vision for Winthrop Center and we must say, it is exciting to learn of his intentions and to share in his enthusiasm for our town’s business district.

Deeb will give Michael’s Mall an exciting new exterior look and the newly-expanded Paesan’s Restaurant will certainly add a new dimension to that fine food establishment. Deeb is making a concerted effort to find just the right business to open in the Somerset Avenue property that he has also purchased. And we can only envision the great development  Deeb has for the 2.8 acres of vacant land at the entrance to Deer Island.

We have already witnessed Deeb’s outstanding renovation of the Wadsworth Building which continues to house local businesses that are doing well with the support of our residents.

Deeb has praised Town Manager Jim McKenna’s leadership and we’re sure the Winthrop Town Council will want to meet with Deeb to discuss his outstanding plans for French Square/Winthrop Center. As we talked with Deeb, we could sense his love for this town and how he’s deliberating so that each decision he makes is in the best interests of the entire community.

We’re fortunate that Robert Deeb has stepped forward and decided to invest millions of dollars in our town, its growth, and future development. Deeb has also demonstrated that he will contract Winthrop businesses for his projects. Richard Honan of the Honan Sign Company has designed a beautiful sign that Winthrop residents will soon see at Michael’s Mall. Noted interior designer Joanna Ciampa did a phenomenal job at the Yo Do Good frozen yogurt cafe at the mall.

As an owner of MSA Mortgage, Robert Deeb has been a successful businessman and a great contributor to the town at-large with his involvement in the Viking Pride Foundation from its inception. We congratulate Robert on his acquisitions in the town and look forward to watching as his projects become completed and his vision for the future becomes a reality.

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