Winthrop Cheerleaders at Nationals

W1Pictured at the Nationals at Disney World in Florida are the Winthrop High cheerleaders. Left:
Shanel Turransky, Kelty Stafford, senior Ashley Patti, assistant coach Steph Bono, senior Rachel
Rogowicz, Haley Curtis, Jessica Vigliotta, Paige McGovern, Olivia Robson, coach Rachel Mustone,
senior Alana Farmer, senior Elizabeth Dibenedetto, Emily McGovern, senior Diandra Gillis, senior
Kelly Swanson, Acacia Lynch, senior Dakotah Squire, senior Ashley Singarella. Bottom: Senior
Irene Saulnier, senior Marissa Gullotti, Gia Correale, Alyssa Ferrara.

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