Police Blotter 02-27-2014

Monday, February 17

Search warrant executed and entry gained by SWAT on Temple Avenue. SWAT cleared residence. Copy of search warrant left with arrestee’s mother. Subject wanted for possession of a firearm without FID card, improper storage of a firearm unlawful possession of ammunition, breaking and entering in daytime, and larceny of a firearm.

Party on Bates Avenue requesting assistance for resident who fell out of bed. WFD notified.

Caller on Shore Drive reports blue Porsche traveling at an excessive rate of speed towards Deer Island. All units BOLO’d

Man on Shore drive called to report that he has been receiving threats over his phone, and today his tenant told him two men with boxcutters came by looking for him. W92 responded and requested W91. Officers spoke with several. One party cited for operating a vehicle after suspension.

Female on Governors Drive called to report not hearing from her neighbor/friend for several days. She is not answering the door or her phone. The caller can hear the woman through the door, possibly moaning. W91 responded along with fire and made a forced entry. Fire on scene and will be turning the apartment over to the BOH for issues.

Report of chest pains on Linden Street.

Female on Governors Drive called regarding the extra cats that she took in that are now not getting along with her cats. ACO will contact her with some advice and solutions.

Male on Tileston Road reports that a car is parked right up against his daughter’s friend’s car, touching it. All parties spoken to and matter settled for now.

Tuesday, February 18

Female caller reports a lot of activity on Hermon Street. Male running down the street and jumping into a car and taking off at a high rate of speed. No descriptions of car or people. Caller is just suspicious that there is trouble on the street.

Asst. Director called for officer to assist in issuing no trespass order to a party at Winthrop Public Library. W92 Off. Feeley assisted.

Male on Wave Way Avenue reports excessively loud exhaust on a blue van that has been disturbing the neighborhood for weeks. W93 reports speaking with all parties. Peace restored.

A fax was received from Malden District Court to serve 209A order on Grovers Avenue. Unable to serve. Message was left for party to contact to be served. Male called regarding the police to his home. He was told there was an active 209A in effect and he was served over the phone. He was instructed to come by the station to pick up his copy and he said that he would and that he understands the order. He stated that he has no weapons or permits or FID cards.

Female on Palmyra Street reports that her husband has a leg injury. Transferred to EMS and they will handle.

Call from Ingleside Avenue requesting an ambulance for father.

Male on Bates Avenue called to report a squirrel got in his house. ACO contacted and will assist.

Caller on Revere Street reports falling and he thinks his foot is broken. W92 responded and fire notified. Officer reports male fell on the sidewalk in front of barbershop. Conditions were snowy.

Request for ambulance for grandmother who fell in the basement on Pleasant Street. Fire notified.

Ambulance request for a twisted knee on Seal Harbor Road. Fire notified.

Wednesday, February 19

Caller on Shore Drive requested ambulance for mother to MGH.

Caller reports a large Uhall truck parked in front on Johnson Avenue. The driver then entered house on Sargent Street last night where the caller said there is a court injunction barring boarders at the address on Sargent Street. Reported for record purposes. Uhall timed and moved when officer returned to check.

Three 911 calls of a pedestrian struck by a motor vehicle between Taylor and Harvard Streets.

Report from Almont Street of a woman fallen and unable to get up. W92 reports WFD gained entry and medically cleared her.

Report of low hanging wire on Pearl Avenue. W92 reports wire not a high-tension wire but likely a cable/phone wire. Wire secured out of the way of traffic.

Reports of a shoplifter fleeing the area of CVS. Description of white male with black sweatshirt, blue jeans and spiky hair. Last seen heading down Putnam toward Buchanan. Units report one male in custody for shoplifting.

Caller on Beach Road reports that her vehicle was entered overnight. W92 will speak with the caller.

Walk-in to report that their car was being entered overnight on Locust Way. Two items missing.

Caller reports party locked themselves in the bathroom at EB Newton School. Upon entering, they discovered party sleeping. W92 requests EMS for an evaluation.

Party reports she was being harassed and assaulted by her former boyfriend while she was shopping in Revere. She was advised of her rights and will got to East Boston Court in the morning for a restraining order. She was advised that any criminal offenses would have to be reported to Revere PD where the assault took place.

Caller on Hermon Street reports the 2nd floor apartment dwellers and making noise and keeping up his children. Officer reports no noise.

Thursday, February 20

Resident on Shirley Street called to report a homeless person is back in their building sleeping in the hallway. W93 and W91 responded and party is known to them.

Caller Overlook Drive talking confused. CNA on the scene. Medical sent for evaluation.

Female called to report she found what looks like a human ear on the bridge in the marsh behind the school at DPW Composts. Det. Hickey responding and he has determined that it is a small animal’s pelvic bone.

Elderly party came to the station to report being a victim of a phone scam. She reports being scammed by a party from Mexico claiming that her grandson was injured and needed money. The call came from 514-649-7798. She notified Western Union and her bank.

Female caller from Israel reports she is a victim of fraud from someone living in Winthrop.

Landlord on Shirley Street reports a rear apartment door appears to be kicked in. W93 S. Hickey requests code enforcement to inspect. Two people left apartment a few minutes before. It appears to be a landlord/tenant issue.

Report of a person in the middle of Lewis Lake. 92 Carter reports an ice fisherman sent home.

Female at Viking Gardens complains of kids hanging around. 92 Ramadini cleared them out.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports Co2 detectors going off even after changing the batteries. Fire notified.

Female called to report a male named Mohamed is at the Mobil Mart and there is a warrant issued for him for assaulting her. W92 and W94 responded to the Mobil Mart. They spoke to the clerk and no one by the name of Mohamed is there at this time.

Caller on Overlook Drive called for mother having trouble breathing.

Female called regarding a marital situation and not feeling safe. She did not want the police to come to the house and said that she would come to the station to seek an ERO. There are two children at home and the husband is at work. She came to the station and had her rights explained to her. She decided to wait and not seek the ERO tonight and she will talk with a relative/attorney before she takes any action. She feels everything is okay for tonight and will call if she needs anything.

Father on Locust Street called to say that he wants his 16-year-old daughter out of the house. W91 and W92 responded and spoke with the caller/father and stepmother and the child. Officers advised of their options. Family will call in BEST team to assist.

Friday, February 21

Male on Winthrop Street reports his girlfriend’s 14-year-old daughter has not come home. W93 reports last known location was in Revere. He will follow up with Revere Police. A check on the location did not result in her not being there nor was the boy who was with her there. Both departments will BOLO for the two juveniles

Party on Grovers Avenue reports that she has no water and has two small children. DPW notified.

Party on Ocean Avenue reports that her son and his girlfriend who are missing may be in Winthrop. Officer will check for the pair. He spoke with the juvenile female who advised she is out of town with family and will let us know if she hears from them. Officer will go by the address to make a check with her mother.

Caller on Sewall Avenue reports that his girlfriend is having chest pain. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Party reports a sick swan is on the Landing and has not really moved much. ACO was contacted and informed us the Mass Audubon Social and Animal Rescue League have been down to the location and the bird is staying here because of people feeding him. He has been in the area for about two weeks now.

Female came in to report that her juvenile daughter is missing. Initial report was made over the phone during the AM shift. Entered into Open Fox.

Detective requests a warrant check on a female at Cumberland Farms. There is an active warrant issued by Chelsea District Court. The party was placed under arrest and transported to the station by W91 Off. Gergerian.

Party came in to report a past assault and battery that occurred yesterday morning at the Winthrop Lodge of Elks. Victim/Witness form provided.

Parent was notified that her daughter was located by the Stoneham Police and will be there awaiting her arrival.

Party on Wilshire Street requesting EMS for her husband. Transferred to Action EMD.

Saturday, February 22

92 officer who stopped a vehicle on Pleasant Street says the vehicle comes back with expired registration. Unit reports one under arrest for driving under the influence and unregistered motor vehicle.

Caller on Charles Street requesting ambulance for chest pains.

Party on Nahant Avenue reports several sidewalks in the Highlands area are not shoveled and she can not walk her dog. Compliance officer has been notified.

Level 3 sex offender came in for annual registration.

Wife on Summit Avenue requesting ambulance for husband who is medically involved.

Mother and son report recently lost phone is showing power on Coral Avenue.

Party on Pleasant Street requesting EMS for her father. Transferred to Action EMD.

Party on Wilshire Street requesting an ambulance transport to the MGH. Transferred to Action EMD.

Caller from Florida requesting a check on his wife on Fairview Street. Call history revealed parties are estranged and the wife has refused to accept his phone calls in the past. Caller changed his story when he was advised of the call history stating she had just hung up on him and he wanted to know where she was. Caller was advised that we would not get involved in the civil dispute and he continued to demand the police get involved. Call was then terminated. The wife was interviewed at her residence and she confirmed that she did not wish to speak with him as her phone was continually ringing and her declining to accept his calls. Palm Beach sheriff’s office contacted and will have a deputy respond to advise the caller to cease with the harassing phone calls.

Carload of kids playing loud music on Shirley Street. No plate given.

Reports of rear retaining wall collapsing onto Terrace Avenue and rocks making the street impassable. Officer confirmed and DPW notified. He reports a resident attempted to pass and got a rock stuck under the motor vehicle. DPW requests WFD to examine for safety. Detailed hired per owner.

Sunday, February 23

Party on Irwin Street reports that her ex-boyfriend is texting her that he is coming over to her residence. No 209 in place. Party contacted and advised to not contact caller. All units were notified at roll call and will BOLO for vehicle.

Caller reports a male passed out at St. John’s Evangelist Church. Fire and ambulance enroute. Fire department requesting a police unit because of a combative patient. Units report patient being transported to MGH.

Female on Shore Drive called regarding an odor of gas near her home. She did advise the Gas Company. Fire notified and is responding.

Monday, February 24

Party on Locust Street called to say that her dad’s car was ransacked, but it appears only loose change was stolen. She did advise her neighbor at the address had her vehicle ransacked and items stolen. Officer responded and reports the vehicle was rummaged through but nothing was taken, possibly some loose change. Another call from Temple Avenue reporting that her car was ransacked as well. In all cases, doors were left unlocked and entrance was gained through unlocked car doors.

Party reports an indecent exposure took place.

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