Police Blotter 01-30-2014

Monday, January 20

Female on Tileston Road reports that sometime over the weekend, someone entered her Honda Civic while it was parked in her driveway. Nothing is believed to be missing, but the contents were strewn around the car.

Call of a boat sinking off the Landing. Fire notified and they notified the Harbormaster.

Retired nurse called reporting an elderly male at Energy To Go is in medical distress and needs assistance. Call transferred to EMS and WFD for service.

Female came to the station to report that on October 31, she gave her Visa card number to a kiosk representative of Sprint to pay her bill as she was told to do by the Sprint employee. Beginning in November, she began noticing unauthorized charges to her credit card. To date, there have been six unauthorized purchases of approximately $200. She has notified Sprint of this matter and the employee is no longer with the company. She will follow up with her bank and the Saugus Police where this matter began at the Square One Mall.

Female on Shirley Street reports that her friend is in the hospital and it appears that the landlord has removed his belongings prior to the scheduled eviction. It was a Board of Health order made to the property owner who had to remove the items.

Request for an ambulance on Sagamore Avenue for someone with a fever and infections.

Party on Highland Avenue reports that a male appears to be a bit confused and she believes he was sleeping in the park, possibly homeless. Officer checked the area to no avail.

Visiting Nurse requesting EMS for a resident on Summit Avenue. Transferred to Action EMD.

ERO copy sent to the Leominster Police for service after having a conversation with police dispatcher regarding the female subject who is staying in Leominster with her sister. Copy was faxed to the department for service of the temporary ERO.

State E911 called to report a party reporting that her grandfather passed out in the hallway at Fort Heath Apartments. No floor or exact location provided. WFD notified. Call back to number given and female reports that her husband is fine and does not want any medical response. She was advised several times to have him evaluated due to the fainting episode and she stated that she would make arrangements if necessary and refused to provide any pertinent information. WFD notified.

Party on Shore Drive reports that someone in a delivery truck is placing blue barrels in front of each home. Officer reports they appear to be recycle bins with the Town of Winthrop seal affixed to them. Each home will have one delivered sometime during this week. No need for panic….

Tuesday, January 21

Woman on Moore Street reports a couple of hours of animal shrieking. 91 Bonavita reports area is quiet. Might have been a stray cat.

Off. Armistead reports observing a child walking alone on Kennedy Road toward the school. She will conduct an investigation.

Party reports he has a larceny from the Towne Liquor Store on camera by a person known to him. The owner confronted the employee and he does not want to press charges at present time. This occurred last evening and they only have his first name.

Secretary Babine reports a possible fraud by a parent during Yankee Candle fundraiser sale event at Gorman Fort Banks School.

Party on Locust Street reports that her father is having difficulty breathing. Call transferred to EMS for service.

911 call to report son is threatening his father. Units report a verbal only and the son left for the night.

Wednesday, January 22

Child reports mom is crying and boyfriend might have hit her. 91 Jaworski and 92 Brown reports they checked this out and no domestic reported.

Party on Golden Drive called to report that her neighbor in the above building appears to have fractured her leg. She will point out the apartment number of the injured party. Call transferred to EMS and WFD for service.

Party came in to report the neighbor to Terrie’s Little Pumpkin abandoned a television on the side of the building that is obstructing emergency exit. Referred to Code Enforcement Officer VanBuskirk.

Caller on Sturgis Street reports a male is having difficulty breathing. Call transferred to EMS and WFD for service.

Party on Enfield Road reports that his wife is having difficulty walking. Call transferred to EMS and WFD for service.

Female on Main Street came in to report that she had reported two handguns stolen several years ago and recently discovered them in the home. Internal records and reports indicate her husband is the registered owner and was the reporting party several years ago. Guns are still listed in NCIC as stolen. Party was advised to have her husband come to the station with the handguns to verify. Both parties came to the station with the handguns and make, model and serial numbers were confirmed. OCAs cancelled.

Party on Shirley Street reports a white male banging on her door yelling something and she has no idea who he is.

Female called from her neighbor’s residence to request assistance regarding her living situation. She requested no police response and will report to the station in an hour to file a report after she was advised. Officers responded to the address and placed male party under arrest for domestic abuse assault and battery. He was served an abuse prevention order in hand by Off. Dutra.

Thursday, January 23

Caller reports water leaking outside from inside John’s Barber Shop on Shirley Street. Officer confirmed leak and owner was notified and will respond.

Party requests a person check on her son who resides in East Boston. Call transferred to Boston PD who will notify dispatch.

Caller on Golden Drive reports that his mother appears to have trouble breathing and unresponsive. EMS and WFD notified.

Motor vehicle stopped on Thornton Park for expired registration. Operator unable to show a valid license. Tow truck notified and will remove it from the public way.

Call reports that his driver on Central Street just called him to state that someone just hit his truck and is trying to drive off.

Victim on Shirley Street in yesterday’s domestic requests a ride to Chelsea PD, so she can be picked up and brought to a safe location by the domestic violence unit. Off. Armistead drove her.

Officer was informed of two people who may be in need of elder services at Executive Apartments.

Young male walked in to turn in a wallet. Contact information out of Florida. Person was called and friend stated he would call her and inform her. Party came to the station and got her wallet. She was very thankful.

Caller at the housing office on Golden Drive reports an unwanted guest there. Male was given a trespass order.

Warrant arrest for male on Revere Street for possession of Class B drug.

Party on Washington Avenue called on the phone and was informed of active 209A in effect. He states he will pick it up tomorrow. He was informed that he was considered verbally served and any violation will result in an arrest.

Friday, January 24

Party reports a domestic dispute is taking place. Officers report no signs of abuse. Parties report they were having a verbal argument and both were advised of their rights.

Report of first floor tenant on Main Street playing music too loudly. W93 reports speaking with all involved parties and restoring peace for the time being.

Caller on Walden Street reports a male subject is in the hallway and may be in need of medical attention. W92 reports male to BMC for evaluation.

Code Enforcement reports speaking with business owner on Revere Street relative to treating the snow-covered sidewalks abutting the establishment.

Father reports that his 1st grade son is being harassed by a classmate at Gorman Fort Banks School. We spoke to the father and the staff at the school. A meeting will be arranged to resolve the issue.

Lt. Perrin requests a tow for a stolen box truck that was taken from Clothes Encounters. G&J will respond.

Call from Summit Avenue to ask for an ambulance to Boston Medical Center. Fire and Action will handle.

W93 issued radio call for man down at Golden Drive. Reports party conscious but has difficulty breathing. Fire notified. W93 reports 75-year-old male to MGH for evaluation.

Officer reports conducting a motor vehicle stop on Pleasant Street. Vehicle owner shows expired license. Upon stopping, officer learned different person was operating the vehicle and that person had an active license. They were sent on their way.

Officer had vehicle stopped on Pleasant Street for speeding, no turn signal and underage person using a cell phone. Citation was issued.

Nurse at Bowdoin Street called for ambulance for patient who is coughing up blood. Fire and Action will handle.

Father called to say that his received a phone call from two males with what sounded like Indian accents and identified themselves as IRS agents John Smith and Mark Andersen. The caller claimed they had a warrant for his father’s arrest for doing business out of the country. The caller reports that they don’t know anything about what the caller was stating.

Male came to the station to report a Volvo in the area for several days and he appears to be watching them at the laundry and nail salon on Crest Avenue. W93 responded and located the vehicle. The subject goes to the area to Skype with his girlfriend, as there is good reception there. Reporter of call informed and officer spoke to the other concerned businesses in the area.

Female reports a package she ordered that arrived a few days ago was opened and a note said, “Sorry Christine, I was curious.”

W93 reports that a motor vehicle with two people were sent out of Hannaford Park.

Husband calls to report having trouble with his wife. 91 Curran and 93 Bonavita report a verbal only and all settled down.

Male reports driving in the area of Grovers and Cliff Avenue and a large dark colored vehicle stopped in front of him and got out and took something from his trunk and threw it at his car. Caller doesn’t know what was thrown. He reports leaving the area quickly and did not get a plate number.

Caller on Shore Drive reports that her husband fell and may have broken his leg. Fire and ambulance notified.

Saturday, January 25

Female found a girl trying to jump-start her car in lot on George Street. Keys were in car locked though. She gave her a ride to Hawthorne Street and left her there to wander around. The woman seemed young and drunk. 93 A. Hickey and 91 Freeman will search areas. They were unable to locate female and car search was also negative.

Lifeline call of an 82-year-old female that needs an ambulance for stomach problems on Beal Street. Fire and Action will handle.

Caller on Park Avenue reports that his water is not working.

Wife on Ingleside Avenue called to report that her husband is having trouble breathing. Fire and Action will handle.

Teller at Citizens Bank on Putnam Street reports a dispute with a customer. She requests to speak with an officer.

Caller requests medical for an individual on appears to be unconscious at Energy To Go. W91 reports party known to us and was transported to Whidden via Action for evaluation.

Manager of Café Delite called to report a person saying they were from NStar and Café Delite is behind over $900. They wanted a credit card to pay the overdue bill. Café Delite has National Grid for their electric needs. This, of course, is a scam. She was told to call if anyone shows up.

Report of a one-year-old German Shepard lost on Upland Road. ACO notified.

Female on Atlantic Street came in to report a larceny from her home. She filled out a three page Victim Witness form.

Male on Irwin Street is not feeling well. Transferred to EMS and they will handle.

Female on River Road called to report that her father just died. Fire and W91 notified to respond.

Nurse at Hammersmith Nursing Home asked that we contact person on Prescott Street regarding his father’s condition. Message left on phone and 92 Ramadini reports he was unable to locate the party.

Sunday, January 26

Caller on Buchanan Street said that someone has been ringing her doorbell and running away, possibly new girlfriend of above identified as party’s ex-boyfriend. W91 in the area.

93 reports that he is off with a motor vehicle stop. 93 requests tow truck for vehicle as operator states that he is unlicensed. Unit also requests a cab for subject.

Female on River Road called of a large dead animal in front of her house. ACO called and message left.

Female came in to report that the blue plastic trash container in the Landing is open and the trash is going all over the area. Off. Carter will close it.

Home health care worker request EMS for patient on Sturgis Street. So notified.

Caller reports a disturbance in the area of Bowdoin Street. White male with hat backwards, yelling obscenities. Units will check the area.

Caller on Marshall Street requests EMS.

Lifeline activation on Golden Drive. WFD notified.

Caller reports that her daughter is beating her up. Units report coming in with an arrest for assault and battery on person over 60.

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