Thank You, Larry Powers: Long-time Public Servant’s Last Meeting

Councilor-at-Large Larry Powers was honored by his colleagues at the meeting Tuesday night as President Peter Gill presented a citation on behalf of the Council recognizing his four years of service. Powers was certainly deserving of commendation. He has been an outstanding councilor, always accessible to his constituents, professional in his approach and his decorum at meetings, and always offering a keen perspective of experience, particularly in the area of public safety, having served this community with distinction as our fire chief.

Councilor Powers was always well prepared at meetings and his work as the leader of the Council’s Casino Committee truly showed his ability to bring people together in a way that would that would best help the town formulate a position on a very important issue.

Frankly, we thought Councilor Powers’ excellent service in his position would earn him another term in office, but he lost a close race on Election Day to first-time candidate Rich Boyajian, who ran the outstanding campaign that unseated Powers, a popular incumbent.

Larry Powers took his responsibilities as a councilor seriously and those who watched his final meeting Tuesday night saw Larry speaking out on the issues and doing what he felt was best for the town in withdrawing his amended motion regarding the town manager writing a letter to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission. (The Council ultimately voted 6-3 to postpone action until a second referendum is held in Revere.)

We will miss Larry Powers’ majestic presence at Council meetings and hope that Larry, who has given 36 years of dedicated service to this town, will remain involved in town government whether it be on a town board  or perhaps in another run for public office.

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