Council Works Hard to the End: Atlantis Marina Gets Council’s Attention

It was the last meeting of the year for the Town Council and despite the snowstorm, all nine members of the Council were present. On one very important issue,  the proposed Mohegan Sun Casino,  each councilor weighed in with their views.

The last matter of the evening,  a discussion about the work done under a DEP Emergency Certification at the Atlantis Marina,  certainly had the councilors’ full attention.

Winthrop resident Deborah Kuhn gave a compelling presentation about the developing situation regarding the Atlantis Marina Docks and the docking of houseboats there. Kuhn asked the Council to take immediate action because of an impending DEP deadline. Mrs. Kuhn’s husband, Attorney David Kelston, prepared a comprehensive packet expressing the concerns about this important issue and also spoke at the meeting.

There was a DEP hearing on the matter Tuesday. The Council is consulting its town counsel about the matter and there should be a resolution of the issue forthcoming.

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