Police Blotter 11-28-2013

Monday, November 18

Female at the Ft. Banks School reports an unusual sound from the school. 98 Jaworski reports the janitor is on the scene. Filter on the smoke alarm was noisy.

Caregiver reports one of his clients on Morton Street is not feeling well and needs to be checked out by a doctor. Call transferred to EMD for service.

Female reported to officer that she just observed a 5-year-old child roaming around Revere Street near the Revere line. Officers responded and report area search was negative for the child.

Party at Viking Gardens reports having difficulty breathing. WFD notified.

Caller reports a dog is in a locked motor vehicle with the windows up at Michael’s Mall. Party called back stating that the owner just showed up and left.

ENA requesting EMS for the resident on Sagamore Avenue. Transferred to Action EMD.

Party came in to report that his motor vehicle was struck while parked in the parking lot at Governors Drive sometime this past Friday night or early Saturday morning. He reports that his rear bumper was damaged.

Report of a fire in the basement at the Winthrop Lodge of Elks. WFD notified. Officer blocked traffic at Washington Avenue and Veterans Road as well as Washington Avenue at River Road. Buses were rerouted and Paul Revere Transportation was notified.

Manager from the Winthrop Market Place came in with a fake ten-dollar bill.

Caller reports that a male walked into his store, the Magee’s Corner Liquor, covered in blood. He requests an ambulance. Officer report that the subject claimed he was assaulted in Boston. He will contact them when he returns from the hospital.

Caller from Overlook Drive reports coming home and finding blood on his front door. 93 report two smudges, no other blood in hallway. Caller will wash it off.


Tuesday, November 19

Motor vehicle stop for blue tinted headlights and red front marker lights on Shirley Street at Washington Avenue. Upon stopping the vehicle, there was a strong odor of marijuana inside the vehicle. The operator of the vehicle gave consent to search the vehicle, with negative results. The operator was issued a citation for the two lights violation and for not having his license in his possession. W91 responded for assistance.

Party on Centre Street reports that her motor vehicle must have been stolen from her driveway sometime since 10 p.m. last evening.

Caller on Edgehill Road reports that sometime overnight someone entered his unlocked motor vehicle and took some loose change and an older GPS valued at approximately $50 or so.

Request for an ambulance on Locust Street for a severe nosebleed that won’t stop. Call transferred to EMD for service.

Party on Grandview Avenue reports finding some bones in his yard.

Caller from the East Boston Neighborhood Health on Sturgis Street reports that someone has fallen in the bathroom and having difficulty breathing. Party called back and reports all is set, no need for medical.

Party on Bowdoin Street came into the station reporting that her son’s bike was stolen and she believes she knows who stole it.

Two parties report a neighbor on Amelia Avenue is blowing leaves into the gutter and onto their property. Officer reports speaking with the party who will remove them.

Lifeline activation on Hawthorn Avenue. WFD notified.

Party on Moore Street reports that her ex-husband did not return her 15-year-old child to her on Monday as was ordered by the Probate Court settlement document. She has no fears of the child’s safety, but wants the incident documented for future court action.

Party on Wilshire Street reported a larceny from his motor vehicle while parked in his driveway. His BOA Visa credit card was stolen.

Walk-in to report harassment on Read Street from texts. Party reports two males were sending him texts and saying he should die. He asked this to be on record (did not know the last name of one of the men). Both men called and all persons will avoid each other and not text anymore.

Party on Revere Street reports that her 16-year-old son is late and she would like us to look for him. She last heard from him after school at 2:36 p.m. She will file a missing person report if he doesn’t come home tonight. Son returned home.


Wednesday, November 20

Caller on Tafts Avenue reports a fire in the backyard of neighbor. Fire, units report discarded cigarettes and mulch does not mix. Winthrop Fire put out the small fire. All clear.

Duck hunting guide reports he will be off Winthrop Shore Drive this morning from 6:15 a.m. until about 9:30 a.m.

Father on Revere Street reports that his 42-year-old son is having trouble breathing. Transferred to EMS and they will handle.

Caller on Shore Drive reports a boat in the water and he believes they are discharging a firearm. Callback was made to the reporting party who believed it to be duck hunters. Subject advised it is legal for them to hunt there. Officers did not observe any violations taking place.

Party on Shirley Street reports a male attempting to scam an elderly female. Report filed with FBI Task Force with all known information.

Principal at the Cummings School called to report that they wish to trespass an individual due to multiple disturbances. Det. Callinan and Off. Armistead will follow up. The supertintendent’s office will notify the policy when they have prepared the proper paperwork to trespass the individual.

WFD requests an officer for a well being check on Pleasant Street. Officer reports an apparent sudden death of an elderly male. ME’s office contacted as well as Mass State Police CPAC unit.

Party reports she just located a large knife on the ground at the basketball courts on Walden Street where the children are playing. Officer reports picking up the knife and brought it to the station.

Officer will attempt to serve a no trespass order to stay away from the Winthrop Schools. Party on Irwin Street served in hand of trespass order.

Party on Quincy Avenue reports that her neighbor saw two suspicious cars looking at her home today. One female in the first car who got out and pointed at her home and two men wearing hoodies in the second car. The first car left and the second one stayed for a little while, then left. Her neighbor obtained the plate which has the car registered to a female from Revere. She is concerned because of previous breaks to her home. She requests that units keep an eye on her home when possible.

Caller on Buchanan Street reports that someone just smashed his car window and slashed his tires. Off. Hickey responded and reports speaking with the caller and advising him that the area search was negative.


Thursday, November 21

Party on Ingleside Avenue called to thank the Winthrop Police and Off. Freeman for locating her stolen vehicle. She will follow up with Chelsea PD regarding their investigation.

Caller on Overlook Drive said that there is a man in the hallway outside his door. W91, W93, W100 off with the individual who said he was waiting for his friend who lives in one of the apartments. Subject was sent on his way.

Party reports finding what appear to be an unknown type of bone on the beach on Shore Drive. State Police notified. W93 reports inspecting the bone with State Police and determining it to be an animal bone.

Mother walked in with her five year old son and reports that he refuses to stay buckled up. 92 Ramadini took him aside and explained the importance of doing so. Kid went away happy!

17-year-old female came in to say that she feels she is not safe at home. Off. Dalrymple will speak with her. She will file a report.

Two young girls came in and reported that their 17-year-old male friend was just beat up outside of Brown’s Pharmacy. 93 Bonavita and 92 Ramadini report they have both parties and Bonavita will file a report.

Saugus officer request we meet him at the Revere line and take a male home. 91 Curran helped out. Saugus PD also towed his car for safekeeping.


Friday, November 22

Party on Revere Street called to report that the upstairs neighbor is making noise again. W93 and W91 responded and report speaking to both parties. All are going to bed now.

Female on Cliff Avenue called to report that her car alarm went off. Now she went out to walk the dog and her neighbor’s garage is now open. She said someone tried to break in about a week ago. Caller reports that the garage is always locked up. Officers checked the garage and no signs of forced entry and no one there. Officers spoke to the caller.

W92 off with party on Hagman Road who needs medical attention for a bleeding hand. Transported to Whidden.

Party called to report abuse and requesting information on seeking a protective order. Party is in Boston at work and will be coming to the station to be interviewed immediately. Unable to run BOP as system down, however the caller reports that her boyfriend was just released from prison.

ERO service requested to be served to Governors Drive. W91 attempts with no luck.

Caller on Shirley Street reports arriving home and discovering home filled with gas odor. Fire notified.

Party reports a group of kids possibly assaulting another party at Ingleside Park. W92 and W98 dispatched and report a group of youths horse playing.

Dispatcher from Marblehead called to report that their department attempted to serve a male in Winthrop with a 209A. They went to the home and spoke with the father of male subject. He advised officer that he hasn’t heard from his son and will try to contact him to make contact with Marblehead PD.

Dispatcher from Chelsea PD called to report they had another car stolen in their city. All units notified.

Female on Grovers Avenue called to report that she received a call from her tenant and she went to her apartment. The door was open and she can’t raise the female inside. W92 reports tenant is fine and the tenant feels the landlord is harassing her.

Off. Curran reports speaking to a party that was robbed at knifepoint on Winthrop Street.

Caller on Tafts Avenue is concerned that someone may be in his yard. He put his dog out on a leash and the dog returned unleashed.


Saturday, November 23

Caller on Shirley Street reports that someone took her raked leaves and dumped them back out by her front door.

Party on Somerset Avenue reports an elderly man fell and is bleeding profusely. Fire, Action, 92 reports an 89-year-old man to MGH with bump on the head. No sidewalk defects. All clear.

Walk-in party dropped off purse with two wallets found in the area of Brookfield Road. Contact made with the owner of brown wallet who reports it was stolen in Chelsea on Monday along with her friend’s vehicle, which was recovered in the same area as wallet. She will pick up item.

Caller requests EMS for medical aid on Irwin Street. Reports female is bleeding from the head. Fire/EMS and W92 dispatched. Party transported to MGH.

While attempting to return a found wallet to its owner on Beacon Street (see above), Off. Curran reports that the residence has the rear door unlocked. Units report making contact with the tenant and returning the wallet.

Female at Governors Drive reports damage to her property. Unit reports someone scratched her mailbox and put some obstruction in the key lock. Units report having management notified to replace the item.

Male came to the station to inquire about going to Governors Drive to pick up some belongings. No RO in effect. Call to the other party and there was no answer. Message left.

Female caller reports that there is a large group of teens at Ingleside Park by the gazebo and she is afraid to walk there with her dog. W91 responded and reports that there is no one at the gazebo.  Officers also report that there are no teens in the park or basketball courts. Officer reports only younger children with adults by the playground area. Officer also reports that an APD unit was just there and may have sent some out of the area.

Units report finding military information belonging to a male on Beacon Street. Veterans Agent notified and took possession of the box.


Sunday, November 24

Three juveniles stopped and two were brought to the station under arrest. Motor vehicle is listed out of Lynn. Lynn PD contacted and they contacted the registered owner, who is now reporting the vehicle stolen. Both juvenile prisoners held by juvenile probation. One, 15 years old, was arrested for receiving stolen property, unlicensed operation of motor vehicle, using vehicle without authority and failing to stop. The other, age 15, was arrested for three outstanding warrants.

Transfer from Boston of a cab dispatcher reporting a car engulfed in flames at our entrance to town. From the information received, it was determined that the car was actually located back in East Boston. Information called back to Boston PD and Boston Fire.

Female came to the station to report that her husband had not returned home from work last night and she is concerned for his safety. She states that she last spoke to him yesterday afternoon at approximately 2 p.m. and he was supposed to be home after his shift ended. She filled out a missing person report. Phone number for male went straight to voicemail and a message was left for him to contact this department. After running him through CJUS, it showed a per se administrative suspension from this morning listed out of Concord. Concord PD confirmed that he is in their custody and this information was relayed to his wife.

Manager at CVS reports two suspicious male customers possibly shoplifting. Units report speaking with the above two males and will be summonsing these parties in for larceny by fraud.

Caller on Lincoln Terrace reports an elderly male has fallen. W92 reports WFD requesting both ACO and Health Department intervention given the condition of the residence. ACO/code enforcement contacted and will respond. Elder Services contacted as well.

Party came to the station to file a report regarding some suspicious activity that has occurred inside her apartment. These incidents consist of ripped clothes and screw that are loose and toiletries that are missing.

Female on Floyd Street reports a wire down. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Reports of wires down on Coral Avenue. 93 Ramadini reports a telephone wire.

Second floor tenant on North Avenue reports first floor shut off lights. 93 Ramadini reports that all is settled.

Male and female came in to the station and the female said that the male took $20 from he. He denied it but after intervention from Dalrymple and Ramadini, he decided to give her his last $20. Then, he claimed that she damaged the inside of his truck. All parties agreed to leave and consider the matter settled.

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