Ferry Service Closes Down for Season

Winthrop Town Manager James McKenna announced that the Winthrop commuter ferry service has been ended for the season on September 23, 2013.

“We want to thank our loyal commuter ferry boat riders who stayed with us this season despite the changes in the service and we need to recognize the hardwork of our operator this season, Tim Gover,” said McKenna. “We recognize that the change in service this year provided some challenges for our riders, but we have been impressed with the understanding and commitment shown by the ridership this season and we look forward to offering an improved and enhanced service next year.”

McKenna noted that the service provided to Winthrop commuters and day trippers this year was an invaluable stop gap measure, which was necessary while the town navigates the process of purchasing its own boat. The town is already engaged in a process with the state that is expected to result in a new commuter ferry boat that will be owned and operated by the Town of Winthrop next season.

“We are excited about the opportunity before us to provide an even more robust service to Boston and the Harbor Islands next year,” added McKenna.

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