Gill Explains His Reasons for Canceling Water Forum

When Town Council President Gill was asked why he canceled the Water/Sewer rate forum which he had originally initiated, he responded:

“I will sum up what I said at the council meeting on September 17th”.

“Many weeks ago, I had scheduled the forum, the purpose of which to provide my fellow residents an opportunity to address the water/sewer bill issues and concerns that the community has. The forum was to be held on September 24th”

“My motivation to hold this public forum while running for re-election to the position of Town Council President has been questioned; the claim being that I may be using this forum for an unfair advantage for my candidacy.”

Gill went on to say that he did not want this forum to have the appearance of being used by him for any political advantage in his candidacy for re-election, “This is simply not true. Nor is the suggestion that I just did not want to face the public on this issue, quite the contrary as is evidenced by my original motivation to hold the forum. I would never shy away from a discussion with my fellow citizens about their concerns. Not only do they have the right to ask, I have the duty to respond.”

“At no time were either of the above my intent. The sole reason for scheduling this event was to inform the citizens, and to listen to their concerns. The sole reason for cancelling the event was to dispel any question of political motivation”

Upon announcing the cancellation of the forum, Gill offered to talk or to meet personally with any Winthrop citizen to discuss the issue. He still encourages you to be in touch should you desire on this or any issue you may have. . He asks any citizen to feel free to call him at 617-645-3656.

With the public outcry of a desire to be informed of the Town’s Water and Sewer rate setting and billing process and the of the cancellation of the Forum, Town Manager McKenna will be hosting an informational meeting in the near future to explain the Water/Sewer rates to the public.

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