Police Blotter 08-22-2013

Monday, August 12

Caller states a man is down in the area of Shirley and Pearl. Units locate male and request medical. Party being transported to the Whidden.

Officer went to Governors Drive to serve the Florida 209A, but no one was home.

Police made an arrest for motor vehicle violations on Pleasant Street at Woodside Avenue. Male from Chelsea was arrested for operation of motor vehicle with revoked license and one-way street violation.

Female on Winthrop Street called to report that her rear car window was smashed.

Two calls of an accident near the Middle School on Pauline Street. Officers report that two vehicles are involved.

Female on Wave Way Avenue reports that her boyfriend has observed a black male selling drugs. 98 Racow, 99 Bonavita, 91 Ferullo and 93 Silva responded and checked out the subject. No narcotics found. He claims a balding male on a bike was the one dropping off drugs. Witness then confirmed this.

California registration on Shore Drive parked without moving and expired. 91 Ferullo reports the plate comes back without an owner listed with an expired and suspended registration. G&J will tow. He will try to obtain an owner’s information and will cite for unregistered, unlicensed vehicle.

Female on Almont Street reports that a letter she received was opened and a contract with personal information is missing. She was advised to report it to the Postal Inspector as well.

Two callers reporting that the site that the DPW was working on may be hazardous. Calls to DPW who will check the area.

A customer and the owner of Lucky Garden Restaurant called regarding a female customer causing a disturbance. Officers located the party at Delby’s and escorted her home.

Caller reports kids ringing doorbells on Somerset Avenue and then running away towards the Pizza Center. W91 and W93 located three youths and spoke to them regarding the bell ringing.

Caller reports that four males are breaking bottles on the left side path on Deer Island. State Police notified.

Tuesday, August 13

Mother called the station to report that her 17-year-old son is on a court ordered curfew and he is not home. All units BOLOed the information. Mother called back to report that her son is now home.

Lifeline reports that a male fell and needs assistance on Washington Avenue. WFD notified and will handle.

Party on Sunnyside Avenue requesting the police for an incident with her husband and mother-in-law.

Officer received a report of a possible domestic taking place at Ingleside Park between a father and daughter. Officers report speaking with the father who was disciplining his daughter for fighting with her sister. She went back to Circuit Road. Officer will pay a visit and speak to the child. Officer spoke with all involved. No further action needed.

Party at Daw Playground on Veterans Road reports that swans are attacking her motor vehicle and she is unable to get out. ACO notified and will respond to assist.

Party at Fort Banks Elementary reports a white male is unsteady on his feet and slid down the hill. Officers report locating the subject laid out in the bushes near DPW. WFD and EMS notified and will respond. Party transported to Whidden via ambulance.

Downstairs neighbor on Shirley Street called to report a possible domestic. He believes the husband may own a rifle. Called back second time to report it was getting worse. Officers responded and report no domestic. Kids running around the hall playing. Checked with surrounding neighbors who report hearing nothing. Officers spoke with the caller who was uncooperative. They believe this is a neighbor/noise complaint. Units clear.

Party on Almont Street stated that a male attempted to spray her two six-year-old grandchildren with spray paint. while chasing them off of his property. Officers spoke to both caller and the suspect. Suspect apologized and will behave in such a fashion again. All parties satisfied.

A 209A/ERO was served on Almont Street.

Wednesday, August 14

Party on Prospect Avenue reports that a prior guest has left property in her home and she is selling and needs it removed. Guest refuses or is delaying removal. Party was advised that this is a civil matter.

Caller on North Avenue reports that he was just threatened by a neighbor, who was going to do bodily injury.

Party at Massa Playground is requesting an ambulance for 4-year-old child. WFD notified.

Caller on Bartlett Road states that she has not seen her neighbor in over a week. He will not answer his door or his phone. She stated that he has been very sick and his car is in the driveway. Officer reports the person is in the hospital.

Party requesting a well-being check for her mother on Cottage Avenue. 93 spoke to the subject who appears to be fine.

Mother on Perkins Street reports that her son fell out of the bunk bed and is bleeding from the nose. Fire and medical notified.

Officer will attempt to serve 209A from East Boston Court to male at Seal Harbor. Officers report the subject had moved out before they arrived. No known address to forward to.

Party on Johnson Avenue came in to report that she lost her multi-gemstone bracelet on July 31. The value of the bracelet is $250.

911 call to report that an 80-year-old woman fell in the street at the Winthrop Arms and she cannot get up. Fire and medical notified.

Report of a dirt bike on the beach at Cutler Street. Officer reports it is a remote control car being used by father and son. No service necessary.

Thursday, August 15

Caller reports that he just broke the bus window. Units report the bus has left the area and unable to locate. 91 has caller’s name if the bus company calls. All clear.

Lifewatch reports a male on Washington Avenue fell off a chair. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Employee at Nick’s would like to see an officer regarding a white truck that has been parked there all night. The vehicle is parked on private property and the employee was informed they would need to have it towed if need be.

Party on Harvard Street reports a woman is seated on the front steps and appears very despondent. Officer reports speaking with subject who pulled herself together and walked away.

E911 wireless transfer for a woman on Coral Avenue complaining of extreme back pain. WFD notified.

Party on Shirley Street reports that an elderly woman fell and is bleeding. WFD notified.

Caller on Charles Street reports a female there is taking a seizure. Call transferred to EMS for service.

Party on Wave Way Avenue reports that someone is banging on the door. Officer reports it was a constable attempting to serve paperwork. Officer advised parties of their rights in civil court.

Caller reports that two youths are trying car doors on Emerson Road.

Friday, August 16

Manager of store on Revere Street reports a fight out front. Units report kids horsing around. Sent out of the area.

Request for EMS for a woman who fell in the basement on Court Road. WFD notified.

Party requesting EMS for her husband having chest pains on Mermaid Avenue. WFD notified.

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