Congratulations Carla: Reappointment of Town Clerk Vitale is Well-deserved

Congratulations to Town Clerk Carla Vitale on her much-deserved election by the Town Council at Tuesday night’s meeting. The Council voted unanimously to appoint Carla to a new three year term. Town Councilor Linda Calla echoed the sentiments of colleagues by saying that Carla has done a great job in her key position in town government.

Carla has had a busy three years with the town elections and the special elections and she has performed her responsibilities in very efficient fashion. And she will be called upon again in the fall with a congressional special primary election in October, the town election in November, and the congressional special election final in December.

The position of City or Town Clerk  is one of the most important offices in every municipality in the Commonwealth. The clerk is the official keeper of the record for births, marriages, and deaths, distributes marriage licenses and other licenses, and oversees voter registration and nomination papers.

Carla received an outstanding evaluation from the town manager who recommended her re-election to this esteemed position in our town. She’s been lauded for the professionalism and cordiality of her staff and her helpfulness to her residents.

Winthrop has had some outstanding town clerks – – Joe Clark, Claire Sheltry, and Marie Tuner come to mind – and Carla is carrying on the great tradition of that office.

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