Police Blotter 08-08-2013

Monday, July 29 

Female party on Sagamore Avenue called reporting a fire. WFD notified.

Person check for party on Lorean Terrace. Woman has not pulled her shades up and that the lights are still on from last night. The party is known to W93 who contacted her and spoke to her and all is fine.

Male called to report that he has been a victim of fraud through his Verizon cell phone account. He reports that someone set up a password to his account, then added another user and then used that additional user’s credit card to purchase two I-phone 5/s. This part was done in New York. Caller has notified Verizon. Reporter was advised to notify the credit bureaus.

Party on Shirley Street requests an officer respond so he can pick up his child as per court order. The parents are arguing over the matter. Officers spoke with both parties and the 13-year-old son went with his father. Peace was restored.

Mother called from Walden Street requesting ambulance for her son. EMS activated.

Party reports that she is at J. Kendall’s Restaurant and has been inside for 20 minutes and nobody appears to be around. Det. Callinan responded and reports the restaurant was left unlocked and there is nobody present. One of the owners was notified and she will respond to secure the building.

Male party called to report that his ex who is now staying in Revere is harassing him. He was advised to speak to the police department in the involved jurisdiction as well as the courts.

Call of two suspicious people in the area of Daw Playground. One described as female with no shoes and a male with one arm. They may be in their 50’s.

A 209A order was faxed over from EBDC to be served on party on Beal Street. Subject was served in hand.

Another 209A was delivered by hand from Chelsea Court and to be served on Paine Street.

Female came to the station inquiring about complaint she had made on July 12th. Checked with the court and she was informed that a clerk’s hearing has been set up for her on Aug. 8th with the other party. She also reports that the third party has also made anonymous reports to DCF. She will go to the court tomorrow to apply for a harassment order, as there have been many reported incidents.

Party on Ocean View Street reports she has been receiving harassing phone calls from a female threatening her to stay away from a male party. Caller reports that she is not sure of the caller’s name but she will attempt to get further information and request a restraining order from the courts if it continues. Female called back and stated that a girl named April, no last name given, was behind the calls.

Caller on Woodside Avenue reports that alarms are going off. Transferred to fire who will respond and check out the situation. Unsure if it is co2 or fire alarms sounding. Fire asking the caller to step out until they can investigate.

Party on Pleasant Park Road reports that a long stick with a detergent bottle affixed to it is stuck in the sand. Caller is quire nervous as to what it is. Officer retrieved and disposed of same.

Party on Washington Avenue reports that a known female party is still harassing her. Advised of her rights to obtain a Harassment Prevention Order.

High school classmate came in to report that another classmate from Stoneham High School has been posting untrue statements and comments on Facebook online. Just wanted it logged.

Caller on Franklin Street reports that downstairs neighbor has not been heard from in days. CPAC and ME notified. ME requesting a detective. Lt. Perrin notified and responded.

Party on Winthrop Street reports that someone is moaning and groaning inside the common closet in the hallway. Units report one male fell and they request fire and Action. So notified. One to Whidden.

Tuesday, July 30 

Group is making noise on Franklin Street. 92 Brown dispersed a few from the area. While there, a second 91 call came in that someone fell down the stairs inside a house. WFD sent and 92 Brown returned to the house. One juvenile with an eye injury. 92 Brown reports this is an assault with a bottle. Searching for an aggressor. 91 Freeman assisted in locating the juvenile suspect and he was placed under arrest.

Male on Walden Street reports that his girlfriend might have overdosed. Transferred to EMS and WFD and they will handle.

Male on Golden Drive outside dehydrated. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Car at Fort Heath Apartments upon blocks with all tires stolen.

Faxed summons was received for male subject on Almont Street. Juvenile Court summons served in hand.

Party on Bartlett road requested EMS for a child with severe abdomen pain. WFD and EMS will respond.

Caller on Linden Street reports that he went by house to pick up his child as per court order agreement but nobody answered the door or appeared to be home. Reported and placed on file.

Party on Crest Avenue at Shore Drive reports that a male appears to be bloodied and is stumbling around the area. Officer requests WFD and EMS for the injured party.

Lt. Scarpa contacted by Asst. Harbormaster about a trailer and boat with no plate or markings at the landing. He discovered all markings on Glastron boat and trailer sanded off except for engine number. He had them towed to G&J and will conduct a further investigation to attempt to determine the owner.

Wednesday, July 31 

Party reports a motor vehicle crash involving two vehicles on Revere Street at Hutchinson Street. WFD and EMS notified. Officer reports operator of the second vehicle was transported to the hospital via EMS and both vehicles were towed.

Rehab called requesting an officer check on female on Main Street, as she has sounded quite confused when she was contacted. Officer requests WFD to gain entrance to the rear apartment. The party is there and appears to be fine. The concerned calling party was notified.

Officer was flagged down on Main Street and Read Street by an off duty officer. He pointed out that a lot of debris was in the street. He stated that two youths were throwing big toy cars onto the street and watching passing cars drive over them. The youths fled. They were caught up at Edwards Street. Spoke with both about the severity and dangerousness of their actions. Their parents were contacted and had the youths clean up the debris.

Party on Pratt Street reports that his neighbor cut off his lock to his shed.

Caller requested we check on his granddaughter on Hermon Street, as she is not returning calls to him. Officers check the apartment but nobody was home. Note was left to have the female call her grandfather.

Female on Washington Avenue complains that people are throwing rocks at the swans on ocean side. 92 McCarthy and 93 Hagameister report there are no rocks. Five older women feeding bread to swans. No issues.

Thursday, August 1 

Mother called about her son with a default warrant. She is worried he may hurt himself and others. He was recently released from HOC. Units notified subject is dangerous. Possibly staying at residence on Beal Street.

Units going off to serve arrest warrant for above subject on Beal Street. Officer checked three homes, spoke to several people and he is not around.

Female on Shore Drive called to report her friend does not feel well. Fire was notified.

Chamber of Commerce called to report that recently an unknown individual was attempting to collect donations from local businesses purporting to do so on behalf of the Chamber. The Chamber states that no events are planned for this weekend and they have NO people authorized to collect donations. Advised to have any future solicitation reported immediately so the individual can be identified and questioned.

Caller reports that two groups of youths ready to fight at the basketball court. Units report speaking with the two groups and sending one out of the area.

Female reports that one man is down on the park side of Franklin Street. 93 Ferullo and WFD notified. It is a known subject to be evaluated. 93 reports he is going to Whidden.

There was a child exchange in the lobby of the police station to keep the peace. No service necessary.

W93 off with motor vehicle at Energy To Go. Reports having unlicensed operator and requesting a tow. Vehicle towed by G&J. Operator was issued citation and summons for violations.

Man down on Revere Street and Golden Drive. WFD notified.

Reports of a loud party on Franklin Street. Officers cleared out the house of a large group.

Another report of kids loitering and causing a disturbance on the Temple Avenue extension. They were spoken to and advised to leave the area.

A call from the State Police dispatcher reporting a male caller on the line who stated that he was in a Black Nissan and he was being chased by another car with someone with a gun on Locust Street, heading for the beach. Could hear screeching. Multiple calls of an accident at the green bars on Shore Drive. Units located the scene, but several people took off. State notified and responded with five units and a K-9. Officers request at least two tows. Fire notified. One in custody for two counts of assault with a dangerous weapon.

Friday, August 2 

Another call of kids in on Franklin Street. 100 Silva dispersed a group of 8 from the ball field.

Male on Cutler Street reports loud music. 100 Silva reports a female had radio too loud. She took it inside.

A male called to report that his wife saw a lady bleeding from the face near the CVS. Officer reports the area is clear. She may be from the group home. Officer checked and all is okay.

Housing Authority called to report that someone is lying on the floor at Viking Gardens. Officer reports a female has passed away. Medical Examiner notified and took custody.

Officer will try to serve a harassment order to subject on Nahant Avenue, issued by the Malden Court. He reports that no one is home. He will try later.

Female came into to report that she had clothing stolen from a machine at the Showcase Laundromat. She obtained a video of the theft. The subject is a female who lives on Pearl Avenue. Officer Feeley has a CD of the theft and will try to ID the culprit.

Male on Shirley Street reports that he made a purchase and paid with a $50.00 bill. The clerk gave him change for a twenty. Caller reports that this is the second time that he has been given the wrong change. Officer reports speaking to the clerk who said there was a mistake and found the $50.00 in another register.

Report of a dog in a locked car. Unit reports windows rolled down a bit and female went inside the Belle Isle Seafood to pick up food.

Woman from Governors Park called to report that she lost her checkbook. She notified her bank and wants it noted.

Caller on Pleasant Street reports there is a large swarm of bees there. ACO notified. Units responded and reports the insects are dragonflies. No problem, ACO cancelled.

Female on Kennedy Road reports that her ex-husband is ringing her bell. Units responded and report sending the party from the area. Party took the bus from town back to Boston. No orders in effect. Caller was advised.

Another attempt to serve order on Nahant Avenue. No answer. Officer reports that he can hear the TV going and there are cars in the driveway. Officer left note for the party to contact the station.

Father on Winthrop Street reports reading his daughter’s Facebook page and is concerned by what he has read. W98 responded and spoke with the father. Prior to the officer’s arrival, the Facebook page was closed. Caller was advised by Det. Racow to contact the detective unit once he obtains further information.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that a resident in our town was working at a residential job in Hingham. His motor vehicle and belongings are still there tonight when the residents came home. Hingham PD asked that we check on his well being as they received a report that the party had a head injury. W91 responded and reports the lights are on but no one is answering. Fire responded and the house was checked and no one was home. Hingham PD was notified.

Saturday, August 3 

W91 and W93 reports being flagged down to check on individuals in the area. W92 cleared from traffic stop and W100 assisted with the suspicious parties.

Caller on Dolphin Avenue reports large group of kids drinking, being rowdy in the street. All units off. W91 has one in custody with open container and charged for liquor violation.

Party on Shirley Street reports that 6-year-old nephew is having trouble breathing.

Officers report clearing multiple groups off at Shore Drive.

Party on Sea Foam Avenue called on the E911 line to report that his driveway is blocked, then stated he found the owner. He was advised to call the non-emergency line in the future.

Caller on Taylor Street reports that her neighbor’s dog is outside crying and the dog is never left outside. She is concerned for the owners. Officers report making contact with the owners; dog brought in for the night.

Party on Shore Drive stated that her husband, who was just bailed, is smashing and breaking things. Units report subject took off before their arrival. He called his wife and stated he is gong to his mother’s in Lynn. She was advised of all rights. All clear.

$11 in cash was turned in to the detail officer at Winthrop High School during the Annie play. It was found inside a show program in the girls’ bathroom. The cash will remain at the police station in the lost and found.

Detail Off. Freeman was approached by citizen, stating a lot of yelling coming from address on Quincy Avenue. A request for a marked unit to assist. Officer reports dispute over breakfast.

In keeping the peace, an exchange of a toddler in the lobby of the police station, per court order agreement.

WFD and EMS are responding to a medical aid called in by on of the harbormaster units at the Town Landing. Officers responded and report a 52-year-old male appears to have had a seizure. Party being transported to MGH via EMS.

Caller on Moore Street reports there has been screaming kids and parents for the last three hours, more than usual. Officer reports the residence has several children on the front porch, possibly being louder than normal.

Report of a large limb dangling on Hermon Street and poses a threat to pedestrians. DPW contacted and will have a look at it.

Housing Authority supervisor called reporting an apparent sudden on Golden Drive. WFD and EMS notified and will respond. Officer is standing by for CPAC and ME’s office.

Party on Putnam Street requests EMS for her husband who is having difficulty breathing. Call transferred to EMS for service.

Father on Linden Street came into the station to report he had a scheduled pickup scheduled for 1 p.m. today. Mother did not show up with child for the exchange.

Female came to the station to report that she was hit by a motor vehicle while on her bicycle on July 22 at Shirley and Trident. She sustained injuries and sought medical attention later that evening.

Caller on Otis Street reports that there is someone riding on a dirt bike up on the sidewalks and speeding all around.

Party reports a male subject appears to be laid out on the ground at the cemetery on Cross Street. WFD and EMS notified. Officer reports a 52-year-old male patient being transported to MGH via EMS.

Reports of a male sleeping in the hedges at Shirley and Hadassah Way. Officer reports a male party being sent to MGH.

Male party from Marshall Street came in to report being threatened by a male from Chelmsford over a car that was sold last October. He was advised to go to East Boston Court on Monday morning. He was also advised to call 911 if anyone came to his house.

Female reports that a group of five juvenile males on the beach at the end of Somerset Avenue. They are littering all over the beach. Officer reports unable to locate the subjects.

Magee’s Corner Liquor reports shoplifting. Officer reports suspect took items and fled.

Caller on Mermaid Avenue reports that her friend threatened to harm herself. Fire and ambulance notified. Party checks out.

Sunday, August 4 

Caller from Atlantis Marina Condos reports that a male is walking around the docks. He just parked a motorcycle nearby. Units report speaking to the party who owns a boat at the dock.

Caller on Cliff Avenue reports a woman named Laura “conned” her way into the apartment last night by telling the upstairs neighbor she was supposed to meet the tenant to buy some items. The neighbor felt uncomfortable and contacted the owner of the apartment. The owner escorted the woman off the premises.

Detail Officer at Dunkin Donuts reports that the tree that was recently planted by DPW has been vandalized. Message left for DPW.

Caller on Golden Drive believes that someone may have tried to gain entry into her apartment. Unit searched the apartment. No sign of a break. Damage on door is old.

Party at Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street claims that somebody stole some medicine from his car. Unit reports party found the medicine and is all set.

Hypo needle on Otis Street. 91 Ramadini picked it up and disposed of it.

Caller from Charles Street stated that a pickup truck stopped on the street and began yelling obscenities at him. He believes the operator had been drinking. 91 is speaking to the operator at Revere and Upland. Medical was called for an evaluation. Subject was taken to Whidden.

Female on Jefferson Street reports that she can see two young males with black hoodies and one of them was waving a handgun. 93 Feely, 91 Ramadini and 92 Ferullo are searching the area. No luck.

Caller on Governors Drive reports a group of kids outside making noise. Units report they sent a small group out of the area.

Caller requesting ambulance for elderly husband on Walden Street who is having difficulty breathing.

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