WPD’s Feeley Issues Warning on Burglaries

Winthrop Police Officer Jim Feeley, liaison to the Boston Regional Intelligence Center, would like to make residents aware of a recent rash of regional distraction B-and-Es (breaking and enterings) in Boston and surrounding communities.

Feeley said in the reported incidents an individual will ring the bell at a residence, posing as a landscaper or utility company worker. While the owner of the residence talks with the individual at the front door and that individual distracts him or her, accomplices enter the home from the other side and commit a robbery of the premises.

“There has been huge increase in these incidents in Boston and other communities,” said Feeley. “If someone rings the doorbell and says they’re a landscaper or such and the homeowner or resident feels the individual outside the house is of a suspicious nature, we advise people to call us. Don’t let that person in the house. Don’t get distracted because it’s happening a lot around the communities now.”

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