Police Blotter 07-11-2013

Monday, July 1

Male party on Buchanan Street called to report that his wife whom he is having problems with, called to report she is going to damage his van in the backyard. He is living with his parents. Officer reports that no one is home. The van looks okay. No damage that he can see.

Party on River Road came to the station to surrender his firearm due to licensing issue.

Supposedly there is a drug deal going down on Douglas Street involving a black pickup. Officer report the area is clear of the pickup or anyone else.

Party came to the station stating he found a purse on top of the mailbox.

Call from Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street that one of their customers was requesting an ambulance. EMS notified.

Male on Court Road called to report that he is having a problem with his 22-year-old granddaughter. Officers report it is verbal only and the granddaughter will leave for the night.

Female on Hermon Street reports that her live-in boyfriend punched her in the head and she is pregnant. One in custody for aggravated assault and battery.

Tuesday, July 2

Male on Shore Drive called to say his friend, with congestive heart failure, is in trouble. Transferred to EMS. State notified. Caller gave several locations – by the flagpole, then the breakwater with the flag on it. Located at Irwin. Party was down on the low tide mark of the beach. He was transferred to MGH.

Caller from Governors Drive reports a large group being very loud in front of the building. Units report group dispersed.

Female on Revere Street called of a needle on the ground. Officer reports he has the needle and will secure it.

Party from Grandview Avenue came in to report a past breaking and entering.

Caller on Fairview Street requesting a well-being check on a relative. Female has just arrived home from a hair appointment and she is fine.

U.S. Marshall requests an assist with subject at Scott’s Auto Repair. Officers report one in custody on their warrant.

Female on Main Street came in to report a larceny from her house.

Mother on Bowdoin Street called to report that her house is on fire and her child is inside. Officers report everyone is out of the house and the fire is a propane tank in the rear. All safe and the fire is out.

Two calls on Sewall Avenue of water leaks. DPW notified. They report a fire hydrant is being flushed.

Male has been seen drinking in the area of 7-11 and Magee’s Corner. The storeowners are concerned that their business is being affected. Can an officer check this area night and day and move the subject out of the area?

Officer will try to serve a summons issued by the Middlesex Superior Court to female on Main Street. He reports that she has moved to East Boston and her father will call her. She may come to pick it up. She came to the station and was served.

Female on Hermon Street came to the station with a copy of a 209A she obtained. She stated male is calling from the Nashua Street Jail. The jail was called with the information about the 209A and if the male subject does not stop calling, we will take out charges.

Female at Rice’s Wharf on Shirley Street called to report that two kids were there and one lifted his shirt and had a gun in his belt. Units responded and spoke to the caller. She believes they got into a truck and left the area.

Report of two men fighting on Crest Avenue.

Male at Ft. Heath Apartments came to the station to report a larceny from his apartment back on May 25. He reports that he allowed a male to stay at his apartment and he was then missing $400 in cash. He took a victim form to complete and said he would take it home and then come back.

Friends of an incarcerated tenant on Shore Drive came to collect property, but there is no proof of what belongs to whom.

Female on Shirley Street called to report that he neighbor is drunk and causing a disturbance. She said she asked him to quiet down but he is yelling. Officer could hear the noise through the phone. She called back to say that the neighbor came over after the police left and threatened her. Units responded back to speak with the parties. One under arrest for disturbing the peace.

Two calls of a problem on the second floor on River Road. First floor and father both called reporting son out of control. EMS responded for an evaluation. W93 Off. Hickey followed ambulance to assist.

Wednesday, July 3

Resident on Buchanan Street reports a couple arguing on her front lawn. W91 Off. Freeman and Off. Jaworski responded and report girlfriend and boyfriend sent out of the area.

Party on Sagamore Avenue came to the station to inform department of the name of his former roommate who he said owes him money. He does not know where to find this man and does not wish to press any charges. He believes him to be a Russian spy.

Call of a female on Golden Drive is on the floor. Fire notified.

Third floor tenant on Trident Avenue reports the smoke alarms have been sounding in another apartment all morning. No signs of smoke or fire showing. WFD notified.

Party on Hawthorne Avenue reports his four tires were slashed on his motor vehicle sometime Saturday night into Sunday morning. He estimated the vale of the tires to be approximately $551. He was unable to provide any suspect information or any possible motive.

Father on Cottage Avenue reports that he locked his keys and his two-month-old infant is in his vehicle. WFD notified. 92 reports entry gained and the infant is fine.

Female caller on Wilshire Street reports that her husband needs to be transported to the hospital. Fire notified.

Party on Willow Avenue came in to report that her pocketbook was stolen from the Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street.

Report of two dogs running around the tide pool area of Yirrill Beach and relieving themselves all over the beach. Caller reports that the dogs are fighting and are unleashed. ACO notified.

Report of picking up a golden retriever on Pleasant Street. Dog was running loose.

Detectives requested a warrant check on subject on Bellevue Avenue. Active WMS for the subject. He was placed in custody and transported to the station by W91.

Party on Moore Street reports fireworks being set off by residents in the area. Detectives report area all quiet.

Reports of playing music on Strand Way and there is a large crowd. Officers report peace restored and all is quiet.

Thursday, July 4

Caller reports light flickering on and off behind the Dean Winthrop House. W94 responded and reports motion detector light and no one is in the area.

Woman on Brewster Avenue reports a disturbance. W100 was already off in the area and reporting that all was quiet. Caller was upset when told that the officer was there and reporting the area clear. She would not step out or give information as to where she was calling from and hung up.

Party on Shirley Street requests an ambulance for her child who is having an allergic reaction. WFD and EMS notified.

Reports of very loud fireworks on Undine Avenue. W93 will check the area.

Neighbor on River Road reports that it sounds like someone getting strangled. W91, 100 and W94 responded and reported that the doors were all locked and there is no answer. Noise could be coming from the dog.

Male on Charles Street reports fireworks there. W93 checked the area on the way back from the Point.

Caller on Shirley Street reports a group of approximately 20 individuals are gathered outside on the curb and disturbing his son’s sleep. Units dispatched and report a group of six moved inside. Area clear.

Units report clearing large group off of Yirrell Beach, sending them out of the area.

Caller on Nahant Avenue reports a male and female being loud sitting on a bench outside his home. Units dispatched and report that two sent along out of the area.

Male called to report he was being chased by a vehicle from East Boston into Winthrop. He was almost driven off the road. He reports that he already called 911 and gave the plate number. He said there were three occupants and they had an AK47. Similar story involving a second vehicle in addition to an assault and battery. Unable to book one of the three prisoners due to a language barrier. Chelsea PD contacted and will send a Spanish-speaking officer to assist us. Third prisoner very uncooperative and unable to be booked at this time. Charges: three counts of assault with a dangerous weapon, and threat to commit a crime.

Party on Grovers Avenue reported a syringe on the ground. Officer responded and brought it to the station for Sharps disposal.

Caller on Shore Drive reports that a juvenile male fell off his bicycle and is pretty scraped up. WFD notified. 93 reports 14-year-old male being transported and parents are on the scene.

Party at Coughlin Playground reports two ice cream vendors exchanging vulgarities in front of young children.

Female on Pleasant Street reports that her friend has stopped breathing and is turning blue. Advised to open airway. Call transferred to WFD and was disconnected. Party called back and was transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Female from Lynn reports that she has been receiving threats from male subject, She reports the subject is on an ankle bracelet and currently resides on River Road.

Party on River Road reports that someone is yelling “they are on fire” and someone may have hung himself from a tree. All available units dispatched. WFD notified. Units requesting CPAC be notified. Lt. Perrin also notified and is responding. Chief reports a crime scene has been established. Scene turned over to the State Police. Lt. Perrin and 93 will be responding to an East Boston address to make notification. ME accepted and cleared and scene.

Female on Shirley Street reports that her neighbor has been blaring music from his apartment and will not cease the noise. Officers report speaking with the party who had opera-type music on. He will lower the volume.

Party on Pleasant Street came to the station to report being harassed by an ex-boyfriend. When officers spoke to her, she did not want to give her name or his name. She just wanted her “rights”. Officer explained everything and she thanked us and left.

Caller on Forrest Street said that she was hired to clean an apartment. In so doing, she found a hollow-point bullet and remnants of drug use. She will call WFD tomorrow when she returns to apartment for an officer to make observations and investigate.

Male caller on George Street report fireworks shooting off and they are going into his yard. Officers report they had them stop.

Another call of fireworks on Lewis Terrace. Officer reports speaking to the people and having it stop.

Female from Somerville called to ask if we could check her boyfriend on Shore Drive. She has not heard from him in days. Officers report no answer at the door. Girlfriend was called back and she was told we would have to force our way in. She wants him checked if he is there. WFD called to force their way in. Officer is calling for CPAC. W98 notified to assist with investigation. ME notified to respond. District Attorney notified to respond. Mother’s information given to Det. Racow and Jaworski. Detectives escorted the medical examiner out of town.

Off. S. Hickey requesting EMS for 17-year-old male with possible dehydration on Triton Avenue. Transported to Whidden. Attempted to notify parent. Message left.

Call of fireworks on Myrtle Avenue. Officer reports area is clear.

Another call of fireworks on Circuit Road. Officer reports area quiet.

Caller on Fremont Street reports a loud party with drinking and fireworks. Officers report speaking to the home owner and they are done for the night.

Resident an off-duty trooper reports possible boaters in distress off of Yirrell Beach. Two flares were lit. WFD notified to refer to harbormaster.

Off. DeCarlo requests medical for alcohol induced situation at Bayview Avenue. Cleared by medical. Person sent out of the area.

Fireworks out of control on Maryland Avenue. Traffic is gridlocked at this time. 94 trying to move that way. Sergeant reports there is nothing going on by anyone.

Male caller on Townsend Street reports a possible fight and the person went into a car. Officers report the vehicle took off and was stopped. Minor accident. All okay.

Officer reports he needs medical on Park Avenue. Fire notified.

W100 off with a motor vehicle from which a firework was thrown on Nevada Street.

Officers report they have someone with a broken nose on Lewis Avenue. Fire notified. Subject medically cleared; in custody for assault and battery on a police officer.  Subject was combative; placed in cell, to be booked when he calms down.

Friday, July 5

Party on Cottage Park Road reports a large group of kids outside and being rowdy. Officers spoke to homeowner and report the party has ended. They are all leaving.

Caller on Johnson Avenue reports group outside being loud. Officers report the area is all quiet at this time.

Party on Shore Drive reports fireworks going off in the area. Officers report group of 20 cleared from the seawall area.

Female on Douglas Street reports that her laptop was stolen and her window is wide open.

Officer received a report of a disturbance taking place, possibly a mugging, behind the water tower. Officers report area search negative.

Unit 94 requesting backup at Delby’s Corner. Unit 94 reports that one female is under arrest for assault and battery.

Female on Forrest Street reports that while cleaning an apartment, she found a live round. Officer report bringing the round to the station for disposal.

Party on Girdlestone Road reports that her sister’s right rear tire was slashed over the night. The tire has been replaced by AAA.

Caller on Summit Avenue reports a larceny of approximately $300, which took place by a neighbor friend within the last two days. The money was not returned and now he would like to report the crime. Officer reports speaking with several parties.

Party came in to report the larceny of his two Browning boat stands from the enclosed area at Belle Isle Boat Yard. This happened sometime over the last four months. Value is set at approximately $200. He will notify the proprietor of the business.

Lifeline alert received from Fairview Avenue. Unable to make contact. WFD notified. Officer reports the party is fine. Accidental activation.

Party on Shore Drive at Crest Avenue reports a drunken male wandering around the area being a nuisance. Officer reports locating the subject and having him leave the area.

Defendant of a 209 order reports he is receiving text calls from the plaintiff at Seal Harbor. He is requesting a medical evaluation be performed against her. She was contacted on her cell phone and reports she is fine and is out of state. She reports he has been calling her and her family in New York making unsubstantiated allegations and remarks about her. She was advised of her rights and requested the matter be placed on record only.

Party reports that National Grid has secured their work along Quincy Avenue, but they left behind signage and cones at Deane Avenue and Revere Street. Officer removed the signs to the roadside so that motor vehicles may pass through Deane Avenue.

Caller on Main Street reports that a male with a brown bag may be under the weather. 92 spoke to the subject who was waiting for the bus and appears to be fine.

Party on Summit Avenue reports that a male next door appears to be very messed up. Subject fled the area prior to arrival.

EBDC called and faxed over a 209 A to serve on subject on Washington Avenue. Officers report that the order was served in hand.

Party from Crystal Cove Marina reports that a female in a yellow Mustang appears to be intoxicated and keeps trying to enter the marina area. Officer requested EMS respond and had her checked out medically.

911 medical of an unresponsive male at Winthrop Golf Club. Medical notified. Officer reports male patient to MGH for evaluation.

Party on Governors Drive reports that she observed three kids pull out the bottom of the fence and entered the pool area. Officer reports that security had just thrown them out. Officer will speak to them about trespassing.

Saturday, July 6

Caller at Executive Apartments states that loud noise is coming from her neighbor’s apartment. Units respond and report no noise heard but resident was advised to keep the noise down.

Party came in to exchange her infant son with the baby’s father, per an active 209A order from the Hampshire County Family and Probate Court. She waited until 10:00 a.m. but the father never showed up. She will follow up with the Probate Court.

Caller reports a male passed out on Yirrell Beach near the steps. Officer reports the subject is actually at the bottom of Terrace Avenue. WFD and EMS will respond there.

Daughter on Pleasant Street reports that her mother fell in the driveway and is bleeding. WFD notified.

Caller from Demetri Brothers Liquors that an intoxicated female is in his store. Units respond and report requesting fire and ambulance for evaluation.

Cleared by medical. 91 transporting female to her residence on Hawthorne Avenue.

E911 call through state police for a medical aid on Trident Avenue. Fire notified. 92 responds and reports one male party to MGH.

Sunday, July 7

Party on River Road came to the station to complain about her daughter harassing her.

Caller on Governors Drive states she felt as if she had just heard what appeared to be gun shots coming from outside the building. 92, 93 and 100 responded and units spoke to several parties who stated they heard nothing.

Caller on Pleasant Street states that a vehicle pulled over in front of her home and the operator or passenger appears to be vomiting and needs medical attention. Fire notified. Units respond and request inquiry on registration and on three subjects. Requests G&J Towing for expired registration. Female in custody for driving under the influence.

Party on Temple Avenue stated that his wife assaulted him earlier this morning. He stated he was pushed and slapped on his back and arms. His clothes were thrown outside the home and his work PC was thrown onto the porch. He wanted this noted without any criminal complaint filed at this time. He was advised of his rights to a 209A order.

Caller on Irwin Street called to report her neighbor harassed her this morning. She wanted this logged for future reference.

Party on Shirley Street reports that a male and female are yelling and screaming at each other in the street. Officers report female yelling on the phone. All okay.

Caller on Cottage Avenue reports that she smells smoke and thinks there is a fire, but she cannot see it. Fire notified.

Monday, July 8

Party on Woodside Avenue found a dog in front of her home. It is bleeding profusely and was either hit by a motor vehicle or attacked by something. ACO notified and will respond.

Caller at Seal Harbor reports that a female is in the lobby stating that her boyfriend is in her apartment causing damage. Units report one under arrest for larceny and domestic assault and battery.

Ambulance needed at East Boston Neighborhood Health on Sturgis Street. Fire notified.

Report of a woman on Hermon Street choking and may be in distress. Female transported to Whidden via Cataldo.

Caller on Beacon Street reports domestic in the rear of the residence. Units report speaking to caller who reports verbal disagreement between friends, and one of the involved parties had left the scene prior to officers’ arrival.

E911 call of an argument in the alley on Bellevue Avenue. Officers report verbal argument. All told of their rights. No one wanted any action by us, but was told this must not happen again. They agreed.

The mother and father of the young man who passed away on July 4 needed to get into his apartment and obtain his belongings. We contacted the property management and they will meet them there. The mother of the deceased stated to us that she was very pleased with the kindness of all the officers that she spoke with.

Phone call on Bowdoin Street reporting, “We have your son”. Her son came in while she was on the phone. No answer if you call the number. It was called twice. Det. Racow will follow up.

Caller on Terrace Avenue reports that someone is trespassing and is threatening her. Units report tenant/landlord dispute. All parties advised of their rights.

E911 call from female stating they saw a boat out in the harbor off of Tafts Avenue flashing their lights. Boat located on the cove side. Fire Department notified and will call the harbormaster.

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