Police Blotter 07-04-2013

Monday, June 24

Party entered lobby of Police Station requesting ambulance transport to hospital for possible dehydration.

Female called to report a 209-A violation via a message sent on Facebook. Officer will obtain and confirm the Facebook violation and will seek his arrest from the Swampscott Police. 209A issued by EB District Court. After the officer went to Chelsea and picked up a copy of the Face Book page, the female stated that the male might not be home as he works. We called Swampscott to check his house for an arrest and they report arresting him. They will take him to Court on Tuesday or bail him today. Victim was contacted and told of the arrest. Lynn District Court clerk wanted Swampscott Police to file charges based on our two incident reports.

Female on Crest Avenue called to report that her boyfriend has threatened to harm himself and others after a fight she had with him. She stated he is on psychotic medicine and is dangerous. She stated he is highly trained in martial arts and the removal of guns from police officer hands. She stated that he is not abusive to her and made no threats on her or her safety but stated he would harm others. BOLO put out. Lt. Scarpa and Off. Freeman has male party stopped on Revere Street. Lt. Scarpa reports that the male is fine. He states he threatened no one and stated that they had a fight and he just left to take a walk and cool off. Female party was called back and did not answer. A message was left advising her that he was checked out and free to go.

Male party reports an elderly female fell on Winthrop Street. 70 year old female had heat stroke and going to Whidden. Son and daughter-in-law were called and they will go to the Whidden.

Wife on Court Road reports that her husband is on the bathroom floor.

Female on Crest Avenue called to report that her boyfriend threatened to blow his head off. Officers responded but party was not there. Boston PD was contacted to check party’s mother’s home for subject’s well being.

Party on Cliff Avenue reports that his grandfather appears confused and needs to go to the hospital. Call transferred to Action EMD and WFD for service.

Father on River Road called to report that his son’s ex-girlfriend came to the home and trashed his room. Girlfriend took off in a red car. Caller does not want ex-girlfriend on the property. This is the second event involving her at this address. Officer located the subject and notified her of the trespass notice. She was charged with unlicensed operation of motor vehicle and was cited.

Caller requesting information regarding seeking an ERO. She was calling from Duxbury and may stop in upon her return to town.

Female reports giving her neighbor a ride to Chelsea and losing her. Caller was advised that her neighbor has been found and Chelsea PD has her and is locating her family (sister). Caller was advised that she should have called the police right away instead of looking for her by herself.

Party on Grandview Avenue reports a suspicious male taking photos of the aircraft. He is operating a Mini Cooper with Texas plates. Officer reports motor vehicle has MA plates and he spoke with all four parties who were taking pictures on the shoreline.

Woman on Bowdoin Street called to report that she smells smoke in her house and thinks that it was struck. She was told to get out. Fire notified. W92 and W93 responded to assist. Fire also checking another address on Bowdoin Street. Units and fire report a working fire.

Caller on Washington Avenue reports the street is flooded. DPW notified.

Tuesday, June 25

Resident on Shirley Street reports foul odor emanating from house next door. W93 reports this is the same vacant/foreclosed property that has been the subject of numerous calls in the past few weeks. 93 reports that the property is secure and he is unable to gain entry, but has been through the property in the past and previous tenants have left an enormous amount of garbage/rotting food in the property.

Doctor on Jefferson Street called to report vandalism to one of his windows.

Caller on Kennedy Road reports witnessing a larceny from her neighbor’s front porch last night.

Call from EB Neighborhood Health for worker having possible heart attack.

Report of a male passed out on a bench at bus stop on Veterans Road. Officer reports he is just relaxing waiting for the bus.

Detail officer reports a party down injured in front of the Middle School Auditorium. Medical notified. Treated at the scene, all okay.

Report of a hypodermic needle on the sidewalk on River Road. W91 responded immediately and located the object and disposed of it in the proper container.

Party on Brookfield Road called from Washington State where she has been away for two weeks. She is not expected back until next week and reports that people are partying in her basement apartment. She reports that they are posting pictures on the Internet of their partying. She said that they did this over the weekend also. Initially she said it was her ex and the landlord’s son who might be there. She just wanted us to go down and scare them. She was told we don’t scare people. She said forget it. She didn’t want to get anyone in trouble even though they were there without her permission. W91 responded and reports speaking with the landlord’s son and also the caller on the phone. Caller reports that she wanted no action now and for the officer to leave.

Wednesday, June 26

Reports of a loud group partying on Shirley Street. Caller reports that they are using vulgar language and may be about to fight. W91 and W92 responded and report a small group of adults enjoying the evening. They will take it inside.

Female on Shirley Street called to report that her husband is trying to break into her bedroom. Caller reports that they have been arguing. W91 and W92 responded and reports speaking with both parties who will stay in separate rooms for the night.

Party on Winthrop Street reports fireworks. Officer reports all clear in the area and quiet.

Off. Feeley requests medical for an emotional female on Main Street. WFD will respond. Female taken to Whidden. 970 will file a Section 12.

Female on Revere Street reports that her son has been bitten at daycare. 91 DeCarlo sent to investigate.

Officer requesting EMS for a 24 year old female who is acting out and walking into traffic at Dunkin Donuts on Main Street. She did this after arguing with a family member. WFD and EMS notified by Lt. Scarpa. Female was transported to Whidden for further evaluation.

Assistant Principle at Winthrop Middle School reports a female student who is supposed to be in school is not in school today. He will notify Arlington PD of the situation, which is where she resides. Officer reports she will check the area for the female student.

Party at EB Newton School reports an elderly female fell and struck her head. WFD and EMS notified.

Party came in to report that her 16-year-old daughter did not come home last night after dropping her off at Revere Beach yesterday morning to meet with two friends from school. Several phone calls made to locate her. Received a call that the female juvenile may be at a friend’s home in Dorchester. Calling party notified. It was entered into NCIC.

Caller found an IPod in the River Road area. Unable to find any identifiable owner information on the device. Screen is cracked. Placed under the front counter.

Gas and electric will be responding to several Winthrop addresses for NE Credit and Collections for utility shut-offs.

Party reports an intoxicated male on the stoop at First Church United Methodist. WFD notified.

Reports of a syringe in front of Kathy’s Place.

Thursday, June 27

Revere State reports they are looking for male subject on Pleasant Street for a motor vehicle accident. 91 will assist. Subject is not there. They are now going to Bayview Street. 91 reports troopers are speaking to him and the girlfriend.

Caller on Marshall Street reports phone hang-ups and bell ringing. He believes it is his 20-year-old daughter’s ex-boyfriend who is from Revere. Party was observed backing out his vehicle on Beal Street. Subject was checked out and advised to leave the area and stay away for the remainder of the evening. Calling party was advised of their rights.

Party reports that she was involved in a verbal altercation this morning with a Viking Taxi driver. She stated she yelled at him to slow down as he was passing by her and the operator stopped and got out and yelled back at her stating he has been a taxi driver for thirty years and if he wanted to run her over he would have. She reported the incident to the taxi company shortly thereafter and was advised the manager would address the matter.

Call of a man down on Birch Road. WFD notified. 46-year-old male transported to MGH.

Party on Hawthorn Avenue requesting a well-being check on his tenant. WFD notified. 93 reports a sudden death. CPAC and ME notified. The sister of the deceased called from out of state and was informed of her brother. She was given all contact information regarding the matter.

Juvenile reported missing from above story located by MBTA. Missing person cancelled.

Friday, June 28

Party on Overlook Drive reports that an elderly female is outside the apartment and fell on the ground. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service. Officer reports 74-year-old patient transported to Whidden via ambulance.

Lifeline Systems called requesting an ambulance for party on Golden Drive for hospital transport. Nurse on scene. WFD and EMS contacted and will respond.

Party on Golden Drive reports that two plants approximate value $30 and 6 solar lights approximate value $36 were stolen sometime over the last day or so.

Caller on Buckthorn Terrace reports subject doing construction work. Hammering, sawing, etc. in violation of town bylaws. Officer responded and informed the homeowner of the 7 pm stop time.

Party on River Road reports the sound of a fight on the second floor. Officer reports verbal only. All parties advised.

Saturday, June 29

Caller on Belcher Street reports a loud party in the area. Officer spoke with the people and had them go inside for the night.

Probation warrant faxed over for subject on Winthrop Street who currently resides at a Boston address.

Caller on Shirley Street reports that a dog has been barking non-stop for hours. She reports trying to raise the owner. No answer at the door. Car in driveway and pile of mail in the mailbox. Officer reports one of the dogs got out of the upstairs apartment and the other tenant in the building will handle. Units cleared.

Party on Shirley Street reports there was a break into his cabana behind his house.

Lynn PD called for BOLO on male subject who lives in Winthrop. He just left his parent’s house and was threatening to harm himself. He has prior mental health issues. Vehicle BOLO’d. Unit sent to address. After many attempts to locate the party, he finally called back. Spoke also with the mother and stated he is fine and was blowing off steam. He is fine and back in Lynn.

Caller reports a swan attacked a female on the bridge at Lewis Lake. Animal Control please take note.

Several calls of a body floating in the water near Faun Bar Avenue. WFD notified. State Police notified. Unknown party transported to MGH. Harbormaster reports speaking with all vessels in the area. No one saw the subject, no abandoned vessels either.

Caller from Belle Isle reports man was working on his boat on land and fell off. He is in pain and requesting an ambulance.

Report of an abandoned bicycle in yard on Main Street. Officer reports it is a red and silver Maxim bicycle. Secured in the garage.

E911 call from a little girl on Locust Street stating that her mother has fallen and she can’t get up. Unit responded and was able to gain entry with fire. One female transported. Father came home from work for custody of child.

Neighbor on Shirley Street says alarm sounding in vacant/foreclosed house. WFD cannot secure building at this time. They are confident the alarm is a low battery indicator.

Caller on River Road reports a large group of kids in the area. W92, W93 found large house party and requested further assistance. Off. Brown responded from the station. One in custody.

Sunday, June 30

Several calls of large groups roaming Ingleside Park. They are loud. Units report same group from Hermon Street party where there were calls of loud music.

Caller reports a white female in on Harvard Street yelling loudly. W92, W100 located the subject who is waiting for her mother to pick her up. Male friend will wait with her and keep her company.

Officer requesting mother on Shirley Street contact station to pick up her two daughters. W93 (Dalrymple and Brown) report no one home. BPD so notified.

Caller on Nahant Avenue requesting medical attention for client who can’t stop coughing.

Boston PD requesting assistance in transporting two female juveniles from previous call to their home on Shirley Street. W100 complied.

Party on Prospect Avenue reports white smoke coming from a laundry room area. WFD notified and responded. Working fire called by WFD. Officers sent to the area to assist with traffic and crowd control. One female transported to the hospital via ambulance with burns.

Caller reports he has an injured dog in the playground at Pond Street, but is unable to take it home. ACO contacted and will respond within 30 minutes.

Officer located a subject motor vehicle of interest parked on Irwin Street. Lt. Perrin will respond to the scene. Officers requested EMS respond for well being of a female there.

Party reported someone dumping debris on the soccer field. Ice cream truck owner wanted to report a woman there had set up a table and was selling food without a permit. Lt. Scarpa spoke with her and she will seek a license to sell items. She has now left the area.

Male on Grandview Avenue reports a Discover card security reported that someone in Georgia had tried to open up an account in his name. He advised all credit reporting bureaus of same.

Male on Shore Drive reports that his apartment was entered sometime last evening and some of his girlfriend’s items were stolen and there is large print left on the slider.

Caller on Sagamore Avenue came to the station to report that his roommate may have stolen his identity and could possibly be a Russian spy. The roommate may have also taken his laptop computer that he allowed him to use.

Monday, July 1, 2013

Male on Buchanan Street called to report that his wife that he is having problems with called to report she is going to damage his van in the back yard. The male is living at his parent’s house on Wave Way Avenue. Officer reports no one home; the van looks okay, no damage that he can see.

Male came to the station to surrender his firearm due to licensing issues.

Report that someone may be passed out on a bench at Crest Avenue. WFD notified.

Male caller reports a drug deal going down on Douglas Street involving a black pick up (he can not get the plate). Officers report the area is clear of the pick up or of anyone else.

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