Police Blotter 06-13-2013

Monday, June 3

Abandoned 911 call from Temple Avenue. Number is unable to be called back. Verizon and ATT contacted for assistance. Customer Care reports it is a fixed AT&T Internet number. 92 reports unable to make contact with any residents at the address. AT&T reports they will research it and fax a report if it is an active number. Fax received and reports no information obtained as a result of the request.

Party on Beal Street reports that a male is operating a moped up and down the street without a helmet and he does it every day.

Female came into the police station and she was served her copy of a restraining order from Lowell District Court.

99 off with two subjects on Revere and Crest Avenue. One placed in custody for possession of Class A drug.

Officer and victim/witness advocate off to River Road.

Delivery driver reports that a dog on Ingleside Avenue bit him. ACO notified and will follow it up.

92 reports speaking with defendant of an active 209A at Atlantis Marina Condos regarding turning over his firearms.

Tuesday, June 4

Caller on Emerson Road states it appears that someone threw a rock at his home sometime in the night. 91 responded and reports vandalism to the screen door by a brick.

Plaintiff from Trident Avenue called to report a violation of an active 209A. She stated that the defendant called her last night on her cell phone in violation. She was advised to pick up a copy of the Journal Entry for her next hearing scheduled for June 7th and a hearing will be scheduled for the alleged violation.

WFD reports responding to Fort Heath Apartments for a medical aid.

Transfer from Boston PD from Veterans Administration who called them to report a party from Summit Avenue called to cancel an appointment because they were blacking out and collapsing.

Party on Sunnyside Avenue requesting an ambulance for her mother. WFD notified.

Caller requesting an officer to file a report for an assault at Winthrop Middle School.

Request for EMS for a 50 year old male on Amelia Avenue having difficulty breathing. WFD notified.

Party reports a group of youths loitering and creating a disturbance on the path near Kennedy Road. Two youths left the area upon arrival.

Caller on North Avenue reports a father and son argument. Verbal only.

An arrest was made on Cliff Avenue. Female arrested for two counts of distribution Class A drug and one count of Class B drug.

Wednesday, June 5

Caller on Beal Street reports a couple arguing. Officers report speaking with the couple and they are just talking outside. No argument.

Report of a fight on Shore Drive. Officers report that kids are just being kids.

Party reports two male are being very obnoxious on Shirley Street. Subjects going home for the night.

Caller reports that someone is banging on the door to the first floor apartment on Main Street. Caller lives on the second floor. Officers report speaking to a female knocking on the door. She states she just moved in a week ago and the key is not working. She has no proof that she lives there. She was informed we could not help her gain entry.

Party on Shirley Street states a female party is causing a disturbance and destroying property. Units report going to Whidden for voluntary evaluation.

Caller reports that his boat trailer number plate was stolen while at Belle Isle Boat Yard. Number plate entered into NCIC.

Neighbor from Governors Park reports that two people are arguing and making a disturbance. All parties were advised of their rights and advised to go back into their apartments.

Party from Fort Heath Apartments reports that a female appears to be under the influence or having a medical problem.

Caller from Cottage Park Road reports that two men with a pickup truck are in the driveway of an abandoned house. Officers report it appears to be contractors working on the home. They will be securing the building for the bank.

Mother on Temple Avenue reports that her son is at their home and having severe stomach pain. WFD and EMS notified and will respond.

Party on Golden Drive report she received a call from a male with an accent and fears he may have obtained her bank information. She will contact her financial institution and close her account.

Caller on Governors Drive reports that his pregnant wife is not feeling well. WFD notified.

Report of someone falling off a chair at Fort Heath Apartments. They need help getting up. Transferred to WFD and they will handle.

Thursday, June 6

Caller from Atlantis Marina Condos reports that a group is drinking in the parking lot. Units report the group has been sent out of the area.

Party on Mermaid Avenue called to report that her ex-boyfriend has been driving around the area. Unit 91 reports he spoke with the caller and the boyfriend is in the apartment. The caller doesn’t want the boyfriend removed from the house, but just wanted an officer to speak with him. Officer Freeman informed the caller to dial 911 if an incident took place.

Caller on Highland Avenue called to report that a male is banging on his door and he doesn’t know who he is. Unit reports a male from Boston is here trying to visit a resident and is leaving the area.

Off-duty Revere officer reports that it appears a male may be attempting to remove items from a foreclosed and vacant property on Shirley Street. Units report speaking with a male and confirming that he works for the company that is in charge of maintenance of the house. He will finish mowing the lawn and be on his way.

Mother on Buckthorn Terrace came in to report that her 18-year-old son beat up her 13-year-old son. Her husband took the young son to the police station. Fire checked out the boy and recommended he go to the hospital. Young boy’s mother filled out victim witness statement form. Parents took the child to MGH in Chelsea. Officers went to the house and arrested the older boy for domestic assault and battery.

Male from Governors Drive came to the station requesting an escort to keep the peace while he retrieved personal belongings in accordance with the terms of the 209A. W92 reports the husband retrieved his vehicle, but was unable to retrieve any other items at this time due to the fact that his wife was not home.

Officer will try to serve a 209A issued by the Lowell District court to subject on Loring Road. He was told subject would come to the station later for his copy. He came by later and was served with a restraining order.

Caller reports a large crane and various other construction vehicles obstructing the street and sidewalk on Washington Avenue. This is causing a hazard. W91 reports off to Washington Avenue and Northeast Concrete. Job shut down for the day and crew advised that they would need to hire a safety officer for any future work causing an obstruction on the street and/or sidewalks.

E911 caller reports possible domestic disturbance with a young female banging on the exterior front door on Main Street. W91 requests EMS for evaluation. Report coming in with one in custody for domestic assault and battery.

Female caller on Woodside Avenue reports that an older male has an expired license. Lt. Scarpa will speak with the man and he assured him he is not driving and will not drive. A family member drives him around.

91 Curran came across two juveniles fighting on Walden Street. Aggressor taken to parents home.

Reports of a man down at Pleasant Park Yacht Club.

Group of people came in to the lobby reporting a mutual assault on each other. Parties were separated. Party that was speaking received a call of a medical nature from her son and ran out. Woman came back and reported that her son was being pulled out a window on Hermon Street. W92 and W94 responded. Units settled the matter for now.

Mother came in to the station to report that her 17-year-old son has been living with another family member for several months without her permission. She just learned that the Vice Principal at the High School suspended her son today. Mother did not have the information regarding the location or name of the friend that her son is with. Mother will go to court in the morning.

Report of some kind of fire on the balcony at Governors Drive. WFD notified and will handle.

Friday, June 7

Caller from Seal Harbor reports another incident with boyfriend. 91 Freeman reports he spoke with her. Advised her of her rights and she will try to seek alternative housing in area.

W93 reports checking the area of the softball field at Kennedy road. He found it littered with cans and boxes and bottles left possibly by those using the field. W93 off S. Hickey left a message for parks and recreation to notify those that are issued the permit to clean up after their use of the field.

Female on Sunnyside Avenue called to report she had a verbal argument with her husband and he has left the house and she does not know where he went. States he has only been gone about an hour. Description given. All units BOLO’d. Wife will come to the station to fill out a formal missing person report should her husband not return in a reasonable time frame.

School employees from the Fort Banks School called to report coyotes in the soccer field.

Caller on Shore Drive called to report that his neighbors vacated their property approximately one week ago and have left an enormous amount of trash in the alleyway between his house and theirs. Code enforcement officer notified.

Female on Shore Drive came in to report her husband is acting strange and aggressive toward her and others. She is requesting a 209A or warrant of apprehension to get him looked at. Handgun confiscated and placed in the property container. Female was taken to the court for the 209A by Off. Carter.

Female came in to report that she is being harassed by an ex-boyfriend as he shows up at her workplace, calls her, parks in front of her house and in general is everywhere she does not want him to be. She will go to East Boston Court for a 209A and the male will be summoned in for a criminal harassment charge.

Caller reports a male subject is out on the jetty on Shore Drive and may be in distress. WFD also notified. W93 reports locating the individual who is not in distress and is only fishing.

Call for an ambulance on Corinna Beach. Fire notified.

Officer will try to serve a harassment order issued by the EB Court to subject on Beacon Street. It was served in hand.

Male cell phone caller on 911 line reports that a gray Honda operating recklessly and “bouncing off” curbs while speeding down the street. Units report off with the vehicle and operator. Operator cited for reckless operation and vehicle towed as a public safety hazard.

Officers will try to serve a 209A involving a vacate order issued by the EB Court to individual on Shore Drive. W91 and W92 responded and served the individual in hand. Officers allowed him to gather a few personal belongings and collected the necessary items and keys pertaining to the order. Defendant was advised of the consequences of not complying with the order fully and not turning everything over to the officers.

Report of a possible oil leak in the area of the Executive Apartments. Officer requests fire that was notified. Fire reports it must have been an oil leak from Frontline Auto Sales. Someone notified the owner No further action required.

Officers went to address on Sunnyside Avenue to check apartment and grounds for clues to missing husband.

Saturday, June 8

Caller reports a man at front door trying to gain entry on Lincoln Street. W91, W92, W100, Off. Bonavita located three men in car pulled over after leaving party on Hermon Street. One of the men was knocking on door looking for directions back to Worcester. Officers redirected them back to Hermon Street home.

Party who is housesitting for relatives on Bates Avenue reports a prowler on back porch with a flashlight. As caller approached the door, prowler took off up the driveway.

Caller states a suspicious male wearing dark hoodie hanging around gym door of the high school. Units located local man just trying to stay dry.

Party on Sewall Avenue thinks a friend is distraught and may have taken some pills. WFD, Action, W91 report locating woman who was fine.

Report of Nahant Avenue being flooded. DPW has been notified.

Caller reports an unknown male appears to be sleeping outside of the rear door to his apartment. Party identified as the one from Sunnyside Avenue reported missing yesterday by his wife. Party is fine and was reunited with his wife. Missing person notification cancelled.

Property owner on Hermon Street reports beer thrown into his yard and his pool. Suspects next door. He will speak with the neighbor.

Report of a possible fire in the house on Temple Avenue. Fire notified. Units report malfunctioning dishwasher.

Caller from Seal Harbor reports domestic with other half. Units spoke with party in lobby. W93 reports one under arrest for assault and battery.

Landlord reports main doors to the rear apartment on Cliff Avenue has been kicked in and damaged. Tenant at will. Male has not been there and a female is the only suspect that the landlord could have done this. Door will be repaired.

Male and landlord request an escort to get some personal belongings at Governors Drive. 92 Carter will oblige.

Caller reports that someone is breaking into the basement apartment on Cliff Avenue. W91 and 92 and 93 responded along with W94 Lt. Scarpa. Officers report damage to the door and the lock.

Report from Revere that a car was involved in a road rage incident in their city. It was registered to Temple Avenue. It was an assault and battery involving the car. W94 responded to Temple Avenue and W91 waited at the line. Unable to locate the motor vehicle at this time. Vehicle located and Chelsea who responded made arrest.

Caller from CVS at East Boston line to report a shoplifting incident. Transferred to Boston who transferred to District 7.

Female came to the station to report an argument with her mother and her mother’s live-n boyfriend. Reporter left the apartment where she lives with them as well as her 1-year-old child. She would like to go back and pick up a few items for the night as she left to stay with a friend for the night. W92 accompanied the woman back to the address to pick up items.

Report of another problem going on with the father of her child at Seal Harbor.

Party called to report a fight at Overlook and Revere Street. Two cars, a jeep and a SUV. She saw someone hit another over the head with a baseball bat. Some others were rolling in grass there fighting. W94 checked the area and W92 cleared the call eh was on. Officers report that the area was clear upon their arrival.

W91 reports spotting a motor vehicle on Crest Avenue wanted by Chelsea. W94 responded to assist and to wait for Chelsea’s arrival. Chelsea responded and placed the operator under arrest for the incident that occurred in their city. Car was parked legally and keys brought to the station to be picked up by the owner. Mother picked up the keys at the station.

91 Curran reports a couple in dispute on Shore Drive. 93 S. Hickey will assist. All settled – verbal only.

Noise involving kids. 93 S. Hickey reports lot at Odd Fellows Hall is quiet. 92 Curran reports noise from Madison Avenue. Located adults and told them to knock it off.

Female on Thornton Park complains of loud party on back street. 92 Curran and 93 S. Hickey located the noise. Adults are present and were advised to bring it inside.

Officer checked the area behind Grovers Avenue and a group was sent out of the area. Some items taken away.

Sunday, June 9

Caller reports a seemingly intoxicated male banging on cars stumbling towards Temple Avenue. Male brought in to protective custody.

E911 transfer. Crying male said he was assaulted at an unknown location on Main Street.

While walking past residence on Loring road, caller heard someone inside calling for help. W91, W92, W100 report locating elderly, disoriented male. Home health aide was present. Off. Curran spoke with man’s sister by phone and satisfied about situation. WFD and Action cleared subject.

Call back to abandoned 911 yielded a crying woman on line on Vine Avenue. Fire notified. Action cleared intoxicated female who will be cared for by husband.

Caller reports finding a firearm that appears to have washed up on Short Beach. W93 reports securing firearm.

Party on Douglas Street reports getting harassing calls from her ex-husband. She would like this noted. So done.

E911 wireless call reporting a domestic disturbance on Douglas Street. Units report verbal dispute regarding custody. Peace restored.

Elderly patient on Golden Drive requesting an ambulance for possible complications with pneumonia.

Caller reports male and female arguing at Crest Avenue parking lot. They appear to be getting into a blue motor vehicle. Off. Feely reports going off with the vehicle on Grovers Avenue. After speaking with both the female operator and the original caller, it was determined that the incident was a verbal disagreement only. The male had left the scene prior to the officers’ arrival.

Party on Sargent Street requests an ambulance for family member. Transferred to Fire/EMS.

Party on Adams Street came to the station to report a violation of restraining order through a third party.

Saugus PD requests to respond to Paine Street to place a female under arrest for domestic assault and battery in their town, as well as an assault and battery on a person over 65. W93 and W91 responded, as they are familiar with the female party. She was not there, but male present said he would advise her to turn herself in. Saugus PD advised.

Report of a bike missing on Read Street. Bike is older purple Mongoose, possible three speeds. Bicycle was last seen early this morning outside the home when they left

Reports of noise coming from the golf club all day. Caller reports he called early today and the noise is still going on. W91 off. Curran responded and located the director who will shut the pumps off.

Another call of above pumps on at golf club. Caller reports that this is disturbing his peace. W91 Off. Curran went to the golf club and located one of the directors who said he would have them off in ten minutes. When caller called back, W91 responded back with Lt. Scarpa who said the pumps were still going on but no one was on the premises. Director was called and two messages were left for him regarding the noise issue.

Party on Girdlestone Road called to report that his sister was attacking his mother. W93 and W91 responded and report speaking with three generations of women present who denied a problem. Caller called back two more times, insisting something was going on and that we were not doing anything. Caller was cursing repeatedly and sounded under the weather.

Multiple calls for a large brawl and fights going on at Nahant and Sewall Avenue. All units responded.

Cab driver came into the station to report that the rear window to his cab from Winthrop Taxi was smashed. Driver reports he had just left a fare off at Bowdoin Street and he was completing his log when something came smashing through the rear window of the cab on the driver’s side. He reports that the low numbers pulled him over on Bowdoin Street when this occurred. No units available to check the area due to the large altercation in the Highlands.

Report of a mother falling out of bed on Cottage Avenue.

Caller at Fort Heath apartments reports that his son is drunk and out of control. Officers report verbal and the son will be leaving for the night with his mother.

Party on Pearl Avenue reports that her 16-year-old niece has run away.

Units will attempt to serve a warrant of protective custody out of Boston

for a juvenile female on Douglas Street. Juvenile placed in custody and is being transported to Boston Juvenile Court.

Party from Governors Drive came in to report that her boyfriend assaulted her. Attempt to locate the subject was unsuccessful at his residence. Victim transported to the East Boston Court by friends to apply for a 209A.

Caller from Woodside Avenue reports that he is receiving harassing and threatening phone calls from an ex-girlfriend. Subject advised as to 209A. He will come to the station and follow up.

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