Police Blotter 02-28-2013

Tuesday, February 19

Superintendent of Winthrop Golf Club reports a motor vehicle partially obstructing their entrance. 92 unable to raise the owner. G/J notified. Tow cancelled after caller stated he did not wish the vehicle to be towed and create a problem for the owner.

Party brought in a wallet he found in a snow bank on Circuit Road. Family member contacted and will notify the juvenile to pick it up. Left at the front window.

Caller on Nahant Avenue reports that her mother fell in the driveway and needs assistance getting her up. WFD notified.

Report of a wire down on Beal Street. WFD notified.

Party on Pleasant Street would like to report some malicious destruction of property done to his fence by a neighbor.

Boston PD wants male for breaking and entering and larceny from Bennington Street in East Boston. Units advised to BOLO for a dark blue van being operated by the above subject who resides here in Winthrop. Off. Armistead observed the van at his residence on Washington Avenue and is standing by with the owner present. Boston PD units responded to question the suspect. Boston PD took subject into custody. While they question him further, subject was taken to Boston for booking.

94 will stand by to assist  officers from Boston PD attempt to serve a default warrant to a subject at Seal Harbor 3.

Party on Crest Avenue reports his gold and black lab mix escaped from his property. He weighs approximately 45-50 pounds and has a blue collar. Party also left information on ACO’s voicemail.

Landlord on Summit Avenue reports that his downstairs tenant threatened him with bodily harm when he went downstairs to complain about loud music. He wanted this recorded in case something happens. Does not want any action at this time.

E911 caller reports that her son needs an ambulance on Winthrop Street. WFD notified.

Wednesday, February 20

Caller on Highland Avenue reports that she is receiving threats over facebook. Officer reports advising caller of her rights. He will also follow up with the call during regular hours tomorrow.

Female caller in soft voice called – “please come I need to get out of here.” Officers report that female refused to leave or go to a woman’s shelter. Mother of male subject is also in apartment. All parties report just verbal argument. Units are clearing.

Party on Locust Street reports motor vehicle is pulling over the sidewalk and parking on the lawn in front of the home. Officer reports speaking with the party who will cease from doing it in the future.

Caller at Expert Auto on Shirley Street reports she found a small white dog without any tags running loose in the area. ACO notified. He will go by and pick it up.

WHA called reporting that two men are going door-to-door asking tenants about their electric bills. Officer report subject had left prior to their arrival.

Caller on River Road reports that she found her rear door broken in. Officers report checking the interior of the home. Nobody located.

Party on Thornton Street reports that someone entered her unlocked vehicle sometime overnight and stole her black Guess pocketbook. She reports it contained her prescription medication, Mass. driver’s license and her Social Security card.

Caller on Banks Street reports sometime since last evening, someone entered his unlocked car door and went through his glove box. The only thing missing was a diaper bag valued at approximately $70. Party reports the weather played a factor in forgetting to lock up his car.

Party from Pearl Avenue came in to report an incident fraud via the Internet. He attempted to purchase a dog from tizzellbulldoghomes.net and paid via ZipZap. He was defrauded out of $500. He has reported this to ZipZap, and they are investigating.

Caller on Somerset Avenue reports hearing what she believed was four or five rapid gunshots coming from somewhere in the area. Officers search and reports finding nothing amiss. No other reports of this incident.

Thursday, February 21

Party on Overlook Drive reports that her mother needs medical assistance. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Caller on Johnson Avenue requesting EMS for her grandmother who appears weak.

E. Party requesting assistance for a person who fell in the area of Hermon Street. WFD notified. Male party is fine and just needed assistance getting up.

Party requests we check on her friend on Shirley Street. She hasn’t heard from her in over a week. She reports that the last time she spoke to her, she was planning on checking into a hospital for psychiatric issues. She states the person has attempted to hurt herself before, and she believes she is suicidal. Officer reports no one answering the door. WFD will assist in gaining entry to check on the subject. Officer gained entry with a key provided by a neighbor. Apartment was empty. Neighbors stated they had seen her as recently as Tuesday. A message was left for her.

Newton PD requests we pick up a male on Revere Street for a violation of a 209A. Officers report he is not at home. Family states he is out with another family member and they will call when he returns.

Friday, February 22

Call of a transformer explosion on Ocean Avenue. Fire and officer report some power out in the area. National Grid on the way.

Female on Hermon Street came to the station to report a larceny of her wallet and it’s contents by an ex-boyfriend.

Proprietor of Harrington House informed the chief of threats to her and her establishment. Officer report no direct threats. They spoke to all involved.

Life Line Systems called to report a family member just went to visit another family member and found that he fell and is bleeding from the head. Fire and Action will respond.

Report of a loud party and possible fighting in an apartment on Shore Drive. Caller can also smell pot. She believes the parent is away and the daughter may go back in. W93 Off. Hickey responded as well and officers checked the property and no one was there but the apartment was in disarray.

Caller reports a green Honda CRV with a female operator may be impaired. Last seen at the Mobil Mart. Officers checked the area for the vehicle to no avail. W91 was right in the area when the car was given out.

Report of a cat that just got hit by a car on Shirley Street. Animal Control contacted and will respond within the ½ hour. Caller called back to request we cancel ACO because a neighbor took care of same.

Abandoned 911 call on Read Street. Call back revealed a domestic between father and daughter. Mother placed the original call and daughter hung the phone up on her.

Male came to the station to let us know that he and his wife would be going to his brother’s house on Cottage Park Road to walk his dog for him because he is away for the evening. They came here first to inform us in the event of a problem as the brother’s estranged wife lives in an apartment on the property. A few minutes later we received a call reporting a car accident on the property. Officers report that the estranged wife was calling to report that the brother-in-law was there with his wife. No accident, no crime, no orders in effect. Officers report wife may be a bit drunk. Brother and his wife came back to the station reporting the wife was yelling and causing a disturbance while they were there. Brother will have to go back again tomorrow but he will let us know before going; again, in the event there is another problem.

W91 Off. Curran reports being off with a group that just hopped the fence to the property on Winthrop Street. Officer spoke with the parent via telephone. The family who asked the officer to check the house as a large group was seen fleeing. Officer report five females there with the mother’s permission. No alcohol or contraband present.

Caller on Summit Avenue reports a baby or child crying for several days and now hears a woman screaming. Officers report a child that does not want to go to bed. All ok and child is now asleep.

Saturday, February 23

Female came to the station seeking an ERO on her brother-in-law. On-call judge issued the order. Off. Brown and Sgt. Crisafi responded to Fremont Street to serve the ERO. Male was served in hand. Plaintiff was advised of the completed service.

Female on Irwin Street called to inform us that she was just assaulted by her boyfriend in Revere. She just left the Revere PD and she will call us if her boyfriend comes by her home.

Report of a hit and run at Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street. W92 reports speaking to all parties involved and assisting in exchange. No damage observed.

Caller on Read Street reports finding what appears to be a woman’s handbag on the sidewalk. W92 reports that it is an infant’s diaper bag. It was brought to the police station for safekeeping.

Male caller from the East Boston Savings Bank reports a female is very confused. Officer and fire report she is okay. Belongs to a group home on Pleasant Street.

Report of needles in the parking lot next to Citizen Bank.  Officer reports to have them in his Sharp container.

Son called from Golden Drive and asked for help with his mother going to the hospital. Fire department will handle.

Female on Sagamore Avenue reports that her car may have been vandalized. Officer reports it appears that she backed over the curb.

Caller reports disoriented elderly female at Bank of America. W93 reports the same woman from earlier this morning, is just headed back to the group home on Pleasant Street.

Diaper bag property was turned into the police today. We had a report of breaking and entering on Thursday, matching description of property. Officer returned to owner, who positively identified it as being his.

Officer is attempting to return a lost wallet belonging to a resident on Grovers Avenue. Officer reports speaking with a resident there who is not familiar with the woman on the ID. Wallet brought to the station.  License check reveals that the party lives in Revere. Revere Police made contact with the female who will pick up her wallet.

Report of wires that are arcing on the pole on Wave Way Avenue. WFD notified.

Sunday, February 24

Caller from the CPYC reports seeing two kids go into a boat in the boat yard. Units report that no damage was done to the boat, but evidence of Class D being smoked on the boat recently.

Report of a male sleeping in a running vehicle on Cliff Avenue. Officers spoke with the party who had fallen asleep while using his phone. He returned into his residence for the evening.

Male caller stated that a woman is being beaten outside of a building on Shore Drive. She is on the ground. Officers report that the female may have fled in a red vehicle and the male, wearing a gray hoodie, walked off. Witness also told officers the male showed a firearm. All taxi companies notified. No pick-ups in the area and they will call if they have one.

Male called from Read Street to report that his basement is being flooded. Steve Calla notified.

Vehicle parked in the handicap parking spot without a placard at Winthrop Market Place was issued a $300 parking ticket.

Officer will try to serve a male on Winthrop Street an emergency 209A issued by the Lynn Police. He reports that no one is home. Note: this person is also listed under another name that is in our system. Lynn will be notified of the address change and his real name.

United States Coast Guard called to report a wind surfer was pulled out of the water at Yirrell Beach. A minute later, a 911 call came in to report a wind surfer on Otis Street who needs help. Fire notified and reports they are in the area and will check it out. They report he is in no danger. Also, MassPort called to report a wind surfer rescued by the Coast Guard. Officer reports all is okay after checking with the fire department.

Female came to the station to seek a restraining order against her ex-boyfriend. 209A was issued by the judge.

911 call for out of control patient on Pleasant Street. Units report patient has been calmed down and peace restored. No transport.

Female from Beal Street came to the station to ask for items to be analyzed. A report of abuse taken and possibly a 209A.

Someone from Lynn found a wallet belonging to someone from Winthrop.

Caller reports that she dropped her Apple I phone in a Viking Cab last night when she took their cab from Boston to Shirley Street at 3:00 a.m. When she discovered her phone was left in the cab, she called Viking Cab immediately and they did not have it. Her father pinged her phone and it was located to Saratoga Street in East Boston. According to Viking, after dropping the party at Shirley Street, a male fare was picked up at Beal Street who went to East Boston. When we called the telephone number, which we got from Viking Cab, it sounded like a male who answered but then promptly hung up. Called back several times and the calls went unanswered and no message machine came on. W92 Off. Ferullo went to Beal Street and spoke to the residents (three apartments) there, who all denied having any visitors last night. When we went to Saratoga Street in East Boston, no answer at them multiple dwelling, although there were lights on in the building. No further information available at this time.

Two calls of icy street at Faun Bar Avenue. Steve Calla notified.

Female on Kennedy Drive called reporting that she is being disturbed and harassed by the neighbors downstairs. W93, 92, 91 responded and report ongoing problem in which the caller was advised to contact Housing. Also, W93 reports the incident that the caller called about happened several hours ago.

Monday, February 25

Report of stopping motor vehicle on Main Street. Driver was driving with suspended license and also with an outstanding warrant out of Watertown.

Call from Gail Conlon at Winthrop High School to repot a bullying problem. Officer reports this is a case of kids going on a website and saying things about our students, past and present. Officer told the school, we would look into it.

Female caller on Court road reports there are people knocking on doors and they have books in their hands. Officer reports it is a religious group and there is no problem.

Report of a male having a possible seizure at the Town Hall. WFD notified. Units report male transported to MGH via Action.

Caller on Summit Avenue reports she is having a stroke. Fire notified.

Call of an elderly lady that fell at Winthrop High School. Fire and officer report she is on the way to Mass General.

Received a 209 from Dorchester Div. of the BMC via fax for service to serve a warrant on a male on Shore Drive. Officers were already aware of the warrant.

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