Police Blotter 01-24-2013

January 14

Call from CVS to report a shoplifter.

Person came to the station to report several items of jewelry missing from her home.

Car drove up onto resident’s lawn.

Complaint of a loud party.

January 15

Caller requests ambulance for daughter having difficulty breathing.

Caller reports white van parked on the street leaking some type of fluid.

Red Dodge Stratus with no plates towed.

Caller requests ambulance for her husband.

January 16

Call of a two car accident.

Caller reports the intersection is being blocked by cars going through the light.

Animal complaint relative to dogs barking all day long.

D.P.W. worker came to the station to report a car backed out of Clothes Encounter and struck Water Truck. No damage to D.P.W. truck, but the car that was hit had its bumper ripped off. No one was injured.

Female caller reports a domestic fight involving two roommates.

January 17

Caller states he struck a parked motor vehicle. He is not injured.

Party reports at 5:45 a.m. this morning she observed a Jeep traveling down Hawthorne Ave. and the driver was shining a flashlight at various addresses and vehicles.

Party reports her small brown terrier dog ran off toward Shore Dr. She is on oxygen and can’t chase it down.

Caller reports unwanted guest.

January 18

Party reports one of their clients has activated her medical alert device.

Party reporting a domestic disturbance coming from the second floor. Verbal argument.

January 19

Received report of a breaking and entering into a motor vehicle sometime early in morning.

Party reports he just got home and his home has been broke into.

Party came in to report several checks were stolen from her checkbook over the last several weeks.

Party reports being involved in a minor crash.

January 20

Party reports the flag has become dislodged from the pole.

Party reporting the larceny of items from her apartment.

Party reports a black MV has been parked for one week without moving.

January 21

Female requesting ambulance to hospital to check on pregnancy.

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