Police Blotter 12-13-2012

Monday, December 3

Party near Massa Playground reports motor vehicle passed by a stopped school bus with its red lights illuminated and flashing. Message left with the owner of suspect vehicle’s wife who will speak with him when he returns home. Owner came in in the interim and was advised.

Caller on Bowdoin Street requests officers remove unwanted guest. Officers report parties were advised of their rights and the unwanted guest has left for now.

Party on Pratt Street reports two items were taken from her residence.

Party came in to report he lost his Citibank MasterCard on or around 11/21/2012 and it was used without his authorization on 11/22 at the 7-Eleven twice totaling approximately $12.18. The card was also used in Revere and he was advised to report them to the Revere Police. He will follow up with Citibank.

A request for an ambulance at Alcohol & Drug Free Home on Shore Drive. Transferred to Action.

Party in a white pickup truck dumped trash over the side at the Elks. Officer will speak to him and set up a hearing.

Detective Racow requested and officer respond. She is investigating three individuals for 94C violation on Golden Drive.

Detail officer at Lincoln and Main reports a Cardillo worker came across a SP male checking out the scrap metal in the dumpsters. Party fled upon his arrival. Units keep an eye on the area.

Party reports alarm activation at Rossetti’s Café. Officers report the building is all secure with no signs of an attempted B&E.

Report of two black males in a green Jeep Cherokee in the area of Faun Bar Avenue scoping out packages that are delivered and left unattended. Neither plate matches the description of the vehicle. Units advised to BOLO.

Two kids report finding a stray dog on Cora Street. ACO unavailable. Owner contacted and will go to the area where the dog was last observed. The caller will bring the dog back to the location where they found the dog.

Tuesday, December 4

State Police requested BOLO for subject on Upland Road; bailed from vehicle at Brandywine, EB within the last ten minutes. Wanted for failure to stop, suspended license, two warrants. All units notified. W92 Ferullo off with three SP units. Canine. After extensive search, SP will continue to monitor area.

Party from Winthrop was visibly upset reported seeing a man lying in the street in Revere on Shirley Avenue. He had a second man standing over him dressed in black pointing what might have been a gun. Called RPD who had a similar call, same time frame. Drunk driven home. They will direct patrol to follow up.

Manager at CVS called to report he has a juvenile shoplifter. Officer Freeman reports he will take the child to the school and explain to them what happened. Principal will contact the parents.

Visiting Nurse called to report she is concerned about a patient on Maryland Avenue and is unable to make contact at his residence. Request for a well being check. Fire requesting an officer. All units currently tied up with probation officers to execute warrant. Officer Curran reports deceased has DNR and on hospice care. ME notified and declined due to hospice care. CPAC notified and declined due to hospice care.

Officers along with parole officers will attempt to serve a warrant on male on Locust Street. They report subject not home.

Caller reports white male in a gray hooded sweatshirt, black hat and glasses attempting to open car doors on Shirley Street. Another call from WFD reports firefighters quested the individual who fled down Veterans Road. All units BOLO’d with description. W91 reports off at Bowdoin and Ocean View with subject matching description. Determined to not be same individual.

Female from Revere Street came to the station to report a theft from her mother’s vehicle.

Officer Curran reports there was a fight in the high school and one student put his hand through a window. Fire and Action responded and rendered first aid. Parents notified by the school.

Female from Cottage Avenue called to report she is concerned about the well being of her neighbor. States that she has not seen her in about a month, and that when she went to check on her, a strange woman answered the door and refused to let neighbor speak with her. W93 reports he spoke to the lady in question and she is okay.

Mother on Revere Street called to say her son is “about to go off the wall.” Officers report they have him under control and he is going in an ambulance to the Whidden.

Female from Main Street came to the station to report a past 209A violation.

Caller from Mermaid Avenue reports her friend, who resides in Revere, has sent her a text message accusing her of stealing her money. She stated that the friend’s (in Revere) daughter steals her money. She was advised not to contact and refrain from further relationship. She was also advised of her rights to a harassment order if she feels the need.

Male caller reports that a male is down on the ground and hurt in the parking lot at Executive Apartments. Transferred to EMS. W92 Curran repots male fell over the cement barrier and transferred to Whidden.

W92 Off. Curran is off with four subjects at Coughlin Playground. W93 Off. Hickey assisted.

Wednesday, December 5

Caller from Douglas Street reports her daughter is going crazy. Could hear screaming in the background. Officers still counseling mother and daughter. Officers will file reports with the appropriate agencies tomorrow.

Sister of female on Golden Drive called to say she took some pills to do herself in. Officer reports she is being taken to the Mass General.

Housing Authority called to report male was just near his mother’s apartment and she does not want him there. They will send up a trespass order.

Call from above male who stated he needs help and would like to be transported. Officer reports he is being transported to the Whidden.

Male caller stated he saw a female in a vehicle driving and drinking out of a vodka bottle. Did not know the area she was in. Officers notified, they report the vehicle is parked in the driveway.

Female on Hutchinson Street came to the station to report someone used her personal information to obtain a loan.

Male from Cora Street came in to report a violation of an active restraining order in effect on his estranged wife.

Caller from Governors Drive reports her boyfriend is out of control. Units report having both the male and female in custody for mutual assault and battery.

Thursday, December 6

Male on Highland Avenue reports that his wife has passed out in the bathtub. Referred to Action. W92 reports party now conscious; possibly dehydrated.

Caller reports one of his workers just passed out. Officers report 49 year old going to the Whidden. Officer Feeley worked the individual while the fire and ambulance was on its way. He should be praised by all for his effort.

Lt. Scarpa reports there is a television on the sidewalk on Summit Avenue. It has been there for some two weeks. Officer reports no one is home, a message was left to remove it by Friday or they will receive a town civil citation.

Call from Demetri Liquors that someone was in the store they don’t want there. Officers report male was told to leave the store and not come back.

Male caller on Willis Avenue reports a tractor is dumping dirt in the area. Officers report someone was moving dirt from a neighbor’s yard with their consent onto his yard. When asked if he had a permit, he stated no. He stopped and apologized.

Officer will be visible in the area of the E.B. Newton School as there have been some complaints about people not stopping for the school bus or the crossing guard. Officer reports no problems.

Office of Dr. Pransky called to report of a possible past assault to one of their patients.

Manager of CVS called to report a female is in the store and she is troubled by people inside and outside the store. Units report requesting taxi for party.

Caller reports male is sleeping it the street at Magee’s Corner Liquors. Fire and ambulance notified. Unit reports party being transported to the Whidden.

Friday, December 7

Caller reports tenants in apartment on Shirley Street who have been given an eviction notice are having a loud party and possibly fighting. Second call reports bottles being broken. Units report group was leaving, no broken bottles or fight.

Party on Undine Avenue reports her next door neighbor is banging the upstairs door causing a commotion. Units report coming in with one. Charges: domestic assault and battery, resisting arrest, assault and battery on a police officer, disorderly conduct and threat to commit a crime.

911 call from Hermon Street transferred to fire. Woman reports smell of smoke. Fire, units report burner blow-back. All clear.

Report of a fire alarm at the high school. Officers report there is no fire and fire department is checking.

Caller reports new sidewalk in front of his driveway on Jefferson Street was vandalized. W92 reports kids walked through wet cement on Thursday. No one knows who they were.

Officer is off to attempt to serve a warrant on Trident Avenue. They report subject not there. They will also check his address on Upland Road. Not there also.

Officer received information regarding a fight that is to take place after school at the Middle School. They will speak with the principal and the two students to solve this matter.

Female on Revere Street came to the station to report identity theft and possible mail fraud.

Caller on Coral Avenue reports his heart monitor is going off. WFD and ambulance notified.

Male on Perkins Street reports his wife just fell down a flight of stairs. Transport to MGH.

Saturday, December 8

Two calls of a pick-up truck’s alarm sounding on River Road. Officer reports the owner came out and removed the battery until he can get his faulty alarm fixed properly.

Party on Pauline Street reports a female fell and is bleeding from the face. She reports she was picked up by a Viking cab that is heading toward the station. 92 located the taxi by Brown’s Drug and party refused treatment.

Party came in to report that he went to Linden Street to pick up his daughter at 12 p.m. per the parenting agreement executed at the Middlesex Probate Court. When he arrived, the child’s mother refused to turn over the child to his care and custody. He will follow up with the Probate Court.

Caller reports young boys playing on the bridge, climbing over the railing. Officer sent two youths home.

State probation, electronics division requests we check on male on Faun Bar Avenue as his GPS battery went dead and they cannot contact him. Subject contacted and spoke with probation.

Sunday, December 9

Party reports her daughter’s car had the window smashed out of it. Father showed up and took the damaged motor vehicle while the officer was gathering information for the report. Off. Ferullo finally obtained the information for his report. Off. Armistead located the father who was the Hi Tide speaking with the parent of suspected vandal. All parties were advised of their rights.

Party on Fremont Street reports that she found a boxer puppy in her yard. Message left for ACO.

Caller on Overlook Drive reports a neighbor with whom she has been having issues with has threatened to have her removed from housing. She was advised to contact the Housing Authority in the morning.

Alarm activation for the right rear section of the High School. Officer reports the basketball team is practicing, accidental alarm.

Party on Kennedy road came in and reported her motor vehicle is not parked where she left it. She believes it was stolen.

W92 initiated a traffic stop on Revere Street for a red light violation. Party was issued a written warning for the red light violation and failing to inspect his vehicle since 2011. Operator was informed that he had 7 days to have the vehicle inspected, otherwise a monetary citation would be issued. Further research revealed that he was cited on two previous occasions for the inspection sticker.

Female party was found to be utilizing a handicap parking placard in the handicapped parking spot at the Winthrop Market. It did not belong to her. Operator was cited $500 for the HP Placard misuse and the placard was seized.

Party reports his I-phone was stolen at the Showcase Cinema in Revere last night and he received a tracking signal that was coming from Governors Park. He was advised to notify his provider.

Investigation at the request of an ADA at Child Abuse Services on Revere Street. Charges: assault and battery on a child.

Loud argument with neighbors on Irwin Street. Heard swearing and shouting in the background. Officers report it is a civil matter, the caller was the only one there, and she was advised of her rights.

Monday, December 10

Caller reports that he is an alcoholic and is experiencing withdrawals and would like to e transported to a hospital.


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