Police Blotter 11-21-2012

Monday, November 12

Caller on Somerset Avenue concerned about her neighbor’s back yard fire pit. W92 said small fire being put out for the night.

Man from Overlook Drive noticed his wife who suffers from dementia is missing from the house. Winthrop Taxi called about a woman walking who fits the description. W94 Dalrymple located party at Hot Diggity and returned her home.

Female on Shirley Street came to the station to report she and her husband had an argument Friday and he has not been heard of since. She will check area departments and hospitals, then his work at 3 p.m. If she does not obtain knowledge of him being okay, she will come to fill out a missing person report.

Caller reports a utility van that appears to have been vandalized extensively, and may be stolen. W93 reports vehicle appears to have been in a motor vehicle accident. Vehicle is not reported stolen, but listed revoked/uninsured. Vehicle is currently parked on private National Grid property. W93 reports he will contact owner and inform him not to drive the vehicle and to have his driver’s license checked. It’s expired.

Lynn Police called to ask if we could check on a female. Lynn received a 911 call from her stating she is in a domestic argument. The Lynn address they have is no longer valid. Her last address anyone knows is on Hermon Street.

Report of a vandalized vehicle at D’Parma’s Restaurant.

Manager called to report that a customer may be the victim of a fraud. W93 reports the exchange of a Green Dot Card with the culprits is to take place at Seal Harbor 1. Shift officers Sgt. Rogers, Off. Feeley and Curran are in plain clothes and off. Carter is in his cruiser around the corner. They report culprits called the victim and asked to have the card number. With the help of the concierge who stated that it was given to him to give to a male person. Culprits are probably not even in the country, if all they wanted was the card number.

Dispatcher from Paul Revere Bus reports a fight on one of their buses. Units report alleged victim refusing to cooperate.

Female on Golden Drive called to report that her son is at her apartment and she has a No Trespass Order issued by the Housing. Officers Hickey, Carter and Curran repot he has run out the door. Officer have caught up with him on Revere Street and they report sending him out of the area.

Call of kids passing around a pipe behind the high school. Off. Hickey, Curran and Carter report the area is clear.

Female on Pauline Street called to report the theft of her black Lachamps tote bag that she left in one of the locker rooms at the Larsen Rink. The bag had a change purse, a child’s North Face glove and $400 to $500 worth of gift cards to various stores. Caller reports that she went to the rink today but no one found the bag.

Caller reports a car parked in the handicap spot on Cutler Street.

Tuesday, November 13

Lt. Scarpa reports observing a parking violation in front of the Winthrop Marketplace. Citation issued.

Caller reports a young child has fallen at Red’s Hair Salon on Crest Avenue. W93 reports child fell off the chair in hair salon. Ambulance refused. Mother will take child to hospital.

Call of a mother/daughter argument on Summit Avenue. Officers report the argument has been settled and the daughter will leave in a few minutes with her boyfriend.

Mother on Winthrop Street reports her 14-year-old daughter is out of control and she needs help. Mother called back to report her daughter just ran out of the house wearing all black clothing. Units report verbal argument between the parties and daughter was located. She is gong to the store and will return home to talk about their issues.

Transfer from state of a female difficult to understand regarding a medical with her 8-1/2 month old baby. Transferred to EMS. W92 Off. Curran responded to Shore Drive and reports child may have swallowed a piece of paper. All okay.

Female came to the station seeking an escort to her apartment on Shore Drive to pick up some belongings as she just had a harassment order issued from EBC versus a neighbor. She would like an escort to go with her to her apartment. Party is going to stay in a different location until she can make arrangements to move.

Caller on Prospect Avenue reports lifeline alert. Fire and Action ambulance notified. 91 reports transport to MGH.

Wednesday, November 14

Female caller on Shore Drive called to report that her friend fell down some stairs earlier and needs to go to the hospital to be checked out. Call transferred to Action EMD for service.

Doctor from McLean’s Hospital requests we do a well being check on a female party on Shore Drive who has not shown up for a scheduled visit. Officer reports speaking with female who overslept and missed her appointment. She will contact the doctor ASAP.

92 will attempt to serve a harassment prevention order for male on Shore Drive. 92 left  it under the door to his apartment. Court also reports they mailed him a copy yesterday.

Party on Golden Drive came in to report several fraudulent transactions on her checking account. Victim/witness form provided.

Party on Read Street requests an ambulance for her husband who is feeling lethargic and weak. WFD and EMS notified.

Caller found a Yorkshire Terrier running loose on Bellevue Avenue. Dog has ID tag with a Swampscott address. CO notified and will pick up the dog.

Report of a fallen woman on Crystal Cove Avenue and she cannot get up.

Thursday, November 15

Party on Emerson Road reports that her daughter is out of control but wanted the police to hold off coming by the address. Officers report speaking with both parties. The daughter will be going to school.

Party on Shore Drive requesting EMS for a resident with an altered mental status.

Report of a man down in front of Domino’s Pizza on Shirley Street.

Friday, November 16

Party at Cumberland Farms was spoken to by Lt. Scarpa regarding his driving and leaving a truck and trailer on the sidewalk near the above location. Subject was advised to appear at the station for a citation. License and warrant check revealed outstanding warrants and a suspended Mass. license. Subject came to the station where he was placed under arrest on the two warrants.

Caller on Lincoln Street reports that her motor vehicle was keyed last evening. Officer reports vehicle was keyed on the passenger side door.

Party on Court Road reports that her friend called her last evening stating that someone was breaking into the apartment. The caller then stated she advised her to call the police. The party  has not heard from her since and is concerned. Officer requests fire for a forced entry to check further. Officers report gaining entrance into the house and they are speaking with the subject at present time.

Party reports a wire down across her front porch on Woodside Avenue. WFD contacted and will investigate.

Walk-in to report that the dogs next door to him bark all day and night on Sargent Terrace. She does not believe they are fed or taken care of. ACO notified.

Call from Samuel’s of a false script. Detective reports that he will file complaints for uttering a false script.

Caller at Winthrop Elks reports two drunks on front porch fighting. Officers report no fight. Two brothers just being loud. They went back inside.

Party came in to report being stalked by an ex-boyfriend and she wishes to get an emergency 209A issued.

Saturday, November 17

Report of a large disorderly group on Temple Avenue. Officer request taxi for three going to Chelsea.

Officers report there was an altercation earlier in the night inside a house on Cliff Avenue. This led to the disturbance outside. Party of about 30 was cleared out of the residence.

Transfer from Watertown PD who stated that someone called stating that his friend just called him and was not making any sense. He stated she just had a stroke a little while ago and is afraid she is having another. Did not know the apartment number, but is at Seal Harbor. Fire and EMS notified. Officer reports person is in MGH and was transported yesterday.

Detective requests a unit to assist on Beal Street. Two in custody. G&J will tow vehicle. Charges: distribution of Class A drug and possession of Class A drug.

Caller at Miller Field reports his daughter is on the ground and hurt very bad. Safety officer is on the scene. EMD notified.

Male from Sturgis Street came to the station to report that his wallet was returned today by someone who was walking their dog. He stated that the wallet was taken out of his unlocked vehicle two weeks ago. All the contents are still in the wallet except $280 in cash which is missing.

Subject on Cliff Avenue was served over the phone a 209A as he was out of town. He acknowledged receipt, and will pick up actual paperwork when he returns to Winthrop.

Party on Tileston Road reports her 13-year-old daughter is being bullied at the middle school, which the school is aware of. Subject is now at home and receiving text messages from unknown phone numbers. She wanted this logged for possible future action.

Domestic assault and battery on Brookfield Road in progress. Subject in protective custody. He refused to answer any booking questions or identify himself.

Caller on Read Street reports someone may be outside her bedroom door. Units responded and gained entrance. House clear. She will stay downstairs for the night.

Sunday, November 18

Party on Shore Drive calling for female who is locked out of house. She believes mother is inside unresponsive. Fire notified. W92 reports access gained via WFD. Mom okay.

Several calls of large group of kids fighting on Main at Linden Street. Officer dispersed two groups of approximately 15.

Party on Banks Street came to the station to report car stolen after son parked it for party. Son states he was jumped by three unknown individuals after leaving the house. This is a continuation of early call of unruly groups of youths on Main at Linden Street. Off. Gregarian interviewed the youth. Off. Freeman investigated household on Main at Linden Street and found broken glass, blood, evidence of alcohol, underage females in custody of 30 year-old babysitter. Call to Station 7 and Revere to check the area of addresses of parties involved in above. Revere PD and Boston PD called back to report their agencies checked the addresses and area of possible involved parties and the car was not in the area.

Call for a woman who appears to have fallen on the sidewalk on Shore Drive. W92 reports 77 year old female transported to MGH with husband on the scene. No major defects other than minor cracks in the sidewalk immediately apparent. Subject cannot recall if she had tripped over any of these cracks. State notified and provided with all available information.

Female on Crystal Cove called to report that a male just drove by her house. She obtained a 209A on him and he was served over the phone last night. She stated he not only drove by the house, but was standing in the park across the street and is now parked a little down the street and is walking around. Officers report female came out and she and another person stated he also walked by the house. They pointed out where he is and he drove off. Officer stopped him near the Landing and have him under arrest. Victim told Off. Feeley that she does not want him bailed. Mass Law Chapter 276 Section 57 states in so many words, “No bail for a violator of a 209A.”

Female on Fremont Street came to the station to report that the father of the child she is watching while her mother, who has custody, is away on a business trip has been sending threatening and in appropriate and nasty text messages to his daughter because the child forgets about a planned visitation meeting. Mother will be back tomorrow and reporter just wanted this noted. Family attorney also notified and will follow up.

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