Police Blotter 11-15-2012

Tuesday, November 6

Winchester Detectives requesting a check for a NH registration in the area wanted for questioning regarding some recent B&Es in their town.

Party from Grovers Avenue came in to report ongoing issues with her neighbor mysteriously entering an apartment in her dwelling and allegedly pouring chemicals around her property. She was advised to call when it is going on.

Caller reports an older man leaning against the pole in front of Winthrop Middle School She stated he needs help.

Transfer from state. Man on the sidewalk having chest pains near Dunkin Donuts on Revere Street. EMS notified. Winthrop 92 will respond.

Animal Control reports he’s off with MSPCA to Thornton Park. He reports no abuse found.

Wednesday, November 7

Received a copy of harassment prevention order issued by Chelsea District Court. Subject ordered to stay away from subject’s home on Crystal Cove Avenue and office. Subject served in hand by the officer.

Party reported a water pipe burst in the cellar on Pauline Street. Call transferred to WFD for service.

Party on Buckthorn Terrace requests officers assist with a combative teen patient. Member of the best team on scene. Male juvenile transported to MGH.

Caller reports a motorcycle is down on its side in the gravel on Veterans Road. Officer reports the cycle appears to have been knocked over by the high winds. She will attempt to contact the owner who resides on Veterans Road. Officer left a message for the owner. The vehicle does not pose a safety threat to other traffic.

Caller reports a sparking wire on Prospect Avenue. WFD has been notified.

Party reports a possible stove fire on River Road. Transferred to WFD for service.

Everett PD requests we send an officer by to notify a female on Winthrop Street. No answer at the door, message left.

Caller on Shirley Street reports a motor vehicle just pulled into his driveway and put on his flashers and ran off. Officers report speaking with operator. He ran out of gas and is waiting for Triple A.

Thursday, November 8

Party on Marshall Street reports she is having trouble breathing and needs to go to the hospital. WFD and EMS notified.

Assistant Principal Grimes called to report a kindergarten student has not been picked up from school for a 11:15 dismissal. Parent was notified and headed to the school.

WFD reports motor vehicle accident near Ace Woodside Hardware. Lt. Scarpa on the scene and reports one injury. Requested WFD and EMS. Officer reports two tow trucks needed. One subject placed under arrest for OUI.

Caller on North Avenue reports someone stole everything he owned. Officers report someone took some stuff from beside his house.

Male from Read Street was arrested for operating a motor vehicle with suspended license.

Friday, November 9

Officer reports a Viking Taxi drove up to him with a disorderly fare. Officers report subject paid and is on his way.

Caller from Golden Drive reports someone assaulted her. Restraining order had expired on June 25, 2012. Subject refused medical attention. Male arrested for domestic assault and battery.

Party on Tafts Avenue reports male was asking him for money for a tow truck, etc. Party has since left after being questioned further by the caller. Number plate given has no response.

94 will attempt to deliver an Immediate Threat Revocation Notice to party on Irwin Street. Notice delivered in hand.

Party came in to report she believes there are squatters on Bellevue Avenue. Two under arrest for warrants.

Caller near Massa Playground reports a couple of parties are arguing in the area. One is in a black vehicle and the other is in a white vehicle. DeFreitas reports area clear.

Female from Myrtle Avenue came to the station to report not hearing from her 25 year old daughter since she left for a job interview in Boston at 9 a.m. this morning. Her cell phone goes right to voice mail. We left a message for her to call home. Mother will return in the morning to fill out a missing persons form if she does not hear from her by then.

Saturday, November 10

Mother on Almont Street wants her son removed as he is acting up. W92 and W100 reports party was exiting residence upon their arrival.

Abandoned 911 call. Return call answered by female on Marshall Street. Due to recent past call resulting in Section 10, units sent to investigate. Officers spoke with all family members.

Call on Trident Avenue requesting ambulance for terminally ill family member. Caller again requests medical assist for cousin who may not be breathing. While on the line we were informed EMS had arrived.

Male brought in a set of keys he found in Ingleside Park. Two possibly house key son a ring with a large baseball attached. Put in bowl with other keys that have been found, but remain unclaimed.

Caller on Grovers Avenue reports low hanging wire. W92 reports no current public safety hazard. Utility company notified.

Female prisoner evaluated by Action Ambulance and transported to Whidden for difficulty breathing. Officer R. Carter assigned to escort prisoner.

Party on Winthrop Street requests an officer assist him with a syringe he found on the side of the building. Services rendered.

Several calls regarding an intoxicated male party passed out on several different lawns on Cliff Avenue. Units report requesting an ambulance. Fire and ambulance notified. He was transported to Whidden.

Female caller on Johnson Avenue reports her 14-year-old is having allergic reactions. Transferred to medical.

Winthrop Auxiliary report locating a boys’ blue mongoose bike with lettering on the seat behind the Cummings School. Bike placed in the sally port.

Caller on Shirley Street requests to see an officer regarding a past argument she has had with her husband. She stated that he choked her and left. Advised of her rights per 209A and Off. Ferullo dispatched to get the story. Off. Ferullo reports speaking to the wife who reports a mutual altercation between her and her husband earlier this evening and she just wants it documented at this time. She has been advised of her rights by Off. Ferullo. Off. Ferullo will be provided incident number to document her statement to him.

Several calls for heavy smoke in the area of Main Street. APD unit responded as no unit to send and reports smoke coming from rear of house burning leaves. WFD notified to investigate and reports WFD put pile of leaves out.

Saugus PD requests a notification for a male at Pond Street Apartments who is involved in an incident in Saugus. W98 reports unable to make contact with male and no sign of motor vehicle in the parking lot.

Caller reports several young males urinating in her driveway on Shirley Street and then left in a tan Toyota. She wants someone to speak with them. Ran plate several different ways, but not match. Units will BOLO.

Several calls from Governors Park regarding very noisy party. W98 dispatched and reports residence to turn down music and close the windows. Four people in the apartment at this time and peace was restored.

Sunday, November 11

Caller from Golden Drive reports male has been texting her and leaving threatening messages. She stated he has her phones and they were taken by the DA for an ongoing case. She does not want an officer to respond to the home to take a report of threats and just wants it noted for now. She will call the courts on Tuesday about getting her phone back. Party advised of her rights for a restraining order, but does not want to pursue the matter at this point for fear of getting kicked out of housing.

Caller on Pleasant Street states sparks and flames from transformer explosion. Fire notified.

Party states activated burglar alarm at Bank of America ATM. 92 reports ATM and surrounding area appear to be all secure.

Officer reports the road is blocked on Walden Street at Lincoln Street, as kids or someone placed the traffic cones used by construction company in the area. They were put all over the intersection. Officer moved cones and the street is open.

Female on Floyd Street reports she has not heard from her parents all day. Officer reports they are okay and the daughter is the one that needs to be checked out. The parents are going to check her out.

Detail officer McFarland reports one of the Mig boats is low in the water near bridge at Main Street. A boater going by took the small boat taking on water and placed it on the shore.

No one answered when a 911 call from Winthrop Street came in. Could hear commotion in the background, then a female came on the phone and said that nothing was wrong, dialed by mistake. Knew something was wrong and office report argument between mother and daughter. Daughter left before the officers arrived. Mother will call if she acts up again.

Male caller reports there are drugs on the corner of Wheelock Street and Waldemar Avenue. Officer reports he found pills and will take them to the station to see if they are in fact real or something else. Stay tuned. Brown’s is closed as is the CVS. Off. Curran went to the CVS in East Boston, and they had no idea what they are. Will have our drug detectives to look at them when they come in. Stay tuned again. The pills are a gravy supplement.

Female on Russell Street came to the station for an emergency 209A as the father of her child is making threats. Officer Curran will assist with the paper work. Judge issued. Male was called over the phone and informed of the active 209A. He understood.

Three 911 calls and a 1212 call of a bird in the bedroom of a house on Circuit Road. Officer reports he got the bird out of the house.

Friend of the lady at the station obtaining a 209A from above called to state the male is making threats outside her house. Officers report locating male subject and informing him of the impending 209A. He understood again and left the area.

Male caller reports young kids playing with the pipes that are being used for the DPW project on Lincoln Street near Beal Street. Officer reports he coned off the area and kids left. DPW was notified.

Report of a pipe bursting in cellar of house on Winthrop Street. Water is pouring out. Fire notified to assist.

Caller reports a silver Acura or BMW hit him while he crossed the street at Shirley and Moore Streets. The car left and he walked to his uncle’s house and called the police. We checked out the license plate numbers several different ways to no avail. Subject refused medical who had arrived on the scene. He will be taken by a friend to EBHC.

Caller called to report that someone threw a roll of duck tape from a car at her as she is walking with her baby by the bridge.

Monday, November 12

Caller on Somerset Avenue concerned about her neighbor’s back yard fire pit. W92 said small fire being put out for the night.

Man from Overlook Drive noticed his wife who suffers from dementia is missing from the house. Winthrop Taxi called about a woman walking who fits the description. W94 Dalrymple located party at Hot Diggity and returned her home.

Female on Shirley Street came to the station to report she and her husband had an argument Friday and he has not been heard of since. She will check area departments and hospitals, then his work at 3 p.m. If she does not obtain knowledge of him being okay, she will come to fill out a missing person.

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