New Bus Policies to Be Considered

The Transportation Sub-Committee discussed student conduct on buses and new bus policies during their Oct. 3 meeting. They unanimously voted on two rules to bring forth to the Winthrop School Committee (WSC).

“The first one is that the bus monitor will be in charge of student conduct on the buses,” says Chairman, Todd Sacco.

All personal items are to be secured in backpacks or in pockets, as well.

Sacco assured the WSC that the bus driver has overall control over the bus, including the monitor. The WSC all approved both criteria.

Sacco mentioned a few parents who voiced their concerns regarding school buses. One mother mentioned adding a bus stop at the Washington/Winthrop/Pleasant St. intersection. The driver has been reported to consistently leave the Plummer/Woodside Ave. stop too early, leaving her chasing to catch up with her 3 and 6-year old children. It creates a safety hazard, especially with winter approaching. She wonders if sidewalks will be shoveled properly.

Another individual, Brenda, voiced her opinion about having another bus stop added around 880 Shirley St. She has a disabled child who she helps into a van; the student is driven down to Point Shirley Church, and taken out of the van for a two minute ride on a bus to school.

“What we decided to do, based upon guidance by Mrs. Pearson, was to ride the bus because the bus had been showing up late to the Fort Banks and Cummings frequently,” says Sacco.

The Chairman decided to ride the bus himself, with Superintendent, John Macero.

“There were, in fact, unscheduled bus stops being made,” says Sacco.

Adding new bus stops are still in consideration, and the Transportation Sub-Committee is waiting for John Macero’s plans for correcting the unplanned stops.

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