Holden Seeks to Fill Business Manager Spot

Winthrop School Committee (WSC) member, William Holden, opened a discussion during the October 11th WSC meeting regarding financial management.

“I’m concerned that we don’t have a business manager,” says Holden, who suggested Superintendent, John Marcero, post that position for the School Department.

The committee has been in need of someone to fill the role for about eight months, and Holden felt that no concrete actions have been taken. The WSC is in need of budget direction support.

“We have a $16.1 million budget; it’s going to be much bigger than that next spring,” says Holden. “I think that that’s a wise investment for us to look at a person now.”

The Superintendent assured the committee that the town — with the help of the Collins Center, which helps improve governance efficiency — is searching for a Chief Financial Officer, a School Business Manager, and Business Director. Now, they must wait for the resumes to pour in for the position that will likely not be filled until at least January 1, 2013. Macero is working alongside Winthrop school principals to organize a budget.

WSC member, Maryalice Sharkey, mentioned the importance of hiring someone who is certified, which is a difficult task. It seems as though so many whom are certified, have already filled the financial position with another organization at a higher salary than the WSC can offer.

“Somebody from the School Department needs to be certified,” says Macero. “It would be in the best interest of the Chief Financial Officer to get certified.”

Once the Chief Financial Officer is hired, it would be wise to have him appoint his own team to work with, rather than finding someone to fill those shoes as soon as possible, added Peter Gill.

In “restructuring and redefining the way things are done,” says Gill, “there has been significant progress.”

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