Police Blotter 10-11-2012

Monday, October 1 

Woman from Fairhaven came in to report that her motor vehicle was stolen. The vehicle was parked in the lot across from the Shirley Street Fire Station.

Fire requests an officer stand by while they assist with a lock-out at the Winthrop Arms.

Jim’s Auto Body came in to report dealer plate was stolen out of one of his used cars on 9/28. Plate sent out stolen on OCA.

A criminal complaint was logged against a prisoner who damaged five blankets and a camera casing as a result of him flooding the cell block area.

Party from Golden Drive reports that $400 is missing from her closet.

Mother came in to report that a white Ford Taurus school bus driven by a woman has followed her son twice home from school along with two friends. Today it happened again and the youth reports that the woman was taking pictures of him.

Call in to report that two young males going into driveways all along Grovers Avenue and throwing things. W91 located the two youngsters at Grovers and Highland and spoke to them regarding entering people’s yards. They live in the area.

Abandoned call. Call back female said it was a mistake. Recognized the name to be involved in domestics in the past. W91 and W93 along with 94 officers report there had been a verbal argument.

Female reports she was attacked on Hermon Street. She is almost home to Sunset Road and does not know what number Herman Street. She refused medical. Officer reports party  under the weather and has no information as to the other party involved or the address on Hermon Street. 

Tuesday, October 2 

Lt. Scarpa reports being off with two individuals that appear to be salvaging scrap metal from private property. Both parties negative for warrants. Advised to stay off of private property in the future.

Mother on Sturgis Street called the station to report a dispute with the father of her child. Moments later, the other party to the dispute came to the station to report the same. Father states he also further concerned for the welfare of the child. Cummings School contacted, and confirmed the child is present at school and okay. Both parties advised of their rights. They both stated they will be seeking mutual restraining orders in EBDC. Both mother and father are in DCF with the child. Mother came to the station and is requesting a restraining order and also requests transportation to the court house. Upon arrival to the court house, she decided she didn’t want an order and left.

W91, W92 and W93 report attempt to serve arrest warrant on male subject. Not at location. Family reports he was placed in custody already by Revere Police. Confirmed.

Caller from Main Street reports that her tenant is putting trash on the sidewalk. It is large items of furniture. Caller reports her tenant is threatening her. W91 and W93 responded and report the tenant was unable to get the proper stickers today and will be responsible for the removal. All settled.

Report of a woman flipping out at the soccer field. A second call was received. W91 and W93 responded and report woman reports someone threw a bottle at her in the ditch. Officers report speaking to all parties.

Mother on Sturgis Street came to the station seeking an emergency restraining order. Emergency also issued for father. W91 and W93 along with officer Bonavita responded to the address to make service and vacate. Subject came to the residence while officers were there and was served in hand. Child transported to station. After serving, father came to the station to file a report of past assault and battery. Victim/witness form given. Advocate contacted and spoke to female plaintiff. Parties were transported to overnight accommodations via W98 S. Hickey. They arrived at destination with escort.

Mother called to report that her 16-year-old son has left Canton where he lives with his grandmother. He may be heading to Winthrop. Mother reports that he is court ordered to stay out of Winthrop and East Boston. He has friends in Winthrop and he used to live here. Grandmother lives in Winthrop. 

Wednesday, October 3 

Caller from Shirley Street reports his girlfriend may have overdosed. W93 reports 43 year old female transported to Whidden for observation.

Officer R. Carter will transport 209-A victims to the East Boston Court for a restraining order.

Male called to state he has been receiving calls from someone to go to the CVS to open an account with them. Several times he told him to stop calling, but they will not. When we called the number, the other person on the other end either did not understand us or was playing stupid.

Female census bureau worker came to the station to report having a misunderstanding with the male who lives on Upland Road. The male took her ID card and will not give it back. She wanted it back and he would not give it back. Officer reports speaking to the male and he stated he does not have the card.

Wireless 911 call reports a male has just fallen at Hannaford Park and may have broken his arm.

Sgt. Rogers received a call from DCF to ask if we could send a few officers down to Sturgis Street to assist them in an investigation. (While the sergeant was on the phone with DCF, victim’s mother was on the phone with us stating that father just called her making accusations and threats to take the child. She was told to contact her police department for a trace or to file a complaint. Officers report DCF took the young female child and mother is at the EB Health Center. Should there be any call to Sturgis Street, every officer that can be found needs to respond. The father is a danger to law enforcement.

Mother of above called to report that she is afraid and has gone to her work across the street as her child’s father is now blaming her for DCF taking custody of their 7 year old. He is in a rage. Just before receiving this call, a neighbor on Sturgis Street called to report that father was spraying the name of his daughter on his house with shaving cream. Officers W94 Sgt. Rogers with Officer Bonavita and an unmarked unit responded to the Irwin Street side and picked up the caller who was with a co-worker for safety. Female was brought to the station to apply for ERO. ERO was issued by the on-call judge from the BMC. Plaintiff was then transported to another location. Father was served in hand by the officers the ERO issued by the on-call judge.

Report from Kennedy Drive from a male who said he discovered a past break and items missing. Officers responded.

Male from Shirley Street called to report that he is having a sewer backup to his apartment again. Steve Calla notified.

Transfer from the state for a male passed out on Orlando Avenue. Exact location was found to be at the CPYC. WFD notified.

Unit 91 reports that he is off with a motor vehicle on Tileston Road. They have one under arrest. Charges: driving under the influence and motor vehicle lights violation. 

Thursday, October 4 

Caller on Golden Drive reports she wants her son removed from her apartment. Units report male will be leaving for the night.

Grandmother on Grovers Avenue reports her 7th grade grandson is being called names/harassed/bullied by a 9th grade student on his way home from school every day. She states she will be following up today with principals of both schools to try and resolve the matter. She would like it noted for the time being.

Female came to the station to report a larceny from the Pearl Avenue Group Home.

Manager of CVS called to report male is creating a disturbance and kicking in the rear door to the pharmacy. Units report locating male and issuing him a no trespass notice at the request of the store manager. No visible damage done to the door.

Party on Circuit Road called and stated she has alcoholism and wants to go to the hospital.

Caller on Shore Drive reports that two males are trying to kick motor vehicles as they pass by.

Party on Banks Street states that they are on the floor and believe they had a stroke. The fire can enter the home through a window located at the rear side of the home along the driveway towards to rear. 93 responds and reports male transported to MGH.

Request from Shore Drive for am ambulance for party’s elderly mother. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service. 

Friday, October 5 

Party called from her employment requesting an ambulance for her mother on Marshall Street who fell during the night. WFD notified.

Asst. Principal of Gorman Fort Banks School reports that a male with a small child came to the door and requested that the child be allowed to visit her female sibling in the school. She informed him he would not be allowed to enter and requested the name of the other child’s teacher which he was unable to provide. 91 spoke with the subject and a family member.

Party reports she was in Massa Playground with her children and now her purse is gone. She believes it may have been stolen by a woman who kept walking by her vehicle. Officer checked on a potential suspect who resided in the area, but knew nothing about the matter.

Report of a disturbance on Douglas Street. One female under arrest for disorderly conduct. 

Saturday, October 6 

Caller states that his tenant on the second floor is having a party. Units respond and report the party is being dispersed from the residence. Owner on scene. Resident/owner have been advised of complaint.

Male from Upland Road called to report that he heard a bang outside of his house. When he went outside there were three bags of trash dumped in front of his house. He went through the trash and found a prescription bottle.

Report of a domestic disturbance on Hermon Street. Verbal argument only.

911 call transferred from state. Caller asking for police with unknown problem. Officers responded and report dispute over furniture. Peace restored by Officers Ferullo and McCarthy. 

Sunday, October 7 

Party from Harbor View Avenue came to the station to report that her ex-husband has been harassing her. She was advised of her rights to a 209A but stated that she is leaving town for a few days. When she returns she will go directly to EBDC.

Mother from Medford called and stated that she could not get in touch with her daughter since Thursday. She stated that she has medical issues. Officer reports speaking with the daughter. All is well and she will call her mother.

Call of a man down at Pleasant Park YC. WFD notified.

Person from Bowdoin Street called to report that her sister thinks someone may have put something in her drink last night in Boston. She does not feel well and is going to the hospital. She was offered medical and she declined. Her sister will go with her and follow up with Boston PD.

911 call that kids just threw a stink bomb in the Star Nails on Crest Avenue. No damage done. Caller advised by officers.

Officer was flagged down about a group that just ran into Hot Diggity and took a bunch of items and ran off. Officer is with the group at Crest Avenue.

Caller reports that some teens are in the back of the old nursing home on Woodside Avenue. He picked up two needles the day before and he thinks it may be the same ones. Two youths given over to their parents custody.

Party reports that a large group was walking down behind her property on Court Road along the bay with what appears to be huge cases of beer. Dot. Jaworski and Off. DiCarlo responded and report that group left upon officers arrival.

Husband called stating that his wife called him on his cell stating that a man was standing out front on Somerset Avenue. He was looking at the house and he would like an officer to go by. Off. McCarthy responded and reports the area clear at time of arrival. Description given was a skinny male with a shopping bag.

Landlord on Myrtle Avenue called stating that his tenant on the first floor has been smoking what he believes to be marijuana. He was spoken to him in the past regarding this situation. The tenant has agreed to move out by the end of the month. He came home tonight and smelled this same odor in the hallway. He wanted this on record so that it can be used towards eviction if needed. He was also advised that he can call us when he believes this is happening and we can come by and check it out.

Group in parking lot at Governors Park is causing disturbance. 

Monday, October 8 

Party from Lincoln Street called to report four bags of trash dumped on her lawn. She then called back and stated that she located who they belonged to when she found the address of another house on Lincoln Street on pizza boxes inside. The bags were happily returned to the proper owner.

Request from Pleasant Street for EMS for her friend who is having difficulty breathing. WFD notified.

Mother brought her son to the station to turn himself in. He has two active warrants.

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