Police Blotter 10-04-2012

Monday, September 24

Caller reports suspicious red duffle bag left on the sidewalk on Hermon Street. W92 reports empty duffle bag disposed of.

Mr. Burke of Winthrop Middle School called to report that a male student has just left school without permission. Parents notified. All units BOLO. Mr. Burke called to report student was located and with parents. BOLO cancelled.

Female reports that she has an order against a male and he called her again. He is now at Chris’ Auto Body. Order was located and W93 responded to Chris’ Auto to check the area and did not locate male.

Very excited caller from Almont Street reports someone there who won’t leave. Units report female party left prior to their arrival.

Male came to the station to report a man’s black Invictor watch valued at $165 was supposed to be delivered on the 18th of September. He called the company and was informed to report it to local police. Party advised to contact local Post Department to notify Postal Police.

Male called to report a black male assaulted him and is now at the Cumberland Farms. W92 and W93 responded and checked the address on Revere Street for the subject to no avail.

Report of a cat walking around her house on Bartlett Road.

Caller from Shore Drive reports that his 10 month old nephew is having a seizure. Transferred to WFD. W92 and 93 responded to assist.

Tuesday, September 25

Female on Shirley Street requesting the police but had a language barrier on the specifics of the call. Officer reports landlord/tenant dispute.

E911 call of a medical aid on Hermon Street. Fire notified. While EMT’s were working on the patient in the ambulance, a lady came in and complained that the bus could not make the turn. The bus and other traffic can wait until the patient is made okay. Officer Feeley responded and re-directed traffic until the ambulance moved.

Caller on Myrtle Avenue reports a domestic. Units report verbal between mother and daughter.

Call from the School Department to report a trailer is in one of their parking lots and blocking the door to the skating rink. Officer reports it is a company working for the town. Steve Calla notified and will take care of it.

Principal Conlon requests an officer for a possible bullying issue at the high school.

Caller reports some type of audible alarm sounding at on Shirley Street. W94 reports it appears to be a smoke alarm sounding and unable to contact residents. Fire department notified and forced entry.

Officer Curran to contact parents on Sagamore Avenue to advise them about a rumor concerning a teenage house party at their residence which is being planned for this coming weekend. Officer reports nobody at home at this time.

Woburn Court faxed a copy of a harassment order and it was served in hand to male on Atlantic Street by Officer R. Carter.

Open line for awhile then a hang up. Call back three times and line was busy. Finally got through and phone was answered by seven year old at Governors Park who informed us that she was home alone with her five year old brother.

911 call from mother on Shirley Street who reports that her daughter wants to harm herself. Units report female transported to Whidden.

Two calls reporting people throwing apples at cars passing by on Buchanan Street. W98 located the youths and had them cease. One youth eluded them but left his cell phone. Officers spoke with the parents.

Caller reports an older male upon the wall at Short Beach and looks to be drunk or in need of assistance. Unit reports driving into Revere and no sign of subject.

Report that some people are walking around the property of a woman who just passed away. Officers Bonavita and W. Carter responded to Lincoln Street and located two males in the area who claim to be checking for cans. They were sent out of the area.

Wednesday, September 26

Alarm company called reporting a holdup alarm on River Road. Units report home owner on scene. No service needed.

Female called not wanting it to be known who is reporting that at the courts on Walden Street, one of the benches is broken and that her child was injured and needed stitches. She would not give her name but wanted to see it repaired. Steve Calla was notified.

Caller from Bolster Auto Mall reports being threatened by a customer. W93 reports civil issue over repairs successfully mediated and peace restored.

Lt. Scarpa reports that he has notified owner of the East Boston Community Development Corp. (current owner of the Dalrymple School) to secure any remaining entry points to the building.

Officer will try to arrest a female on a warrant of apprehension on Wilshire Street. They report having her under arrest.

Female reports that there is a male party in one of the units on Golden Drive without authorization from the unit owner. She requests that he be removed. Party sent on his way without incident.

Caller reports large group of youths fighting at Ingleside Park. Detail officers on Walden report Ingleside all clear at this time.

911 cell caller reports a group of kids bullying another kid at the Elks. Units report area is clear.

Report of a woman screaming in the hall at Walden Street.  She then was maybe pulled back into the apartment by someone. Caller can still hear the female crying from inside the apartment. W91 and W94 responded and report speaking with the woman who had shut her finger in the door. She refused any medical help.

Caller reports a male subject is walking down Read Street picking up the pipes that are down on the street. Officers report area search negative and speaking with the caller who stated that one elbow piece of pipe is missing.

Thursday, September 27

Crossing guard said she was almost hit by a gray Jeep during her morning duties. Driver is white female, blonde. Just wanted to report it.

Report of a patient injured at East Boston Neighborhood Health from a fall. Call transferred to WFD and EMS for service.

Party on Ocean View Street reports never receiving a package delivered by USP on 8/16/12. USP left it on the front porch. It was a BMW 5 series Isotta Aluminum Boxer Hub Adapter, worth $195. No suspects.

Motorist was stopped on Veterans Road for passing a school bus that was letting off children.

Party reports vehicles are constantly running the stop signs after 4 p.m. when the officers leave the area of Lincoln Street at Walden Street.

1212 call for a report of a woman who fell on Washington Avenue. WFD notified caller then called back on 911. Fire notified.

Caller reports a man down on the sidewalk on Hawthorn Avenue. Officer reports speaking with male who lives in the area. Male cleared by medical.

Mother called to report that her son is passed out in front of house on Revere Street. Units report coming in with one. Prisoner became aggressive during booking and was placed in cell. He was handcuffed behind his back so as not to hurt himself.

Friday, September 28

Cab driver states that he has a male passed out in the back of his taxi. 92 and 93 respond and report they can not wake the individual. Fire notified. Individual refused medical and was released to his home under the care of his mother on Shirley Street.

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