Oceanside Pilates and Yoga Celebrates First Anniversary

Oceanside Pilates and Yoga studio instructor Molly Kelleher Cuff, owner Ellen Conti, instructor Paula Percoco, and client Michelle Cataldo Favaloro, pictured at the studio located at 315 Shirley St.

Oceanside Pilates and Yoga Studio is celebrating its first anniversary at its 315 Shirley St. location.

Ellen Conti, manager and owner of the studio, said it’s been a year of growth and excitement as new clients have discovered the studio’s varied offerings and new equipment.

“We’ve added classes and new equipment to meet the needs of our expanding clientele,” said Conti. “When [former studio coordinator] Rob was here there were five part-time instructors and while we can never replace Rob himself, we now have 13 instructors teaching pilates mat, pilates reformer, several different styles of yoga, and the barre class.”

Conti said the (ballet) barre class is a body-sculpting, total workout set to upbeat music. “The class incorporates some of the pilates moves and it’s a lot of fun.”

Reformer classes can be private, semi-private, or in groups up to five. Personal trainers are on staff.

There are two exercise rooms at the studio. One room contains the yoga, barre, and mat pilates. New wallboards, five jump boards, and five reformer machines are available in the other room.

‘Everything here is about strength, core, and conditioning,” said Conti, who works out at her own studio four times a week.

Conti said Oceanside Pilates and Yoga is not a gym. “We’re a very small, personalized studio so there is no membership per se,” said Conti. “We have sessions or class cards that people can purchase at a discount. There is no commitment. It’s a walk-in, pay-for-your class program.”

Conti said her prices ($12 for pilates and yoga classes, barre classes for $10) for classes at the studio compare very favorably with other communities and the city of Boston.

“Our prices are very reasonable,” said Conti, who graduated from Winthrop High School and is also a dental hygienist. “We’re very community oriented. On Sundays, we offer a community yoga class with a fabulous, experienced teacher for $5.”

Why has it been such a successful inaugural year at Oceanside?

“Truly our studio is a place where everybody feels better about themselves,”  said Conti. “I’ve met unbelievable people in my instructors and my clients. I can’t say enough about how this is just a good-feeling atmosphere. People come here to feel better about themselves and they leave feeling better about themselves.”

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